Very Rare Sight-Two Periyava’s in Adishtanam!!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – A very rare sight and agho bhagiyam where we get to see two Periyavas in Adishtanam (yesterday). From what I glean from the Sage of Kanchi Whatsapp group is that the new Periyava is all set to travel to Chicago! Enjoy the darshan! Ram Ram



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  1. My mobile number is 9866343142. Pl add me in periyava forum.

  2. please add me on whatsapp group my number is 9962186770

  3. Hara hara sankara, Jaya jaya sankara. Please add my number in the whatsapp group. 9176629919 / 9176685211

  4. Can you pl add my no in SOK whatsapp group, I have sent a mail as well to

    my no – 9637807959

  5. Ram Ram. For adding to SOK WhatsApp group, kindly drop a mail to with your name & contact details. Ram Ram

  6. Hara hara sankara, Jaya jaya sankara. Please add my number in the whatsapp group.

    +1 281 520 2713
    +1 832 622 1333

    Ganesan Rajaram
    Houston , Texas.

  7. Please add my number to what’s app group. 9196029475

  8. Please add 4075900890 in whatsapp group

  9. super photos

  10. Please add my Mobile No. +918879634327 to whatsapp group

  11. Ram Ram. All the requests for adding to SOK WhatsApp group are done. Smt Aarthi Pattabiraman, requestto confirm your number & share the same Ram Ram.

  12. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Divine Dharshan!

  13. Great news. Please include me in the WhatsApp Group. My number +1-416-564-0083.
    Murali Krishnamurthy
    Toronto, Canada

  14. Ram Ram. Kindly share contact number to be added in Sage of Kanchi Ram Ram

  15. Jaya Jaya Saankara Hara Hara Sankara.What Iam lucky to have glorious and totally delighted lawful and graceful Maha Periyal Swamy’s portrait. It is really wonder I had never this kind of most fascinated colourful picture of Periyaval swamy. His leels are boundless. It is fortunate to me since this is my birth day when swamy’slaaughing with grace portrait I had Darshan, I think this may be blessings to me from my Lord.

  16. Yes, this Periyava is going to bless all of Chicago devotees and others also by sitting at my house. I will write a detailed post about this soon…..

  17. Really Super. I can’t believe that this is Mahaperiyava Statue. When I am seeing that Mahaperiyava is still alive in the world. Super

  18. Will Sri. Periyava come to a temple in Chicago or someone’s house?

  19. Add me also number +919845500966

  20. I want to join mahaperiava’s what’s up no 9629349124.Pladd. Thank you.

  21. I want to join mahaperiyava’s watsapp group pls add

  22. I want to join the WhatsApp group of Periyava. Please add me as well. My number +49 176677424096. Thank you.

  23. It is a great Bhagyam to see the pictures of Periyavar! How to join the whatsap group? I am interested in receiving messages of para acharya daily like other persons in the group.

  24. So realistic. Chicago people have the good luck to have darshan of the parameshwara…

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