Generation Gap!



Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – What an  explanation for the word Generation Gap by Saravaganyar! Ram Ram

Generation Gap!

When MahaSwamigal was staying near Belgaum in Karnataka, I went with my family for darshan.

When my father prostrated to Periyava, the sage’s personal attendant introduced my father with the words, “He is the father of Hubli Ramaswamy”. I was then working as an official in the Hubli Railway Division. The Sri Matham assistants had given me the title ‘Hubli Ramaswamy’.

“Your name, isn’t it Narayanan?”, when Periyava asked “Yes”, said my father.

Then I prostrated. The same attendant introduced me as “Swaminathan’s father.”

The usual inquiries, questions, answers, tidings about the native place. Ten minutes passed by.

Looking at me, Periyava asked with a smile, “You are a big labour officer, right? They say ‘Generation Gap’ in English, what is it?”

I told him something but I was aware myself that it was not the correct explanation. Finally, when I finished talking, that Mahaan told:

“When they introduced someone in the olden days, they would say, ‘He is the son of so and so. Those who wore Poonal (sacred thread) would start with ‘Abhivadaye’, inform their ‘Gotram’, ‘Sutram’, ‘Namam’ and introduce themselves. Look, how all that has changed now! The inverse way of saying as ‘so and so is so and so’s father’ has come up now. This is the ‘Generation Gap’!”

Periyava’s explanation surprised even those around him who were well versed in English!

Author: N.Ramaswami, Secunderabad
Source: Maha Periyaval – Darisana Anubhavangal Vol 3.

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  1. Where are the words to explain ,and what are we to describe that Maha Periava who has descended on this earth in Kaliyuga and during our times.
    All of us are like ants before those lotus feet and are blessed .

  2. nice one.

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