My Strength – Periyava – 9 of 9 – FINAL


To  the  best  of  my  limited  knowledge  of  English,  I  have  tried  to  translate  Sri.Ra.Ganapaty  anna’s  article  as  mentioned  in  Part 1.

As  the author  has  aptly  concluded  the  article,  by  saying  “He  who  said  thus,  is  our  strength.”,  MahaPeriava’s  Anugraham  only  made  me  complete  this  work.  Not  that  it  was  a  big  task;  but,  translating  any  Tamil  article,  penned  by  Ra.  Ganapathy  anna,  is  a  tough  one,  at  least  for  me.  His  usage  of  choice  words  from  Tamil  and  Samskrit  makes  the  article  so absorbing  and  simultaneously,  makes  the  translation  also  tough,  (again  for  me).

Mistakes,  and  blunders,  if  any,  may  be  condoned;  There  are  many  in  our  forum  who are  better  equipped  in  the  knowledge  of  Tamil,  English  and  Samskrit ,  and  I  earnestly  request  them  to  inform  me   of any  improvements  that  can  be  done  with  better  vocabulary  and  sentence  formation.

Our   learned  ancestors  and  Mahans  have  emphasized  that  ‘Namasmaranam’  is  the  only  route  to  salvation.  As  a  humble  devotee  of  MahaPeriava,  His  Namam  is  the  salvation  for  me;  on  many  occasions  in  my  life  MahaPeriava  has  guided  me  and  blessed  me,  who  had  lost  a  golden  opportunity  of  obtaining  His  Anugraha  before  He  shed  His  mortal  body.  I  could  not  excuse  myself  for  that  lost  opportunity,  and  hence  I  had  started  devoting  a  lot  of  time  in  doing  His  paintings  and  participating  in  this  forum.  That  job  is  ‘Namasmaranam’  for  me.

Let  us  all  keep  thinking  about  Him,  talking  about  Him,  writing  about   Him  and  most  of  all,  follow  His  guidelines  for  a  true  living;  like  performing  the  daily  ‘Anushtanam’s,  performing  the  prescribed  rituals  for  the  departed  ‘Pithru’s,  loving  all  humans  and  other  living  beings,  being  of  help  to  those  in  difficulties,  which  were  so  dear  to  His  heart.


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  1. as told by MAHAPERIVA doing service for others without any expectation,,love for everyone,following what shastras say,doing nityanushtana kramam ,if we follow these SINCERELY as for as possible,all these will definitely get MAHAPERIVA’S blessings for us. MAHAPERIVA TIRUVADIGALE CHARANAM.

  2. Periyava Padhangal Saranagathi Ram Ram Ram Gurukrupa V Kalyanataman Doha Qatar

  3. I could not excuse myself for that lost opportunity, and hence I had started devoting a lot of time in doing His paintings and participating in this forum. That job is ‘Namasmaranam’ for me.

    You and your team started devoting time for this wordpress which in turn has created love and Bhakhi within ourself towards Mahaperiyava. No doubt in this.

    So many people are sharing their experiences here and also in youtube. Sivaraman mama and other too have taken lots of experience videos which are all very memorable even now, getting these uploaded for us to know about Periyava. Besides how many audio translations with subtitles are being done.It is not an easy task since time has to be allocated without fail everyday.

    Thanks to all the dedicated people who are in this team.

  4. Yes Sri MahaPeriava ‘Namasmaranam’ is the only way to reach his lotus feet and get salvation. Even we are ignorant of Sri Periyava Anugraha to us otherwise we may not have the smaranai of Sri Periyava at all. We are still ignorant that we don’t get what we deserve but what we are now is of Sri Periyava anugraha.

    Sri ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

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