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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Amudha Vakku–Kanchi Maha Periyava!

It was Ushath Kaalam (Very early in the morning). Normally Sri Maha Periyava in those days (50 years back) used to travel in a palanquin and usually traveled in the early hours of the day from one village to another. It was a small village near Kumbakonam. Then some people from that village were coming in haste on the way Periyava was travelling. They all prostrated before Periyava. When enquired they replied that they are going to a nearby place to fetch a mid wife as the wife one of them was in labour pain and it was her eighth child and all her seven children died prematurely due to Naga Dosham.

When Maha Periyava heard this, He realised the concern of the husband and said “All is Bhagawan’s Anugraham, no need to be anxious and worried, even before the midwife comes your wife would have delivered a child safely and that the child and mother will be fine. Now that you have become a father, go straight to your house, no Dosham will come to the child and it will live with Poorna Ayushu”.

The father of the child felt honoured and blessed by Sri Maha Periyava’s Asheervadhams and prostrated before Sri Maha Periyava once again and returned home and found that everything had happened just as Periyava had told him and everything was found to be well and fine. All due to Sri Maha Periyava’s Arul and Anugraham.

That child later became well versed in knowledge and became a Vice-chancellor of a Southern University. No doubt that the gifted child had the Blessings of the Kanchi Mahan in abundance.

It may be noted that the words of Divine Purushas will always prove to be True! Their words have the force of Divinity!

Author Sudarsananda
Source: Book-Gyani

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  1. 50years before means in 60s. Maha Periyava was not using monastery at that time as far as know

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