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Experiences of Maha Periyava: Periyava’s word is Veda Vaaku! – Sir P.S. Sivaswamy Aiyer and Smt. Kalyani (Lady Sivaswamy)

Sir P.S. Sivaswamy Aiyer lived as a rich and famous advocate and legal celebrity in Chennai. His wife’s name was Kalyani. The name of his house was ‘Sudhama’. It was a large bungalow even in those days.

When Sri Maha Periyava was camping in the city, he suddenly visited ‘Sudhama’ without any prior announcement and made the Sivaswamy couple drown in ecstasy.

The couple did not have the bhagya (fortune) of a child.

Maha Periyava told him, “What if you people don’t have your own children? Be the father and mother for several poor children. You act righteously in your profession as an advocate and do Gnana Dhanam (the Charity of Knowledge) by establishing an educational institution with the income earned. Your name will stand protected (be remembered). Similarly, construct a hospital that caters to delivery of children and make your wife’s name also stand protected (be remembered).”

Sri Sivaswamy Aiyer carried out that orders completely. He sold the palatial bungalow ‘Sudhama’ and started living in a smaller house that he purchased for them in the Sullivan Garden Road.

He established a hospital named Kalyani Hospital that offered free child birth consultations and treatment in the Edward Elliots Road (near the President Hotel). If that divine service continues even today, the main reason is that it has been the grace of Sri Maha Periyava. He also bought out of his own funds the girls’ school that was under the administration of Jaipur Maharaja (the school opposite Rasika Ranjana Sabha in the Sundareswarar Street that branches from the Kapaleeswarar Temple East Mada Street) was named ‘Lady Sivaswamy Aiyer Girls High School’ and developed it.

Periyava’s word is Veda Vakku!

Author: V. Srinivasan, Chennai
Source: Maha Periyaval – Darisana Anubhavangal vol. 2, pages 136-142

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  1. Have seen Kalyani hospital and heard of the school too. But did’nt know the background. Really both of them are great at heart since selling their house so as to execute our Mahaperiyava’s command is something really very difficult to think off.

    But they have done it for HIS words. Really they are so devoted and are blessed.

    Thanks to this team for bringing to light such new & new information everyday.

  2. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Thanks to such great souls like Sri. PS Sivaswamy Iyer and Smt. Kalyani, at least some charity continues at Chennai or Madras even today. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Remember reading that Ramalinga Adigal proclaimed Chennai once as “”Dharmamigu Chennai” . It our Mahaperiyava’s guidance and grace and such great people’s unflinching trust in dharma that made Chennai a very dharmic place.

    Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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