Why Don’t You Try to Imbibe My Air?



Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Thanks to Smt. Rashmi Shekar for sharing this great article. Ram Ram.

(“என்னோட காத்த குடிச்சுதான் பாரேன்டா!”)

“Why Don’t You Try to Imbibe My Air?”

An employee of a reputed bank lived in Chennai with his parents and two sisters. The family was devoted to Maha Periyava and especially the bank employee. Being the eldest child to middle-class, retired parents, he shouldered the responsibility of educating and marrying-off his siblings.

Life went on smoothly enough for him until one day while at work, he noticed itchy, red bumps on his body. Not paying heed to this, he continued on with work. Upon his return home, he realized that the itching and the bumps had increased and were now accompanied by burning. Surmising that it could be prickly heat due to the unbearable weather of Chennai, he resorted to getting relief with medicated talc and other quick fixes. But the itching continued on relentlessly day in and day out.

Visits to dermatologists brought no lasting relief. Several trials with allopathic medicines, ayurvedic balms and potions, naturopathic treatments later, he concluded that his ailment had become chronic. Through daily prayers and appeals to Maha Periyava, he carried on with life, doing his work to the best of his abilities. Years rolled on but the unremitting onslaught of his mysterious illness persisted.

Nearly ten years later, during a particularly inclement summer, his suffering became so intolerable that he was unable to concentrate and complete his assigned tasks. Unable to endure the agony, he shed tears of frustration in front of Periyava’s picture and beseeched him for final relief from his affliction. It was then that he had a terrible thought—he would terminate his life! For what was the point in living thus? He had enough savings to see his parents through the end of their lives; his sisters were married and settled in life.

Assailed by such thoughts, he fell into a troubled sleep. Suddenly, he saw Periyava asking him, “Why don’t you try to imbibe my air?” Startled by the question, he realized that he had had a dream. Maha Periyava’s words seemed so real, His voice so palpable and yet His enigmatic words puzzled him. How can anyone imbibe or consume air? What is “Periyava’s air?” How would anyone be able to obtain it anyway? Such were the thoughts that bombarded his head. Confused, he went to work the next morning, all thoughts of suicide forgotten.

Day and night he wondered how he could get the “air.” He was so preoccupied with his quest that he was slowly forgetting the severity of his itchy affliction. A new ‘itch’ had replaced the old one. But never once did he dismiss Maha Periyava’s nocturnal visit as a mere dream. His strong faith propelled him to go to Kancheepuram to seek out Periyava and ask Him directly to unravel the meaning of His perplexing words.

But he met with disappointment when he learnt that Maha Periyava was away from the Mutt touring nearby villages. Hoping to gain some clarity, he enquired one of the helpers at the Mutt for the meaning of Periyava’s words. Hearing the strange question, the helper shot him a look that suggested that instead of seeking relief for his skin ailment, he should perhaps find a remedy for mental imbalance!

Determined to find Periyava’s ‘air’, he followed him during his pada yatra. Each time he tried to approach Maha Periyava, there was either a huge crowd or he would miss Him narrowly. This hide and seek went on for nearly nine months.

One day during his relentless ‘chase’, the bank employee stood eagerly pushing aside the crowd to get a glimpse of Periyava. It was near the banks of Cauvery that Maha Periyava had camped and a crowd had gathered there to get His blessings. Unexpectedly the crowd parted and there was a clear line of sight between Periyava and the devotee. At once he felt a soothing, enveloping, gentle breeze that engulfed his body. He experienced the ‘air’ entering his body through his nostrils and mouth. Here he was finally, imbibing Maha Periyava’s ‘air’!

Time stood still; what seemed like eternity was a mere passage of a few seconds. He stood there relishing the extraordinary experience while the true meaning of Maha Periyava’s words dawned on him. He returned home after the miraculous experience – his frustration and agony completely forgotten.

After a deep and relaxing sleep early the next morning, the bank employee had another visitation from Periyava in his dream, “You have taken away all my air,” said Periyava with compassion flowing from his soulful eyes. “How are you feeling now?” The grateful devotee overwhelmed by His boundless compassion, remarked, “O Periyava, you are Pranava, the cosmic originator of prana vayu or the life giving air. How can I take away all this air that flows from you perennially? Thank you, thank you, my savior.”

Cured of his chronic ailment, the bank employee visited Kancheepuram again after a few months. He reluctantly told Periyava that his family was compelling him to enter into wedlock now that he is cured of his illness by the grace of His Holiness. He was reluctant because he was already 44 years of age and wanted to spend the rest of his life serving His Holiness. Maha Periyava blessed him thus, “Comply with the wishes of your parents. Get married, continue your family lineage, grow and prosper!”

Let us ponder for a moment: why did this faithful devotee of Periyava suffer thus for nearly 11 years? Maha Periyava can cure instantaneously, miraculously and yet why did he allow such suffering to continue? Were His devotee’s prayers insincere?  Why does the Guru or God allow untold suffering in the world?

Let us not forget that the divine guru waits with open arms to pour His blessings but the devotee will receive it only when he is ready karmically. We all arrive with our karmic baggage which needs to be dissolved and played out. The devotee’s strong faith in guru’s words provides the strength to bear the suffering. But our guru, Maha Periyava will NEVER forsake the devotee. He dispenses justice according to divine law in divine time. Let us all abide by His Words, “Patience, Perseverance, and Peace.”

Ma Muniye Charanam Sharanam!

(Translated and excerpted from Shri Mumbai Vijayan Swamigal’s discourses on Maha Periyava).   Courtesy FB post. From Achan Kulan to Periyava Devotees.

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  1. Blessed to get HIS blessings.

  2. Patience ,perseverance combined with faith gets rewarded
    at the right time.
    The above incident has a great message.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  3. This touching experience spanniing 11 years conveys two simple messages:
    1. Patience, perseverence and faith pay.
    2.God and the Guru reach out to the yearning devotee only when They find him Blessing-fit.
    Periyava, pl make us Blessing- fit fast.
    Thanks for the post.
    R Balasubramanian

  4. Dear Sir

    Excellent translation .Your concluding words are one hundred percent true…

    We should also pray to fast release our karma palan so that we can receive Maha Periya

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    Great to read and understand life!

  6. Great to read this Experience! along with the Blessed Devotee, by reading this episode, we also might be able to reduce our Karma Phalan to some extent, meditating on Maha Periyava. Thanks BN Maama for his great reply. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara!

  7. Respected Madam,

    Your narration remained me of Mahaperiyava’s blessing which engulfed me after so many years. Your karmic theory is absolutely right.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

  8. When Sri RaGanapathy anna requested Periava to give him ‘Sanyasa Deeksha’, after keeping quiet for many months, Periava told him that Karmic burden should be washed off first, and in his case, writing ‘Sath Vishaya’ is the way, and so ‘keep writing’ ! Let us all understand one lesson from such episodes. There is nothing called miracle and Periava never encouraged such things. When one has to endure the ‘Karma palan’ one has to tightly hold the lotus feet of his ‘Ishta Deyvam’ or still better, his Guru’s ‘Lotus feet, and continue with his life performing ‘good Karma’ till the old accumulated karma is washed away. Then Divine help will come to him through Guru.
    In all such incidents in the lives of devotees devoted to Periava, this is what has been emphasized by HIM. Let us all be true to HIM and follow HIS advise in our lifestyle, which is the only way to wash off our ‘Poorva Karma Palan’

    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara !

  9. ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

    தெய்வத்தின் குரல் ( முதல் பாகம்)

    துக்கம் நம் உடன் பிறப்பு. நம் பூர்வ கர்மாவின் பயனாக இந்தத் துக்கங்களுக்கு நாம் முன்னமேயே விதை போட்டிருக்கிறோம். இதிலிருந்து தப்ப வழி இல்லை.

    ஆனால் கர்மத்தினால் ஏற்படும் கஷ்டத்தைப் பொறுத்துக் கொண்டு சாந்தமாக இருக்க வழி உண்டு. புதிதாக கர்ம மூட்டையைப் பெருக்கிக் கொண்டு எதிர் காலத்தில் கஷ்டத்தை அதிகமாக்கிக் கொள்ளாமலிருக்க வழி உண்டு. முதலில் சொன்ன ஞானம்தான் அந்த வழி.

    ஒருவர் செய்கிற கர்மம், அதன் பலன் இவையே மனித வாழ்வின் சுக துக்கங்களுக்கு முதற் காரணம். இதற்கே துணைக்காரணமாக—அல்லது அடையாளமாக—கிரகசாரம், தெய்வ குற்றம், ஆரோக்கியக்குறைவு முதலியன அமைகின்றன.

    ஜாதக ரீதியில், வைத்திய ரீதியில், மாந்திரீக ரீதியில் எப்படி வேண்டுமானாலும் பரிகாரம் தேடிக் கொள்ளலாம். நம் கர்மா தீருகிறபோது அவை பலன் தரும். பகவான் விட்டவழி என்று பக்தியோடு நம் வாழ்க்கையை ஈஸ்வரார்ப்பணம் செய்துவிட்டுப் பேசாமல் கிடைக்கிற பக்குவம் இருந்தால், எல்லாவற்றையும்விட அது சிலாக்கியம். அதுவே பெரிய பரிகாரம்; உண்மையான பரிகாரம்.

    பூர்வ கர்ம சமாச்சாரம் எப்படிப் போனாலும் இனிமேலாவது கர்ம பாரம் ஏறாமல் பார்த்துக்கொள்வதே முக்கியம். பழையதற்குப் பரிகாரம் தேடுவதைவிட, புதிய சுமை சேராமல், பாபம் பண்ணாமல் வாழ்வதற்கு ஈசுவரனைத் துணைகொள்வதே முக்கியம்.

    பூர்வ கர்மத்தால் இப்போது ஏற்பட்டுள்ள துக்கத்துக்கும் உண்மைப் பரிகாரம் ஈசுவர தியானம்தான். இனிமேல் துக்கத்துக்கு விதை போட்டுக் கொள்ளாமல் இருக்கிற உபாயமும் ஈசுவர தியானம்தான்; இனிமேல் துக்கத்துக்கு இடை போட்டுக் கொள்ளாமல் இருக்கிற உபாயமும் ஈசுவர தியானம் தான். துக்கம் தருவதாக இன்னொரு வஸ்துவே இல்லை என்ற அத்வைத அநுபவம் சித்திப்பதே இதன் முடிந்த முடிவான துக்க பரிகார நிலை. அங்கே துக்கமும் இல்லை; சுகமும் இல்லை; இரண்டுக்கும் ஆதாரமான சத்தியம் மட்டும் ஸ்வயம் பிரகாசமாக இருக்கும்.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  10. Thanks for the nice translation

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