Sri M’s interaction with Periyava

I knew nothing about Sri M until I got a call from a colleague at work – Venky Natarajan. He was living somewhere within US and he called me one day to let me know that he will be in Chicago and wanted to meet me. Normally, all business meetings, I do in Starbucks! Get a good coffee and talk. I suggested a Starbucks but he wanted to meet me at my place to talk about  Periyava. I was curious and I gladly welcomed to my place.

He came and did a namaskaram to Mahaperiyava at my puja room. We talked about general topics about my workplace and general enquiries..Then he mentioned about how he got to know about Mahaperiyava through the blog and started reading – not just him but his wife also. He is lot into practicing kriya yoga. At that point, he mentioned about Sri M. I asked “Who?”. He gave me a small intro about Sri M and mentioned about his background, his training with Himalayan masters, his guru and his principles etc. He also mentioned about his upcoming padha yatra from Kashmir to kanyakumari where Venky  was planning to accompany Sri M. Venky was going to give up his job for this yatra. That made me wonder how serious he is about his guru etc. Before he left, he mentioned about Sri M’s interaction with Mahaperiyava. In fact Venky came to know about Mahaperiyava only through that! So he got curious on who Mahaperiyava is etc – finally landed up in this blog…Venky is a great person – blessed with great wife. Based on an article here in the blog about Sri Musiri Mahan/Dikshitar, he went to Musiri to do namaskaram to him!!

After he went back home, he sent me this book over mail. Although Sri M’s interaction was very short, one could see that Mahaperiyava planted the seed of thought “satsang”, which finally made Sri M to name his organization as “satsang”. Nothing gets done without His blessings!!!!

Check out Sri M’s foundation in this site. Born as a muslim, pulled into various studies in Hinduism – upanishads, vedanta etc and trained by Hindu gurus, Sri M focusing on unity among religion and helping people via his  organization. Recently, I saw a news in the daily newspaper where PM Modiji was helping Sri M’s padha yatra etc. Here is a small video of Modiji publishing a book by Sri M:

I dont know where Venky is now – not sure if this yatra is over or still under way. Wherever he is, I wish him all the bests…


Now comes the interaction and blessings of Mahaperiyava…


Sri M Book CoverPeriyava_Sri_M1Periyava_Sri_M2


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  1. Great! maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! All are His devotees only, irrespective of caste, creed, sex,religion! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. nice to know about Sri.M.and the interview he had with Mahaswamigal
    Where can we get the book please?

    • You can order online from Hima Communications
      In fact the Ramayana CD by Sri M is excellently rendered in Simple English and is engrossing and you can visualise the happenings while listening to it. Especially good for children. My teenaged daughter listens to it almost everyday that she now knows Ramayana almost in and out. That is also available there.

    • The book is available on Flipkart or Amazon

  3. Hi Mahesh,
    Thanks for posting about Sri M. In fact we are just finishing the padayatra and have reached Srinagar after walking close to 7000 km from Kanyakumari.
    This is awesome post, many thanks once again.
    I shall catch up with you once I am back home.

  4. When matter of service to world’s being is concerned, religion does not a barrier, even should not be. That’s exactly what our Santana Dharma also insists and fellows. A good soul is as good as God. Maha Periva had set an example in His blesful staying days in this world. Follow Maha Periva…Follow the God. This is how your rebirth is uprooted permanently.
    JayaI Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. However, this message is not about this post. Thanks for your one of the earlier posts about Shiva Abhishekam as stated in Krishna Yajur Veda. I am able to do Panchayatana Puja with 11 items, as stated in Krishna Yajur Veda, everyday.


  1. God of Compassion – Sri M shares an incident about Periyava – Sage of Kanchi

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