Experience of Smt Kanakkamal with Bagawan and Mahaperiyava


(who can’t agree that the above Periyava looks like Bagawan Ramana Maharishi?!!)

Thanks to Sri Narasimhan for the article. Absolutely wonderful to read these chapters to experience the extreme kindness and anugrahams to Smt Kanakammal. It is very evident from the experience that she was primarily based in Ramanashram. From Sri Narasimhan’s I understand that she left this world on the most auspicious day of Bagawan’s jayanthi day and that too right in front of His adishtanam! What a blessing!!!

Enjoy this treasure!

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  1. What a life! And To be Recognised and Blessed by Bhagvan and Maha Periyava! Very interesting to read. It has given a feeling that as if we are there when these situations are narrated. (Shri Nochur Venkatraman’s discourses are never complete without a mention of some of the characters like Kavya kanda ganapthi, Muruganar swamigal etc.).

  2. Simply awesome!! Beyond that words will sound empty.

  3. Wonderful narrative. Very inspiring. Didn’t want to stop reading. Was very disappointed when it appeared to conclude abruptly.
    Request Mr Mahesh and the sender of the article to make available the entire text. Thanks.

  4. i have got from 8thepisode only and 20th abrupt i need first 7 episodes and full text if u give me i will be pleased

  5. Inline image 1


    T.R Kanakammal, a great devotee of Bhagavan and student of Muruganar Swamigal merged into Bhagavan on Ist January,2010, on the Jayanthi day of Bhagavan while she went around the shrine of Bhagavan at Sri Ramanashram, Tiruvannamalai. Her greatest contribution was her commentaries in Tamil on the complete poems of Bhagavan’s Nool Thirattu. She has also written a book on reminescences of Bhagavan. Like Meera merging with Lord Krishna in Dwaraka Temple,yet another miracle of a woman devotee absorbed in Bhagavan Ramana in his shrine at Sri Ramanashram.


  6. Thanks a ton for this article. But it is incomplete. Can you please send the remaining pages immediately. Just can’t wait to read. Thanks again.

    • Please note that the sender has scanned only the pages related to Periyava. He also scanned few chapters before to give some context on this person. I don’t know how big the original book size is…I have asked for details…Once I have it, I will let you know, if it is available, you can buy it too..

      > Sage of Kanchi > April 26, 2016 at 7:27 AMvia Postbox > >

      • Sure. Would certainly buy. Would be grateful if you get us the details and where it is available.

  7. I ,totally agree with Sri Ganapathy. The article is very moving experiences of the people,with Bagawan and Maha periyava.

    Some pages from 57 to 59 r missing.Also the article is not complete. Can u help us in getting the full article?

    Jaya Jaya sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  8. Amazing experiences. Such kind of devotion. Thanks Mr.Mahesh for choosing these diamonds and sharing it with us. If not for you, I would not have even had an iota of these kind of gems. There are no words to express my gratitude.

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