Video interview of Sri Narasimhan on Mylapore Padhuka Mandapam


Couple of years back, I posted this article about the oldest padhuka mandapam for Mahaperiyava in India.

Recently, Sri Balachandar, shared these wonderful interview with Sri Narasimhan on how this padhuka mandapam came and other devotees’ remarks as well. All devotees in and around Mylapore can visit this temple/padhuka mandapam to receive the blessings and feel the vibration of Periyava!


Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. The new links are as follows :

  2. please note that the account no mentioned in the video is to read as 081210011009697

  3. Showing our bhakti is fine. Let it not end there. We need inculcate , change our. daily activities to be role models. A bhakta of our paramacharya should be a role model for others.It is not as easy as visiting his temple and pojja. Let us pray for his blessings to lead our life in that direction.

  4. Thanks Periyava Saranam. My immediate replies are –

    1. I can see everything in Periyava ; Like I recite Vinayagar Agaval, Subrahmanya bhujangam and Lalitha sahasranamam front of Him . but I am not able to see Periyava in Ganesha! (but I can take that direction ‘why do I think that Pillayar and Periyava are different’ as a poser from Periyava Himself!) (because we have two Vinayaga vigrahams at home – Pooja, prasadam all done regularly…….). I am 200%, not in that level of seeing ‘IT’ in everything.

    2. Periyava of course is stated to be not in favour of new temples coming up when so many existing temples are waiting for renovations including regular poojas etc. However, lot of such renovations are also going on in many places; It may seem funny ; but still ONLY if deities‘ sankalpam prevails, these new temples can come up. (because they are aware of our constraints!) . I know of a balaji temple that has sprung up with such divinity and a big tank in a short span of time costing about 50 to 70 lakhs with villagers ‘ and other contribution. To me it appears that the Gods do want to be in our midst and not like to be separated.! (I dont know if anyone is smiling at this).. It is we who look at them as separate.

    3. It pains and am sad to read the lines “……..related activites have slowly started to become a fancy and trend and focuses more on materialistic economic activities and less on doing welfare activities for the poor and rural people”
    How easily stated, like one person making a loose comment on another colleague in office!!A

    4. Most of the devotees of Periyava may not fall in those categories mentioned by you.

    5. Sometimes we raise questions that are most fit to be addressed to ourselves , true.

    6. Bhakthi is purely a personal experience beyond reason. Today morning (22/4), around 4.10 am I had a dream where I saw HH Pudhu Periyava standing with dhandam on a canal with just ankle deep water, with no indication of having taken a bath or going to bathe). I woke up and went back to sleep. Around 6 am of my usual waking up, I switched on the TV where the live ‘Kallazhagar to Vaigai ‘ was going on. Among the many, one spot of coverage looked like the canal which I have seen in the dream. I told myself, ‘so Pudu Periyava, you are Vishnu, and all you three are Siva, Brahma and Vishu….?’. Purely my experience and my deduction! . (Normally I keep to myself such experiences; but while writing this, came to my mind)… This is how people will experience with the Holy Padhukas, Mandapams, Photos etc. There can be no rational explanations. And does any one have any right to to deny?
    7. This forum, or such sharings , postings etc. are all already means to hone ourselves to become better ‘persons’ .

  5. It may feel great to many to see such unique temples for mahaperiyava(packaged as Mandapam). But, this soul feels sorry to highlight here that Mahaperiyava would have never endorsed such temples. There is a reason why we have the culture of Brindavan and Adishatanam for Sanyasis.
    Why do we not open a community center to run Deivathin Kural discourses? Why do we not have mahaswami museums and convey the salient points from Deivathin Kural which individuals should institutionalize in their everyday life.
    It is sad to see our mutt and mahaperiyava related activites have slowly started to become a fancy and trend and focuses more on materialistic economic activities and less on doing welfare activities for the poor and rural people. For instance, Mahaperiyava has told so much about “paropokaram” and doing weddings in the simplest manner.

    Most of us fall under this category:
    1) Do not do regular sandhyavandhanam
    2) Do not do “pidi arisi” or related things to give food for the need
    3) Expect the bride’s family to conduct weddings way beyond the standards
    4) Accept dowry – in form of materials or favors
    5) Admit children in elite schools and do not prioritize Vedas and Value education and hence pursue it as a park time activity after-40s
    6) Give bribe to get things done and take favors in various forms in professional life
    ..the list goes on..

    After doing all these things, we bribe our mahaperiyava too with bhakthi and keep his photo in our houses. Do you think having just the photo alone or visiting such paduka mandapams will have any effect?

    Most of us are still selfish and are hardly willing to change fundamental greed and aspirations towards material wealth. Sometimes Truth is bitter, hope the group will think on these lines too.

  6. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…We visited this Pathuka Manadapam few months ago when I visited Chennai. Am a resident of mylapore and currently in canada. I didn’t plan for any trip to Chennai and it was all HH MahaPeriyava’s blessings that I could come to Chennai for 4 months in between and during that time I visited this divine place and Kanchipuram as well. it was like he made me to visit there…Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Shankara.

  7. This is one place I visit in Chennai when ever I find time, for the last 10 years.
    A Holy Place with Divine Vibrations.
    However one small feedback.
    Narasimhan’s replies are not clearly audible.
    Can you do something on that,

  8. Tears, after viewing both videos. Only He knows the right place and right time to get his Anugrahams installed (physically in the form of padukas, statues etc). Not all people can visit Kanchipuram or even Mylapore because of so many constraints. Like Pillayar, avare ninaithu theruvukku theru vandal than undu polrukku. (Periyava, can you hear my longing?)

  9. In part two,we r not able to hear the talk due to back ground music. If it can be corrected,it will be good.Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya sankara.

    • I felt the same….not sure why….will request the sender to upload the video with the corrected audio….

      > Sage of Kanchi > April 21, 2016 at 2:36 AMvia Postbox > >

    • the back ground music is not put in by the sender. It is a chime playing in the temple…nothing the sender could do….

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