Orikkai Atirudram for Sri Mahaperiyava Varshika Janma Jayanthi

Periyava Karyam

“Atirudram” Sri Ravi does not need any introduction. I have written several posts about him and his kainkaryams and particularly in conducting several vedic event at all adishtanams etc. Here is the atirudram for 2016 Janma Jayanthi of Mahaperiyava.

Please support generously and attend the event at this wonderful Orikkai to receive the blessings of Acharyas.

Orikkai Manimandapamtamil invitation P1.jpgtamil invitation P2.jpg

by  conducting 
A full fledged AthiRudram for a continuous 11 days commencing from 18th May’16  and a total of 160 Ritwiks/Veda pandits participate in fullest mode of dedication and focus. Specific counts of  experts on each of Rig veda and  Krishna Yajur veda ,participate strictly following their own self discipline and anushtanams
Satha Chandi Yagnyam to propitiate Goddess Devi is done in the morning along with the parayanam on each of the 11 days.
From 18.05.2016 to 28.05.2016

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  1. Om Nama Shivaaya! Om Kaamakshyai Namaha! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe Charanam! May Lord Shiva and AmbaL Bless all Devotees! All should take part in the Adhi Rudram and ChaNdi Homam, making all of us Pure and Blessed! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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