Invitation from Thirumylai Anusham Group for 123rd Jayanthi

Mylai anusham group headed by Brahmasri Ganesa Sarma, another Pradosham mama’s student, invites us all for a grand celebration of 123rd Jayanthi in Mylapore. I have to admit that the invitation is too dark and difficult to read for my eyes. So, I am calling out important request. On 21st, they are planning to do laksharchana for Mahaperiyava Padhukas. They are requesting those who have His holy padhukas to bring to this event to be part of this archana.

Please support and attend!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


Mylai Anusham Pg 1Mylai Anusham Pg 2 & 3Mylai Anusham Pg 4

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  1. Can someone please tell me what slogam should be recited during Maha periyava Jayanthi? Preferably smaller slokas will be fine. Thank you in advance.

  2. Dear Mahesh na

    It would be great if you write a post about Kanchi Sri Mahaswami Tapovanam, Govindapuram – Jayanthi Mahotsavam.

    Please find below the link which has the invitation –

  3. Dear Mahesh
    can you please tell what i should be chanting during laksharchana so i can do from whom. home
    regards and thanks in advance

  4. A healthy competition is good for all …………….. is the maxim accepted all over the world please.


  5. Mahesh your reply is correct. As you said –

    You should rather be happy that all these happening in a grand way all over the world….

    I go by your words. Those who can help, let them do so by what ever is possible by them.

  6. Grand Jayanthi Celebrations in every Pettai as Maha Periyava used to tell. Both Adi sankara Bhagavadpada, our Adi Acharyal’s Jayanthi and Maha Periyava Jayanthi will follow each other in Vaikasi. Let us celebrate both AcharyaL’s Jayanthi celebrations at least at one place, which can be at any of these places, Sri Mathas, Temples or even at your home! By celebratinjg Jayanthis and Aradhanas, we are purifying ourselves and willbe getting the Mahaan’s Blessings in abundance. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  7. Lots of Bakthas competing with each other to celebrate the Jayanthi grander than the others.
    Fund raising pamphlets flying around directly or subtly asking for funds
    Fervour being overtaken by festivity and scale.
    Dont know if Sri Mahaperiyava would endorse this competitive celebrations.

    I am sure some Bhakthas will object to what I say but fact is still the same !

    • Sir,

      Periyava had endorsed such things in the past….He had endorsed Sri Pradosham mama, Sri pattu Sastrigal etc 25 years back itself… Please stop questioning everything… There is no end to suspect others…. You should rather be happy that all these happening in a grand way all over the world….

      If you can support, please do so…if you don’t want to or can’t, leave it there…


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  8. my contact number is +668-23215775

  9. i am living abroad and have Pudhu Periyava Padhhukai.
    how can i say prayers from here along with you’ll in India.
    will it be the same because Maha Periyava says all Acharyaas In this line are the same.Please let me know as early as possible

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