Samashti Panchayatana Puja – May 29, 2016

This is the second time Sri Sarma Sastrigal is doing this great kainkaryam. When I posted this in 2014, there were lots of folks who were interested in taking this up. If you could not in 2014, this is another opportunity for you all. Please call at the number given below for more details….
Our forefathers by and large lived fulfilling, content and happy lives, and were much more at peace with what they did and what they got, compared to our generation. One possible reason for their significantly higher quality of life is their respect for the feelings of fellow human beings and their instinct for social service and philanthropy.
What we see at present is a never-ending feeling of restlessness, a serious sense of inadequacy with whatever we earn, whatever we achieve. All over the world humanity suffers from a nameless fear of the future, a formless anxiety and insatiable materialistic wants.
The only way we can get to live the supremely holistic life of our ancestors is to understand and follow the beautiful path they have laid down for us. We should surrender to the Bhagavat Pada Sankaracharya and assimilate the great teachings He has given to us all through the Vedas.
In this regard, one of the many wonderful practices that have been handed down to us is Panchayatana Puja. It is no exaggeration if I were to say that this Puja is a powerful key to sustained happiness in life. Let me explain what this Puja is and how potent the Panchaytana Puja is.
The word ‘pancha’ signifies the number five, and ‘aayatana’ means consecration. In this Puja Surya (Sun God), Ganesha, Siva, Ambal and Vishnu are the five Gods worshiped on equal footing as ordained, with no differences as between them. This is the concept of Panchayatana Puja.
There is an inherent message in the way this Puja creates a confluence of five Gods. The message is simple: while you can worship God in the forms you are comfortable with, you should recognize and consciously bring into your worship other forms of Eswara as well.
Look at the depth of thinking of the Bhagavat Pada! He has taught us to broaden our minds with this simple ritual of Pachayatana Puja. Can anything be more enduring or endearing? People these days talk endlessly about tolerance, with no positive result. But here is a Vedic practice that is suffused with an all-embracing view of God, and the sure path to a soulful life.
Would you like to participate in the Samashti Panchayatana Puja being organized in May 29th, 2016 and take back with you a complete set of the Puja materials? Get in touch with Sri Balu on 9840281452 or Sabari on 9840958899 immediately.
Sarma Sastrigal

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  1. Namaskaram

    Respected sir, can you please advise where may one purchase the book you have published for Panchayatna Puja ? I reside in Mumbai and i have been unable to purchase the book which has been mentioned by Sri Sarma Sastrigal on YouTube videos.

    Kind Regards

  2. Sir, have started practicing the Sandhyavandane regularly and I am interested in learning the Panchayatana Puje. I would be grateful if give me some guidance towards the same.

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