Raman or Dayala Raman?

Thanks to Sri Suresh P for this article….


A woman who works in the Fields has brought her daughter who is pregnant. The woman says they are unable to give her good, nutritious and tasty food. A devotee comes with a large container full of curd.

Periyava says, “Give it to the worman!”.

It changes hands. Another Bhaktha comes with two containers full of Sweets and Snacks. Again, it changes hands. The third devotee comes and Periyava says, “Give her some money!”. The Devotee gives her money.

“How much did you give?”, asks Periyava. The Devotee hesitates to reply. The Devotee knows that there are people who would give Lakhs of Rupees if Periyava says a Word.

But, Mahaswami looked like He wants an answer from him. The Devotee says, “I had Rs. 4000/- and odd and I gave her that”.

Periyava says, “But, I did not ask you to give so much money?!”.

The Bhaktha says that these days even in Government hospitals it costs nearly Rs.4000/- for a Delivery.

Periyava looks at him for a while and says, “Nee verum Raman illa, Dhayala Raman You are not a mere Raman but a Compassionate Raman!”.

Raman, the devotee, says, “Enough, this Blessing is enough for Generations to come!”


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  1. That’s the Blessing which will redeem us from this mundane world.

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