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While  speaking  on  this  incident,  Sree  Thathacharyar  says,  “He  explained  all  the  minute   principles  found  in  the  ‘Grantha’s,   speaking  as  if   He  is  explaining  the   ordinary  worldly  matters  to  be  done!   This  interesting  experience  was  unique  by  itself!    I  was  immersed  in  an  ocean of  Bliss,  without   being  aware  of   the  passing  of  time!  As  He  is  a  phenomenon  which  was  beyond  Time,  We  will  not  be  aware  of  the  passing  of  time,  while  talking  to  Him.”

The  discussion  stretched  and  stretched  ,  and  it  was  past    3=30  A.M ,  the   time  Periava  usually  wakes  up!

He  started  for  the  secluded  place  in  the  back  yard,   in  order  to  take  some  rest,  before  starting  the  next  day’s  duties.  Agnihothram  Swami  says,  “ when  I  looked  at  Him  walking,  holding   the  Dhandam  and  Kamandalam ,  It  was  as  if  the  ‘Dharma  Devatha’  himself  was  walking!  I  followed  Him!”

At  that  ‘unearthly  hour’,   a  lady  came  in  His  way,  holding  a  child,  followed  by  another  young  lady.

Agnihothram    thought,  ‘  this  lady  has  come  to  trouble  Him,    who  is  just  going  for  a  small  rest  after  being    awake  throughout  the  night,   talking  non—stop  till  the  tongue  got  dry’  and  rushed  to  stop  her;  but  before  he  could  do  that,  that  lady  placed  the  child  at  the  feet  of  Periava,  prostrated  before  Him  and  started  talking!

Agnihothram  Swami  could  not  digest  this;  and  asked  her,  “ Oh  lady!  Does  Periava  need  some  rest  or  not?”

The  lady  ignored  his  intervention ,  asked  her  daughter  also  to  prostrate  before  Periava,  and  started  talking  animatedly!  She  said  that  her  daughter  recently  gave  birth  to  that  child  and  was  proceeding  to  her  husband’s  home  in  Bombay (present  Mumbai)  by  the  morning  express.  A    she  was  very  particular  about  proceeding  only  after  getting  Periava’s  Anugraham,  she  had  to  come  at   this  untimely  hour  and  trouble  Him.

Karunamoorthy  said,  “Born  you  are  as  a  lady,  you,  in  the  midst  of  your  hurried  programme  to  start  your  journey,  have  come  with  your  child  in  this  untimely  hour;  you  are  the  one  who  has  taken    a  lot  of  trouble!”

Periava  looked  at  Agnihothram  Swami  with  a  meaningful  smile!  It  revealed  His  appreciation  for  Agnihothram  Swami’s   care  for  His  health,  as  well  as   the  intensity  of  her  devotion,  without  minding   Agnihothram  Swami’s  effort  to  stop  her.

He  sat  down  there  and  then.

He  asked  Agnihothram  Swami  himself  to  go  inside  and  fetch  the  prasadham  for  them.

Agnihothram  Swami  says,  ‘  He  made  the  time  to  bless  the  devotees,    unmindful  of   my  intervention”.

At  that  hour,  it  would  take  some  time  for  the  attendant  to  prepare  Prasadham  and  bring  it.  When  it  came,  He  gave  it  to  the  devotees  with  His  usual  kindness.  They  took  leave  with  their  fulfillment   showing   abundantly   on  their  faces.

After  this,   Periava  explained  to  Sree  Agnihothram  Swami,  why   they  should  not  consider  it  as    a  trouble  given  by  the  devotees,  that  they  should  not  stop  people  coming  to  see  Him  to  seek  His   advice  and  kind  words,  what  seems  to be  a  trouble  for  Him  is  in  fact  the  strength  He  gets  out  of  it. And  He  also  explained  in  detail  how  it  gives  Him  the  strength.

After  listening  to  Periava’s  explanation ,  Agnihothram  Swami  says,  “  I  cannot  explain  my  feelings  with  mere  words.  I  was  immersed  in  the  ‘ Brahmaanandham  of  the  ocean  of  love’    for  some  time.”

TO  BE  CONTINUED………………………

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  1. I have already shared with readers instances of how HHSri Paramacharya
    is the same as Adi Sankara and HH Sri Jayenndra Swami and HH Sri Bala Periyava are the same as Maha Periyava.
    After reading the above instance how Sri Maha Periyava who is
    Avasththtrayateeta:, Kaalatrayateeta:, Dehatrayateeta:..considered the devotees take more trouble in coming and seeing HIM, and He should not
    think they are troubling Him at odd hours. I reproduce an incident with
    Sri Bala Periyava.
    After retirement I went to Kanchi to have blessings of Their Holiness.
    After prayers in Adhishtanam, we had blessings of HH Sri Pudhu Periyava. I was waiting to have Darshan of Sri Bala Periyava outside.
    I informed the anukka thondar that we have come from Bombay and wish
    to have Darshan and blessings of Periyava. He denied permission and stated that Sri Bala Periyava was taking rest and should not be disturbed. I requested him to convey our arrival to Periyava, and if He wished we would wait and if Periyava felt that we should come later…we would act accordingly.. We said, we had to return the same evening to Bombay….He said. “So, you want to trouble Periyava,, You dont want HIm to take rest even for a short while. Your comfort is more important to you…etc. and asked us to come at 5pm. It was then around 2 pm. At this, Sri Bala Periyava came out of His
    room, raised His hands and blessed us. We placed our humble offerings
    a Rudraksha mala from Jakarta (famous for real and quality Rudraksha) , and usual kalkandu, draksha and fresh fruits, a Lemon garland, tulsi garland etc. He asked the Anukka Thondar to collect all the offerings and come to His room with us.. He did not appear to be tired . He was Jyothi swaroopam…appeared as bright and fresh.. I dont want to waste your time further….This is only to prove and reiterate my point…Hara hara Sankara…..Vedanarayanan and Kamala.

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