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Sri Periyava, the Sarva Vyabhi showers his grace not only for us but Samastha Lokaham and Jeeva Raasis (entire world & all living beings).  We can hear these incidents directly from Dr. Padma Subramanian in her interview. Click HERE to watch the interview.


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Sri Sri Maha Periyava’s Glory (08-07-2006)

A Supreme Guru for The Whole World  (Thanks to Mahaperiyava Darisana Anubhavangal)

With the exalted status of Bramharishi Suka Muni, God himself took birth as Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava and even today, showers his grace and blessings on one and all in this world.

Sri Avadhani Swamigal who adopted the name of Sri Janardhananda Saraswati after taking sanyas, has written Sri Periyava’s biography “Shambhomoorthy” In this biography he praises Sri Periyava as follows.

Traditionally, the Peetadhipathi of the Sri Matam has to perform the puja to the deities (vigrahas) in the Sri Matam.

When Sri Periyava, as a child of twelve, was anointed as the Peetadhipathi of the Sri Matam, a scholar who was familiar with the traditions of the Sri Matam showed the vigrahas to Sri Periyava and explained: “This is Lord Sri Chandramouleeswara. This is Goddess Sri Thripurasundari.” It appeared that these did not seem new to the young ascetic.

The people there felt that Sri Periyava listened to the scholar as if He had a connection with everything in the Sri Matam for a long long time.

Not just that. The scholar explained to the young Swamigal, “While doing the archana (puja), the feeling of oneness with God should be experienced. One should not think that God is different from the doer.”

The Balaguru went into deep thought. “Should this thought prevail only while doing the archana? Should it not be there always? This sense, that one is not different from God should forever be there, isn’t it?”

He asked just one question, “Only during archana?” thereby making it amply clear that He was not just a child but a great Saint too.

Just as the words Sarvagnya (The All Knowing), Eswara etc. denoting Lord Parameshwara, are not mere words but the Ultimate Truth, the word ‘Jagadguru’ (the Guru for the whole world) which denotes Sri Periyava is not used just to please Him, but is the absolute truth, says Sri Avadhani Swamigal.

The experiences of Dr.Padma Subramanyam (renowned Bharatanatyam dancer and research scholar) make it very clear that Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava is Jagadguru  personified.

In the year 1987, the (former) Soviet Union celebrated the “Festival of India”. Dr. Padma Subramanyam, after due research, had compiled various details pertaining to our culture (to be presented at the festival). She showed it to Sri Periyava and then went (to Moscow) to hand it over to Prof. Ribakov who was the Director of a Culture and Research Centre at Moscow. When she entered Prof. Ribakov’s room, she saw Sri Periyava’s photo there as if the Sarveshwara ( the All Pervading) Sri Periyava was himself welcoming her and blessing her. Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava’s photo was the only photograph in that room!

Ribakov, till then, had never had the darshan of Sri Periyava. He expressed his wish to Dr. Padma, saying ‘I have two things to do when I visit Chennai. First is to have the darshan of Sri Periyava and the other is to purchase a Valamburi conch’ (a conch that coils towards the right, considered auspicious).

A few years later, Prof. Ribakov visited Chennai. Dr. Padma Subramanyam took him to Kanchi for Periyava’s darshan. When they entered the Sri Matam, they were informed that they would not be able to have Sri Periyava’s darshan since Sri Periyava was having fever.

Prof. Ribakov had made a note of all the questions he had in mind. He wanted to seek clarifications from Sri Periyava and was disappointed to hear that he would not be able to have darshan of the Saint. Will not the all pervading Sarvagnya know this?

Just then, someone came from inside and said “ Periyava has asked me to bring you inside.” Both of them were overjoyed and went inside. They had an exclusive darshan of Sri Periyava.

Sri Periyava who was lying down got up and settled in the seated posture and looked at them silently. Ribakov shed tears of joy. There was absolute silence. No one spoke. Sri Periyava himself broke the silence.

“Let him ask whatever he wants to” said Sri Periyava.

“I have got all the answers without having asked anything” replied Ribakov and continued to remain emotional and tongue tied.

Sri Periyava asked, “Though the Russian language has, in general, a  mix of Samskrit words, does the language spoken in the north east part of that country contain Samskrit words as well?”

Ribakov was stunned. “No, it does not” he replied.

“Your country has the name ‘Rishi Varsham’. Yagnavalkya and other Rishis had established a Centre there for research on the Vedas” said Sri Periyava.

A very surprised Ribakov realized that he was in the presence of a divine being and not an ordinary sanyasi!

While seeking permission to leave, Ribakov asked “What shall I do to become a Hindu?”

“Even without doing anything, you are a Hindu” Sri Perivaya replied, stating a great philosophy                                            in very simple words.

Ribakov was not satisfied and said “I need a Hindu name.”

Sri Periyava smiled and said “With his white beard, he looks like a rishi. Let him name himself ‘Rishi’.”

Now, ‘Rishi’ has opened a branch of the Ramakrishna Math at Moscow. Just the divine darshan of the Jagadguru has made Ribakov, a Russian, into a Hindu, ‘Without doing anything’!

The spectacle of the Omnipresent’s blessings

A team of Professors from American universities, specialists in various fields, had come to Chennai. One among them was Prof Robinson, an expert in Greek Mythology.

When Robinson was in Chennai, Dr. Padma Subramanyam told him “You should have the darshan of Kanchi Periyava”. On hearing this, Robinson had tears in his eyes. He explained to her the amazing experience he had when they went to Kanchi one day.

While in Kanchi, their team had broken up into smaller groups so as to be able to carry out their study in different areas of Kanchi.

None of them knew about Kanchi Sankara Matam or Sri Periyava. Robinson and two others happened to come to the entrance of Sri Matam just by chance. Thinking that they had reached a temple, they went inside.

On a coir cot, inside, sat an elderly person. There was heavy crowd. They were not able to go anywhere near Him. Not able to comprehend anything, they just stood around. Suddenly a boy came running to them. “Have you come from America” he asked. They were not surprised at this question since they thought that the colour of their skin would have proclaimed their country of origin. But his next question took them by surprise.

“Which of you is Robinson? Periyava has called only him inside” said the boy. There is no doubt that Robinson would have realized that God Himself had called for him!

Robinson went inside alone.

“I looked at Periyava. He asked me to sit near him. That’s all. After that, I knew not how time flew” he said and shed tears of joy.

Robinson had again come on official work to the US Consulate in Chennai in May 1994.

He called Dr. Padma over the phone and enquired “Is Maha Periyava doing well?”

Dr. Padma informed him that Sri Periyava had attained Sidhi and had merged with the Omnipresent. “Did this happen on 8th or 9th of January” asked Robinson.

“How are you able to say it so accurately?” asked Dr. Padma.

Robinson’s response was ample proof to show that Sri Periyava is the Omnipresent God.

“Sri Maha Periyava gave me darshan on that day, said Good Bye thrice, waved his hand and disappeared. If I were to tell this to someone in my country, they would not even understand. I could therefore not speak to anyone about this” he said, his voice choking with emotion.

Eswara Himself is waiting in the form of Jagadguru to bless the people of the world. Let us surrender to him and by his abundant grace, be blessed with a life of auspiciousness , goodness and joy.

—–Grace will continue to flow


You remove the hunger of those who sing your praise

You remove the disease of those who spread your light

                            (Sundara Murthy Swamigal – Devaram)




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