Naturally forming Periyava swaroopam

Got an interesting photo from a devotee’s house, who are blessed with His holy padhukas, where Periyava’s swaroopam is naturally forming on the wall. I have requested to get little more information on this.

Isn’t it such a divine thing to note that Periyava is pratyaksham in so many devotees’ places?

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. with my very less bhakthi I couldnot visualise periyava in that wall. can someone tell me if its just the face,standing or sitting posture……….

  2. Can’t even imagine. 96 Years of our Mahaperiyava jayanthi is something very very great and astonishing.
    Let it be a reflection , But it is the reflection of Our Mahaperiyava Himself. No doubt in that.
    Yes as you said, Its their devotion purely which makes such occurances. Need to grasp such sort of bhakthi from such noble persons.

  3. Jaya jaya shankar. Hare Hare Shankar.
    I am blessed to have this darshanam on the wall of my friends house. As few people say it is a reflection of light on the oil painted wall. Yes ….reflection can be in any shape. But we all could see Mahaperiva with three viboodi pattai on forehead.. … in a family who are performing Shankara Jayanti for the past 96 years.. yes it is their bhakti . And we are blessed that they shared with us.

  4. All though it an illusionary thing like we some time see few shapes in Yagna’s flame, but I don’t find anything wrong in perceiving it in this way. A serious devotee, might see HIM anywhere, including on your and my face also. Let’s see the devotion in it rather than debating on that.
    Periva Padam Sharanam!

  5. Yes Mahesh, you are correct. There are many Arasa maram where the branches looks exactly like Pillaiyar.
    No one knows how our Mahaperiyava too or any other of our Ista Deivams for that matter, will come to bless us and that too in any form.

  6. As Mahesh mentioned, I feel that it is our own Bhakti that causes these things to happen, and we attribute to Sri. Periyava. What I am writing here is what I have seen in Kanchi matham during Sri. Mahaperiyava days.

    We all know that during Chandramouliswara puja, Ambal (meru) is made everyday using sandal paste (shaped like a small ball).All our Periyavas do AvAhanam on that sandalpaste. This is the tradition in Kanchi mutt. Several families have this meru in their houses. My mother was blessed with a meru by Pujya Sri. Mahaperiyava Himself.

    However, in some houses the meru seems to grow. When I heard this first, I used to wonder how the meru can grow, and whether people are adding more sandal paste on top of the ball. When Sri. Mahaperiyava returned from Andhra Pradesh in 1984, some one brought a meru that has been growing in their house. They left it in near the tree where Sri. Maha periyava was staying. The meru used to look like a small branch of a tree. Obviously, when they are leaving the meru with Pujya sri. Mahaperiyava, they are not lying. It grew in that sannidhi also.

    Mahaperiyava, however, does not give so much of importance to miracles of this sort. His Holiness listens, keeps quiet. These things can happen and have happened in His presence.

    The sandal paste growing is the beauty of prAna prathistha ceremony, invoking life forces into an idol or object like sandal paste. That clearly shows the purity of the person who received the meru and doing puja, and the sincerely of that person’s devotion and worship.

    My 2 cents…

    • But the sad part is that , nowadays, all magazines, public speeches, posts in forums, books etc deal with nothing but accounts of miracles and similar episodes associated with Sri Mahaperiyava.
      Not many bother about reading or following HIS teachings or the invaluable preaching in Deivathin Kural.
      Most people indulge in arm-chair religion where they just want to listen to dramatic narrations of “miracles”
      This has in turn given rise to hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, speeches detailing newer and newer miracles every day. It is also true that these contain hardly10% truth and 90% is pure imagination.
      Who is going to check the authenticity and who cares? So long as it is narrated/written in cinematic style and builds upto a climax, it is praised.
      Only Sri Mahaperiyava can save us from this situation

      • I am the first person to suspect everything. I have suspected several 100s of articles to be fake. Guess what – “almost” each and every article is spoken / validated by authentic sources like Sri Balu mama, Sri Kannan mama, Sri Vedapuri mama in their talks…However ,i still believe that certain some incidents are not accounted for.

        Secondly, creating “sensational / dramatic” news item has been around for a long time. Having said alt these, a real mumukshu will not focus on any of these.The only thing I would focus on kindness/avyaja karunai of Periyava. Periyava never did miracles. While blessing and helping devotee, certain things happen automatically. Even for such magical things to happen, we have seen such things happen only to very very serious devotees. Lesson to be learned is to how to develop more bakthi.

        My point is, it depends on what we want to focus. If we focus on the “magical” part, then it only reflects the maturity of our mind. The reflection of the sun can be seen in both clear water or on muddy water….Regardless, the greatness of the sun still remains the same….Let us do our best to improve the reflecting media (our mind).



  7. Some events cannot be explained. Maha Periyava never encouraged these sort of happenings and attention being directed to them. The main thing is Bhakthi and for that to come, we must read Deivaththin Kural and Devotees’ Experiences with Maha Periyava and try to follow Maha Periyava Upadesams as much as we can. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

    • True. The point here is the family where this happened is a very staunch devotee of Periyava. It only proves that when bakthi increases bagawan interacts to them in mysterious ways. Instead of focusing on the end result, we need to focus on the journey of bakthi.


    • Kahanam Sir is 100% correct. If we read HIS explanation for ‘Swami’ (as reproduced in ‘Gems from Deyvathin Kural–2″, we can take this journey without any wavering of the mind.

  8. This image must be a reflection (on the oil paint on the wall) of the large photo kept opposite the wall in the room. Good one to tickle your brain cells!

  9. Great ! Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  10. Wonderful.periava charanam

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  11. We doubt very much our Periyava will never do this kind of ” Chithu Vilayattu ” He will come in your dreams and advise you and show you a path to improve. Our Periyava will never attract any one through these methods is our faith and belief. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara Kanchi Sankara Kamakoti Sankara. Kindly excuse us for this disagreement.

    • I agree with this. I have been always expressing that HIS upanyasams, teachings are the most relevant as against such happenings. The question here is not if this is true or not, but, we as devotees seem to be giving more importance to such news rather than reading Dheyvathin Kural and trying to follow HIS teachings to our utmost ability.

  12. Periyava sharanam.
    Koti Namaskarams

  13. Amazing! Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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