Vaanam Paartha Sivalingam Project – Lakshmeeswarar-Karkeeswarar

In continuation with my earlier posting about this project, I have more updates to share. In an effort to identify a project that is fairly smaller and with the help of Smt Mahalakshmi mami these two shivalingams have been identified for renovation. As you all  may know Sivasri Rajappa Gurukkal has been doing himalayan kainkaryams to temples in Kanchipuram. Click here to read more about him.

These two shivalingams are part of Kanchi Puranam. Mahaperiyava did kumabishekams to these two places. The one with varasiddhi vinayagar is Lakshmeeswarar and the one adjacent to that is Lord Karkeeswarar. Right now, these two places are being maintained by a local family. During the recent flood and even with heavy rain, these lingams are completely drowned….Our acharyas have given direction to mami to take up these temples. The bhoomi puja is scheduled for June 9th – both our Periyavas have agreed to attend the event. Also mami had told HH Balaperiyava that our blog is interested in supporting this cause. The cost for renovating each of these temples is going to be roughly Rs 10 Lakhs. This work will be done under the supervision of mami and Sri Rajappa gurukkal. From our blog, I would like to support one temple as much as possible – if not fully.  As part of the fundraising, so far the response has been below moderate. With the fund collected, we can’t support this project. This is the only vaanam paartha sivalingam project this blog will undertake in 2016-17. So, I request you all to support this initiative to make this successful. Please visit for more details on how to support.

Mami tells me that in Vijay TV this temple is shown along with Mahaperiyava – it seems this is part of the very first slot in the morning – around 6AM or so…I dont have Vijay TV – so I can’t be sure….Will find out exact timing of this program and share…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Please let me know the Address to which one may send his contribution to this project tr

  2. Dear Sir
    I have sent an email to with details of our donation. Could you please respond to that email.
    Many thanks.
    Hara SHANKARA Jaya jaya Shankara!


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