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Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Sri Pradosham Mama’s very firm Periyva bhakthi and the significance of Bhagawan Nama (not cutting short Bhagawan namas) stands out in this newsletter. Kudos to Smt. Manasa Lailitha, our Sathsangam seva member for the translation. Ram Ram


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There is absolutely no doubt that Sri Maha Periyava, an embodiment of grace, is in the same stature of Brahmarishi Sage Suka. Sri Pradhosham mama (fond reference as uncle) was fortunate to have realized this fact and had attained the ecstatic level by understanding the concept of “Me inside you and you inside me”.

These days, Pradhosha period and pradhosha worship are widely celebrated as auspicious period for Sarvesha (Lord Shiva). This development could be attributed to the recent 10 years. 30 years ago, even in those times when Pradhosham was not widely popular, Sri. Pradhosham mama made sure to have a darshan of Sri Sri Maha Periyava, the Shiva himself, monthly twice during the pradhosha days by travelling to places where Sri Sri Maha Periyava had camped. Nothing, not even his work or domestic situation, would defer him from seeking darshan of Sri Sri Maha Periyava.  These days we are unable to regularly visit temple for pradhosha worship once in 15 days even if the temple is at stone throw distance. Maha Periyava would tour places in North India, his location hitherto unknown, as if to test if Pradhosha mama would come visit him. Notwithstanding his work pressure, his financial situation and his two physically challenged kids, Pradhosham mama would never miss to have darshan of Sri Sri Maha Periyava, who he realized as the God himself, as if to prove that he is a “Nayanmar” in his devotion.

Obstacles did not spare even a person with such fierce determination. During a Sani-pradhosha (Pradhosha falling on Saturday), his superior officer had insisted on an office inspection. Pradhosha mama could not say no to his superior officer. He was deeply saddened by this sudden obstacle to his long standing tradition.

Looking at his despair, the officer – even though was from different faith – had reduced his workload by taking the notes himself allowing Pradhosham mama to plan his trip.

Next Pradhosham happened to fall a day when Sri Sri Maha Periyava was at Belgaum. This time, like a calf searching for pasu-pathi (head of cows), Pradhosham mama had reached Belgaum. Before he could have his darshan of Maha Periyava, one of the person involved in Maha Periyava’s seva revealed a big truth – “Why did you not come for the previous pradhosham, mama? After his pooja, Sri Sri Maha Periyava came in search of you like a mother cow would search for its calf”. Pradhosham mama’s joy knew no bounds. He thought that he had attained his life’s goal.

Imagine that Lord Shiva himself steps out of his abode and enquires you as to why you did not visit for previous pradhosham. This was a similar miracle.

Even though the God knows everything, Maha Periyava had enquired on his absence as if to recognize the fierce determination of a devotee who made sure to visit during every pradhosham day. This incident helps us realize not only the magnanimity of Maha Periyava but also make us understand and appreciate the devotion of Pradhosham mama.

“He couldn’t visit because he could not manage to get leave. He had taken a vow to never miss a Pradhosha day darshan” – someone prayed on behalf of Pradhosham mama. It did not appear that Sri Sri Maha Periyava had paid attention to this prayer. Sri Sri Maha Periyava was on mouna-vrat (silence vow) but Maha Periyava’s blessing wasn’t muted. The officer who refused permission to grant leave was transferred removing the obstacle for Pradhosham mama to stick to his vow.

When Pradhosham mama had visited Karadi Kuthi for darshan for Sri Sri Maha Periyava, the lord was in a very delightful mood. Sri Sri Maha Periyava said “He had been transferred to his town. You have come to me”. Sri Sri Maha Periyava himself had made clear that the obstacle for Pradhosham mama had been removed by the virtue of the transfer of the officer to his favorite town of Thiruvanandapuram.

Beginning with earning the title of “Pradhosham”, to being called as 64th Nayanmar by Sri Sri Maha Periyava himself Brahmasri Pradhosham mama had attained the Advaita position of “You inside me and me inside you”. Through his devotion to Sri Sri Maha Periyava, he made many of us realize that Maha Periyava is the God himself.


There are innumerous people who have been witness to the endless compassion of Sri Sri Maha Periyava, also celebrated as “Kanchi Periyava” and “Kalavai Periyava”. One amongst those blessed people was Lakshmi Narayanan, who was the post master at Kalavai.

During the period, Sri Sri Maha Periyava was at Kalavai, Laskhmi Narayanan had been lucky to have a darshan of Sri Sri Maha Periyava during mornings and evenings when Periyava used to be alone. He regarded Periyava with the same affection as his father. When Lakshmi Narayanan enquired the people at service of Sri Sri Maha Periyava if they needed anything, they had conveyed that it would be good if he can obtain cow’s milk for Sri Sri Maha Periyava. Every day, he would go around to places with large number of cows and obtain cow’s milk and had the blessing to give the same to Sri Sri Maha Periyava.

The post master and his wife, Lalithambal, were happily engulfed in the endless love of Sri Sri Maha Periyava. Once Sri Sri Maha Periyava had to suddenly leave Kalavai by walk to Sri Kamakshi temple maha kumbabishekam. The entire Kalavai was saddened as the God himself had to leave their town.

Along with other people, Lakshmi Narayanan and his family would run behind Sri Sri Maha Periyava where ever they go. They would return to Kalavai from the place where Sri Maha Periyava would rest overnight. In the morning, they would again join Sri Maha Periyava by travelling to the same place by bus. Once they join Sri Maha Periyava, they would walk along. Once when they were walking along, a devotee, along with this wife, came by car from the opposite direction for the darshan of Sri Maha Periyava.

They had the darshan of Sri Periyava and sought blessings. The woman placed a necklace at the lotus feet of Sri Maha Periyava and got up. Nobody there had an idea of the value of the necklace placed at the great sage’s lotus feet. Once the husband and wife left, Sri Periyava order the Kalavai post master to pick up the necklace. Assuming that it was some stone necklace, Lakshmi Narayanan had kept it in his custody and kept asking Sri Periyava about what to do with it whenever he had darshan of Sri Periyava.

When Sri Maha Periyava returned to Kalavai after the kumbabhishekam of Sri Kamakshi temple, the entire Kalavai town were overjoyed.

After few days, Sri Periyava had called upon the “Battar” of Kari Varadharaja temple and enquired about the jewels at “Thayar” sannadhi (abode). After knowing the details of the jewels, the great sage asked Lakshmi Narayanan to handover the necklace to Varadharaja perumal.

It is a practice to have the jewel valued before handing it over to the temple. Only during the valuation did everyone realize that the necklace was very expensive with high value diamonds studded. Only the great sage knows what must go where and when.

Once a couple had visited from another town during morning darshan time to seek blessings for their daughter’s marriage. They had placed the marriage invitation at Sri Periyava’s feet. Upon noticing that the groom’s name was mentioned as Naresh alias his original name as per the horoscope, Sri Periyava called upon Lakshmi Narayanan and asked the names of his children. “Eldest son is Bala Subramanian, next one is Siva Shankaran, Kalyana Raman, Mahadevan. My daughter Vijayalakshmi stays with me” came the answer from the post master.

“How do you call them” asked Sri Maha Periyava

“I call them with their original names” said the post master

“It is not with no reason we name our children after a God. Whenever we call them by their full name, we chant the God’s name without realizing it” said Sri Maha Periyava thereby providing very deep advice even from the smallest of an incident.

There is no doubt that we will have all the blessings and have all our needs provided when we submit ourselves to the great sage who had shown the way to entire humanity through his simplicity and walking the right path.


-Compassion will continue to flow

You remove the hunger from those who sing your praise, you remove the sickness from those who spread your light to the world   –  Sri Sundara Murthy Swamigal Devaram



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