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Maha Periyava

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Newsletter from Sri Pradosha Mama Gruham. Clairvoyance and Karuna Kadaksham overflows, fills our hearts with Aathma Anandham! Thanks to our Sathsang seva volunteer for this great translation. Ram Ram

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Sri Periyava Mahimai June 10 2006 Newsletter – Translated through Maha Periyava’s Grace

Please remove the great obstacles and problems, O Pasupatha – the Divine Light, from the life of this humble devotee whose only job is to talk and sing about you through this mouth!

Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava’s Miracles (10-06-2006 (dd-mm-yyyy)

Strength of God’s words

The greatness and purity of SugaBrahmaRishi is also seen in Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava, who is Lord Parameshwara’s incarnation himself, showering his divine grace upon us. Sri MahaPeriyava has stated during his divine speeches that, out of the five jobs of creation, preservation, destruction, concealing and blessing, other than the first two jobs that are taken care by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu respectively, the remaining three of them are taken care by the three forms that emerged from Lord Shiva. That is, “Samhaaram” or destruction, “Thirodhaanam” or Concealing and “Anugraham” or Blessing are the jobs of Lord Eashwara per Sri Maha Periyava.

Since Sri Maha Periyava is seen as Lord Eashwara himself amongst us, it is as if he conceals his real identity of “ParaBrahmam” making a great illusion (“MahaMaayai”), but at the same time, he also showers his blessings upon us revealing his divineness (“Eashwara Swaroobam”) without himself realizing it.

The divine experience for Thiru P.K. Ramanathan seem to show the blessings (“Anugraham”) showered by Lord Parameshwara. Since he was living in Kancheepuram, he got an opportunity to see (“Dharshan”) the Great Sage every day. Once, when he went for “Dharshan”, there was a big devotee crowd at the mutt. He was standing outside. Suddenly, when Sri Maha Periyava ordered to call the “Sirasthaar” (Superintendent at District court – equivalent to Registrar in High Court in Administrative work), every devotee present there started calling for the “Sirasthaar”. There was a person standing near Ramanathan and the person knew him as well.

He said that there is no “Sirasthaar” here. However he showed Ramanathan and mentioned that there is only a Head Clerk here. Immediately Ramanathan went and stood near Sri Maha Periyava.

“I am not a “Sirasthaar” but only a Head Clerk”, said Ramanathan. Sri Maha Periyava stubbornly asked “Why can’t you become a Sirasthaar?” Ramanathan confidently replied, “I do not have the qualification at all. I have studied only until S.S.L.C. Under me, there are a lot of people who have studied B.A.B.L and M.A.B.L. Under the criteria of education, there is not even a minor chance for me. Also, the current District Judge will not recommend me at all. Hence, I will never get that post.”

Though Ramanathan said to Lord Eashwara that he doesn’t stand a chance based on world rules, he did not realize that the Great Divine Grace can bless and grant anything. After a few days, the amazing event happened. Suddenly a few people came to Ramanathan’s office from Chennai High Court for inspection. Seeing his talent and capability in handling the work well, those people submitted a secret report to Chennai High Court judge stating that Ramanathan is the best fit for the “Sirasthaar” position. Within a few days, Ramanathan got the promotion order for the “Sirasthaar” position.

Everyone at his office, including him, were extremely surprised on how this is possible. Those who assumed that they will be selected for the position based on educational qualification were heavily disappointed.

The fact, that this astonishing incident was possible only due to Divine grace, was determined when Ramanathan went to see Sri Maha Periyava on the next “Anusham” (Sri Maha Periyava’s birth star) day. When Ramanathan stood in front of Sri Maha Periyava with Goddess Kamakshi’s “Prasaadham” (religious offering of food item), without anyone saying anything, Lord Eashwara lifted both his hands above his head and asked “Can I can call you as “Sirasthaar now?” Ramanathan was stunned and got goose bumps.

Fully realizing that the promotion was only possible due to the Divine Grace and the strength of Lord Eashwara’s words, Ramanathan’s eyes were blessed to be able to see the Great Lord in human form!

Good Time

Mr. Ramanathan had asked for some money as loan from a Mudhaliyaar at Kancheepuram for his daughter’s marriage. The Mudhaliyaar also accepted to give and asked him to come on a specific day at about 3 PM Indian Standard Time. On that day, Ramanathan started from Chengalpet and reached Kancheepuram. He wanted to see the Great Sage and obtain blessings before meeting the Mudhaliyaar.

On that day, Ramanathan got a chance to see Sri MahaPeriyava only at 2 PM. Though he planned to see Sri Maha Periyava, get his blessings and leave immediately, Sri Maha Periyava did not leave him easily. Sri Maha Periyava started talking to him about a lot of things. This had never happened before. Without realizing the importance of those moments where he got a chance to talk to the Great Lord himself, Ramanathan was constantly disturbed thinking about the 3 PM meeting with Mudhaliyaar. Time was running fast and crossed 3:30 PM, 4 PM and then 5 PM. Lord Eashwara himself was talking to him all this while and not releasing him. At about 5:30 PM Indian Standard Time, Ramanathan got permission to leave from Sri Maha Periyava.

Ramanathan tried to reach Mudhaliyaar’s house fast by a combination of walking and running. Since he was very late, Ramanathan was so worried and afraid that Mudhaliyaar might not be there at his house or even if he was there, he might have changed his mind and refuse to give money. Slowly Ramanathan knocked on the door. Mudhaliyaar came immediately and opened the door.

Mudhaliyaar welcomed him warmly and said “I had asked you to come at 3 PM. But I had to go out on an urgent work. I did not know how to communicate this to you. I returned just now. Along with this, I also realized that the time was not good until 6 PM today for this auspicious dealing. Hence, I wanted to ask you to come only at 6 PM today. You have come at the right time. It is good time now. Please take the money.”

Ramanathan was stunned and got goose bumps. It is a very insignificant thing. Just because the time was not good to obtain the loan for his daughter’s marriage, the Great Lord himself stopped Ramanathan and made him stay with him until the time was right. Constantly thinking about this made Ramanathan melt at the compassion of the Great Sage, Sri Maha Periyava.

Whatever happens near the holy presence of Sri Maha Periyava, there will be a reason behind it. Also, when it happens for the greater good, it is nothing but the Great Lord’s Divine grace and blessing alone!

Sound of Blessing

During the time when Sri Maha Periyava (Lord Eashwara) stayed with his usual utmost simplicity at Kalavai, one day, 20-30 Vedic scholars are sitting in front of Sri Maha Periyava and chanting the Vedhaas. As the protector of Vedhaas the Great Sage is sitting there and no one could reach out to him at that time crossing these Vedic scholars. An “Odhuvaar” (A clan of people who sing religious hymns like “Devaaram” at temples with selfless dedication to the God) is standing far away since he is both afraid of and respected the crowd of Learned Brahmins. For the simple and humble person who has come from a far place, Tirunelveli, to see Sri Maha Periyava, it is a herculean task to cross the Vedic pundits and reach out to Sri Maha Periyava. Hence he is standing far away in a corner hesitatingly with a painful longing.

Lord Eashwara always shows eagerness in blessing such simple and humble people. Nobody saw or told Sri Maha Periyava about this devotee.

The ever-compassionate Sri Maha Periyava is showing a sign using his hand to stop the chanting of the Vedhaas for some time. When the chanting stopped, the Great manifestation of the Vedhaas himself, is able to see the “Odhuvaar” clearly though nobody else noticed and is calling for him (Sound of Blessing). With the doubt if he is the one being called, the “Odhuvaar” is slowly making his way to Sri Maha Periyava.

With lots of Love and compassion, which is greater than a Mother’s, Sri Maha Periyava asks about the “Odhuvaar” and his well-being. Subsequently, when the “Odhuvaar” is asked to sing “Devaaram”, the Love-filled, tear-filled sincere rendition of the “Odhuvaar” is filling the entire place. With full satisfaction in the heart and tears in eyes, the “Odhuvaar” is praying sincerely to Lord Eashwara himself and gets his blessings.

The Great Lord proved once more through his divine grace in this incident that he is always a slave to simple and humble devotees who pray to him selflessly.

It is our blessing and luck to have the opportunity to be constantly devoted to the simple and humble yet Great Guru. All problems in life will be removed, we will attain prosperity and all good things and happiness will be with us for sure if we completely surrender ourselves at the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava.                                                                                   -Compassion will continue to flow

You remove the hunger from those who sing your praise, you remove the sickness from those who spread your light to the world   –  Sri Sundara Murthy Swamigal Devaram


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  1. I am always willing to hear about mahaperiyava

  2. Bhaktharukku AruLum ELimaiyaana Seivam Nam Maha Periyava! Avar Thiruvadi Charanam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  3. Amazing experiences. Thanks for sharing. The translation is so lucid that I felt like I am reading it in my mother tongue Tamil (could not read due to small aksharams). Thanks all concerned for these yeoman efforts. May Maha Periyava’s grace be with all of you.

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