Raksha Raksha Jagadguro by Smt Sinduja

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The tradition of  Kathaakalakshepam (or Harikatha) is a divine way of rendering stories, which has been in practice since ancient ages. It is interesting to note that, Lava-Kusha narrated the Ramayana story to Lord Sri Rama in the form of Harikatha.
Smt Sindhuja Chandramouli, an ardent devotee of Mahaperiyavaa, is a child prodigy in this field of Harikatha. She has been delivering Harikatha ever since a very tender age on variety of topics at various occasions – religious, cultural or be it marriage ceremonies..
A Harikatha subject that might be very close to her is “Life Experiences of Mahaperiyavaa”. On the auspicious occasion of Sivan SAR’s Aradhana Harikathaamrtutha is proud to release a compendium on divine experiences with Mahaperiyavaa “Raksha Raksha Jagadguru”. Sindhuja has well illustrated and presented the content for all the listeners to experience the presence of the Jagadguru – Sri Mahaperiyavaa.
The total audio is for roughly around 10 hours and is split into 30 minute tracks (for ease of listening). For more details please contact – 9962057851
She has kindly approved broadcasting these in Periyava Radio. We will be broadcasting this on every Thursdays (9.30 AM – 10 AM IST & EST) starting March 31, 2016
Thank you Sindhuja – We are looking forward to listening to this treasure!
Wish you all the success!!
Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankata!

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  1. Great work. Will be appreciated very much by Maha Periyava Devotees. Wish Smt. Sindhuja more such successful audios. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

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