Dr SVR – A scholar who reached the peak!

Dr SVR is one of the very handful of people whom I have known to be an expert and an authority in various disciplines like sanskrit, sastram, ayurvedam, Sri Vidya Upasana, Advaitam, Meemamsa, Tarkam and the list goes on. He is a perfect example of having someone lived a perfect, complete and divine life as per sastras. Associated with Mahaswami since his tender age of 10, he has achieved so many prestigious awards and his contribution to educating the astikas via his books are priceless. His bashyam for Lalitha Sahasranamam is one of the bests…Mahaperiyava in Deivathin Kural mentioned about Dr SVR’s “Dharma Sastram” book. Mama’s contribution to Sri Matam has a long history. Mama attained siddhi roughly an year back.

I came to know recently that his son – Sri Jayaraman, Architect & Civil Engineer – has created and dedicated a website that has all the works of his father. Lots of ebooks, audio, articles – completely free for download etc. A site very beautifully done – what a perfect way for a son to dedicate to his father! Please visit http://svradhakrishnasastri.in to read and enjoy. Beautiful photos are out there! I just downloaded “Tripura Rahasyam”!

I talked to Sri Jayaraman this morning and he also mentioned about dinamalar’s coverage of him and the website that was launched by Sri Pudhu Periyava. Dinamalar very nicely titled this to respect this great scholar.



I had a great opportunity of interviewing mama few years back.  Here is his interview:


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  1. my pranams to both my Guru and Guruputhran. Sri Jayaraman has proved to be a worthy son of a worthy father-karthik

  2. Our family has created this website on the fact to promote our treasures from generations to generations. Our father’s dedication and his hard work during his last 15 years should not be left as waste and it should pass on to the younger generations. When I went and requested Pujashri HH Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal to reproduce this HE readily agreed and gave permission (some of the books were published by Sri Kanchi Mutt). He has asked us to request Mr MD Gopal of Mahaperiyava Trust, Bangalore to upload books published by him. He also agreed. Many others also agreed to upload the books published by them. We are right now uploaded only 90 books written by my father. There are yet to be done – awaiting permissions. In due course we will do that also. I thank Mr Mahesh for bringing this in his website. Jaya Jaya Sankara

  3. Great Scholar Dr.SVR. Great services to devotees by his son! May Maha Periyava Bless everyone! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya shankara!

  4. Great service by Sri Jayaraman. Website is a treasure for future generations and thanks to him for making this freely available for all


  6. Absolutely Divine ! Thanks a million to his son Sri Jayaraman.

  7. Such a Valuable treasure and the site looks so good.Thanks for the share Mahesh ji.
    Periyava sharanam

  8. Yes the we site created by his son jaya raman is very good and very very useful

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