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Under-construction.pngDear readers,

I feel bored after seeing same theme/layout for more than 2 years. So, I am playing with a new theme..Pl allow another couple of days to settle down on the new layout. Unfortunately, there is no other way to exactly try it out without applying etc…

Thanks for your patience


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  1. Sorry, I like the old layout! You don’t have to make a change just for the sake of change. I never felt bored of the old layout. This new one is sort of jumbled up. Any way, you are the master of the blog, so you can change it as you like it .

  2. Wonderful development. Congratulation.

  3. The layout does look good. But one of things I miss is the date and time of the article; that allowed me to continue reading from exactly where I left. Or Can a What’s New tab be added to include only the latest date’s information ?

    • I agree and expect the date and time of every post. It is becoming little hard to locate the last post gone through and to continue from there. Request you to include date and time.

  4. It is welcome move
    With the anugrahams of Sri mahaperiyava new layout will come in a grand manner. All the very best. Sri Mahaperiyava anugrahams

  5. As you said it is not bore for us. Everyday we are waiting to see the blog. Anyhow we hope with mahaperiyava’s blessings the new attractive blog may come early. jaya jaya sankara, hara hara sankara. ramani chennai-33

  6. Waiting for the new layout. Should be interesting.

  7. Continuous improvement is always welcome.
    Best wishes.
    R Balasubramanian

  8. Awaiting the new design.

  9. Congratulations for the new development

  10. I liked the new layout and theme. The words have become bolder so better readability. It’s easy n menu is one click to many options. Thanks. I guess it’s a welcome Change. In my opinion we should have many pics of mahaperiyava at the top and they can keep changing. That way it’ll become a visual treat ever

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