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Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – From Sri Pradosham Mama gruham. A great incident that shows how the sanctity of Tirumala Tirupathi temple was saved due to Sri Periyava’s grace. Thanks very much to our Sathsang volunteer member Smt. Bharathi Shankar for the translation. Ram Ram.

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Sri Sri Maha Periyava is the incarnation of Lord Eswara Himself, who has come down in the form of a sage with the sarva Lakshana of Sukhabrahma Rishi to bless us all. Though He never attempted to display His spiritual powers explicitly, innumerable miracles stand as a testimony for the power of His blessings to save the world.

Such a miracle was witnessed at an event happened at Thiruppathi Kshetram.  It happened more or less fifty years ago. It is a common practice for the people of Thiruppathi Thirumala Devasthanam to bring changes in the temple, to facilitate easy Darshan to the devotees considering the ever increasing number.

Likewise once the Public Works Department and the Devasthanam members had planned for such a change. It was customary for the people to go into the Sanctum Sanctorum and come out through the same way as they went in. Instead, if the side walls of the Artha Mandapa are removed and a way made through it, people could move to their right and left sides freely, which would reduce their difficulties in having Darshan and would save time too. This was the plan to be executed by them.

This plan was discussed in detail and a decision was taken to purchase a cutting machine from America at the cost of Rupees Forty lakhs to execute it.

Listening to all this, Sri Ganapathy Sthapathy who was present there was thoroughly upset. His face reflected the disturbances at his heart. A minister present in the hall noticed it.

“Why is Sthapathy so silent? Is this arrangement okay with you?” asked the minister to the Sthapathy himself.

“Shall I share my views openly?” asked the Sthapathy for which the minister nodded his agreement.

The Sthapathy began to express his view.”Expert architects with a sound knowledge in agama Sastras have constructed this temple thousands of years ago, in accordance with temple agamas. The Artha Mandapa situated next to the Sanctum Sanctoriam is extremely sacred. It won’t be proper to demolish the side walls to make way. If it is done that way, there is a chance of the residing Deity Sri Venkatachalapathy’s sanctity and power being affected. Considering all this, I request you to stop this demolishing plan, ” he expressed his ideas without any fear.

All the members supported the plan unanimously and therefore the Sthapathy’s view wasn’t taken into consideration. The plan was unanimously agreed upon and signatures were sought from all the members to make it official. The Sthapathy had to yield to their demand out of compulsion and had to sign too.

From then on the Sthapathy’s peace of mind is totally lost. He left the place with a heavy heart. His mind was agonizing over a plan to stop such a misfortunate incident from happening.

At this stage he realized that no one except the Eswara Incarnate, Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava could help him. The Mahan was camping at a place called Karvetu Nagar. The Sthapathy ran to Him with the realization that Sri Periyava is the only leading light that could show him the path.

It was early in the morning when he reached Karvetu Nagar. Tears were streaming down his face when he met Periyava with a heavy heart full of sorrow.

It was so soothing for the Sthapathy when Periyava gestured like drawing a namam on His forehead and asked,”Are you coming from there?” (Meaning Thirupathy)

“Yes”, said the Sthapathy and was about to bare his heart to Periyava but He stopped him gesturing with His hand.

“No need to say anything now. Go and eat something first.” If there is something better than mother’s love and care, where else can one get it except Periyava. It was as if the Mother of Love could see through the fact that the Sthapathy was languishing without taking anything for the past two days.

Sri Periyava called a Mutt helper. “Take him to whichever hotel open now and ask them to feed him to his full stomach,” He instructed and sent him along.

Only one hotel was open at that time and when the Mutt’s person said that Periyava was ready to offer him money for the food for Sthapathy, the hotel owner said “ It’s my good fortune to feed him who is sent by Kanchi Periya,” and served him the different variety of tiffins which were ready there.

The Sthapathy after finishing the food  came and stood before Periyava again.

“Now tell me,” ordered the all-knowing God and the Sthapathy started telling everything that happened during the meeting.

“What will happen if you break it?” The Mahan questioned him with a divine playfulness.

“Any change in the temple at Thiruppathi is brought about only after consulting Periyava. But now they have not disclosed this matter to Periyava. If we touch the Artha Mantapa, the Divine power of Venkatachalathy may not be received by the masses as before.  Now they might come to Periyava to inform You of their decision. At that time Periyava shouldn’t give your consent and should find a way to stop this,” requested the Sthapathy in all earnestness.

Periyava, looking like the merciful Saviour of mankind reassured the Sthapathy by saying “Everything will happen as per your wish , don’t worry”, and sent him back.

With his mental burden lessening a bit, the Sthapathy came home from there. He had a deep sleep as he was so tired and fatigued.

Suddenly he felt like someone was waking him up from his deep sleep. He woke up startled .There was no one nearby. But all his tiredness and fatigue had disappeared and a fresh drive had set into his mind. He ran towards the house of the then chief minister of Andhra Sri. Brahmananda Reddy, driven by the same force. The security guard standing at the gate identified him. He asked in surprise why the Sthapathy had come so early in the morning. The Sthapathy told him that he had to see the chief minister very urgently.

The security guard refused to let him in as he didn’t have prior appointment. Still, Thiruppathi Ganapathy Sthapathy was known to all and so the official started thinking of a way to fulfill his request.

“Sir, we can do one thing. The chief minister comes down from upstairs to have coffee exactly at 4.30.While coming down and entering the hall, if the chief minister’s eyes fall on you coincidentally, it won’t be a problem. Otherwise you will have to wait till morning,” said the official.

The Sthapathy stood there, waiting with the hope that Periyava would certainly show some way and the CM while coming down, noticed the Sthapathy at the entrance.

“What Ganapathy, so early in the morning?” he enquired and asked him to come in.

“Danger to Thiruppathy temple,” started the Sthapathy abrubtly and went on to explain everything in detail.

Anger was writ in the face of the chief minister after listening to the Sthapathy. He ordered to summon the minister for Religious affairs at once.

“What happened at Thiruppathi day before yesterday?” asked the chief minister.”Oh just now I’m getting ready with the file to discuss it with you,” said the minister .

“I asked only what had happened at Thiruppathi,” insisted the chief minister angrily and the minister for Religion described their plan in detail.

“ You listen to me first. Venganna  jolikku pogandi,” said the CM in Telugu and emphasized clearly not to interfere in the affairs of Thiruppathi Venkatajalapathy and finished the conversation only after saying emphatically that it was his strict order.

“Nothing will happen in Thiruppathi. You can go peacefully,” he said before sending off the Sthapathy.

The Sthapathy walked out with a sigh of relief and only then did he come back to his senses. He realised absolutely that it must be some divine power which woke him up from sleep and drove him with a magnificent force, making him meet the CM so early in the morning, thus bringing about a solution to such a big problem.

He could hear the holy voice of Sri Sri Sri Periyava in his mind saying,” Everything will happen as per your wish,” and a shiver went down his spine in absolute elation.

The Sthapathy’s mind realised that all the miraculous incidents that happened one by one are a witness to Periyava’s colossal blessings and meditated upon the Mahan with overwhelming gratitude that early morning.

Isn’t our Periyava the God of Protection.

It is beyond all doubt that the Bakthi we have for such a merciful God walking amongst us, will protect us all forever, bestowing all goodness upon us and offering a life with health, wealth and prosperity.

-Compassion will continue to flow

You remove the hunger from those who sing your praise, you remove the sickness from those who spread your light to the world   –  Sundara Murthy Swamigal Devaram




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  1. Sathyamaaka Periyavaal Mel Nambikai Vaithu Vettal Avar Ellam Mun Nindru Nattathi Vaipaar Enpathil Yarukum Aiyam Vendaam. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara, Kalady Sankara Kamakshi Sankara.
    Kanchi Sankara Kamakoti sankara.

  2. ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  3. Maha Bhagyam to read this. Maha Periyava is Omnipresent. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. Wonderful!

  5. Excellent translation
    Thank you

  6. If I remember correctly, Paramacharya had similarly ‘influenced’ the reconstruction of Bhadrachala maha kshetram in Andhra Pradesh also.

    From protecting the sanctity of maha kshetras to protecting sanatana dharma by moulding the Indian constitution, no single entity other than Adi Sankara has done what Paramacharya has done.

    All this without any press or publicity or expectation of gratitude from the largely ignorant populace, Sanatana Dharma is indebted to Paramacharya forever.

    Paramacharya is apara Rama avatara.

    How can we express our gratitude to such a Mahaan other than by trying to follow his instructions to the best of one’s ability.

    Hara hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

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