Sri Sankara Charitham in English – Part 4

Thanks to Sri BN Mama for the translation.

Mahaperiyavar Drawing

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4 replies

  1. Hi,
    Have you changed the front view! If you don’t mistake, the previous one was very nice. … opening the page I would love to see periyava! !!!
    More over the black color… I don’t know if you are in the process of doing some change… 🙂
    Best wishes…

  2. I am not getting the original Tamil book written by Sri Ra Ganapathi
    can anyone get me a hard copy or soft copy please…

  3. Dear Sirs, The letters are so small and readable by old man. Could you kindly mail me as to how to download, magnify and read. regards sundaram

    KAILAS DHARSHAN RATHNA V.I.SUNDARAM ” OMKAILAS” 8/1 NEW 17/1 RAMA RAO ROAD,THIRUMYLAI, CHENNAI 600 004 PHONE NO. +91-44-24661345 MOBILE:9444926629,9551531110 கைலாஸ் தர்ஷன் ரத்னா வைத்யநாத அய்யர் சுந்தரம்

    On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 10:59 PM, Sage of Kanchi wrote:

    > Mahesh posted: “Thanks to Sri BN Mama for the translation. ” >

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