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  1. Please pray for my worry. Request to Periyava to help me

  2. Parameswaran avatharam Mahaperiyava is pleading to humanity. 4 minitues every day will definitely give us shanthi in life. Madam Radhika’s request has been fulfilled by two devotees.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

    • namastae sir, and very very thanku for the message. really i am very much blessed by swami with this translation. i definitly spend this time for maha periyava. sir, why we are not having your darshan in saturday with your experiences. i follow your experiences every day (even old ones) and feel like i am with my late father. eagerly waiting for the saturday post every week. i am sorry if i hurt u with my feelings. wishing you a good health.
      thank u

  3. Two minutes in the morning, two minutes in the evening – set aside for me. Out of twenty four hours, four minutes is all I ask. Chant “Rama Rama” for two minutes in the morning, and chant “Shiva Shiva” for two minutes in the evening.

    Periaval Charanam.

  4. Indeed on reading this, one has to shed tears. Deivam, rather than commanding, is making a request and that too not for Deivam’s benefit but for the benefit of the devotees. If one does not listen to and adheres to this requirement, what is the use of this birth?

    • sorry sir, non tamil readers cant read and understand the article. can anyone translate to english so that we too can be blessed and enjoy the quotes of sri maha periyava. feels like very unlucky for not reading the article in the language we understand

      maha periyava charanam saranam.

      • The translation goes like this …

        Spare me 4 minutes out of 24 hours

        Chant ‘Rama Rama’ for 2 minutes in the morning

        Chant ‘Siva Siva’ for 2 minutes in the evening.

        Stay blessed 🙂

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