Sri Periyava Mahimai Newsletter-March 21 2006

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Newsletter from Pradosham Mama Gruham. Three incidents that highlights Periyava’s Sarvagyanathuvam and Kaarunyam. Thanks to Shri M.Venkataraman our sathsangam volunteer seva member for the translation. Ram Ram.


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Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriya’s Glory (Jayanthi 21/03/2006)


Milk or Padhuka

(Thanks to MahaPeriyava Darshan Experiences)


Maha Periyava is living among us with the glory of Sugabrahmarishi’s tapas and also simplicity. It is clear that MahaPeriyava is none other than Baghavan. He appears as Lord Parameswara to some devotees, as Mother Kamatchi to some devotees and as Sri Narayanan to other devotees and is blessing them. Many a times Maha Periyava has gone down to the level of Children to bless them.

N Venkataraman from Mayiladuthurai was a devotee of Maha Periyavaa. He was a thirteen year old boy in 1949, when Maha Periyavaa visited Anandhathandavapuram. Venkataraman assumed the responsibility to collect milk offered by devotees for abhishekam of Sri Chandramouliswarar and keep it at the Pooja Mandapam. He considered this seva as a big boon given by Maha Periyavaa.

One morning when Maha Periyavaa was sitting on the steps of kulam (temple tank), a devotee came with milk. When Maha Periyavaa enquired he said it was milk for abhishekam. Another boy, who was present, took the vessel with milk which made Venkataraman angry. Venkataraman had assumed that he alone is responsible to collect milk. In a low voice (so that Maha Periyavaa will not hear), he threatened the other boy “Hey give me the milk. Otherwise I will beat you up”. The boy who was carrying milk, did not listen to these threats and went ahead.

At that time Maha Periyavaa pretended as if something has poked his Padhuka. Periyavaa took off his padhuka, gave them to Venkataraman and asked him to carry them.

Though Venkataraman obeyed Periyavaa’s instructions and carried his Padhuka, his anger towards the other boy who had carried the milk had not subsided. Venkataraman continued to threaten the other boy of dire consequences.

On reaching Sri Matam, Maha Periyavaa asked Venkataraman to put down his Padhuka. Periyavaa wore the Padhuka and proceeded. Venkataraman found the other boy and gave him a good beating.

That evening Maha Periyavaa came and sat in the verandah of a house. A small group of devotees gathered around him. Maha Periyavaa said “Today I will speak on the topic – Milk or Padhuka “. Devotees were surprised because normally Maha Periyavaa will not announce a topic for his short discourses. But these short talks will be full of invaluable teachings.

“Do you know to which object pattabhishekam was performed in Nandigramam? Padhuka of Lord Rama. Normally what people wear in their feet is called padharatchai (footwear). But when it is worn by Sanyasis it is called Padhuka. Bharathan kept the Padhuka of Lord Rama on the throne and performed abhishekam with milk. Is Milk superior? Or is Padhuka superior?”

With this question Maha Periyavaa ended the talk with ‘Govinda nama sankeerthanam’. Devotees gathered there could not understand why Periyavaa spoke on this topic. But the talk hit Venkataraman hard. He realized that Maha Periyavaa pretended that something poked in his padhuka and gave the great blessing of carrying his padhuka to Venkataraman, in the morning. Further through this short discourse Periyavaa made Venkataraman realise the glory of Padhuka. Venkataraman was amazed that Periyavaa had given a short discourse with a message for the young boy!


Maha Manam


Sri Annadurai Iyangar narrated this incident to illustrate the boundless kindness of Maha Periyavaa. This incident took place in Mahagaav where Periyavaa was staying. Some devotees told Periyavaa that they would like to celebrate Platinum Jubilee i.e. to celebrate completion of 75 years from the day Periyavaa became Peetadhipathi of Kanchi Matam. Devotees asked Periyavaa for his permission to organize this celebration.

Maha Periyavaa said “Oh! Have 75 years passed since I came to this peetam? I was a young boy when I assumed this peetam. At that time several Veda vidwans in Kumbakonam took care of me. Many of them would now be over 75 years old. Some of them may have attained the abode of Lord. Anyone who has devoted his life for Veda matha must not dependent on others for their livelihood. We are all indebted to all Veda vidwans who are more than 75 years old.

Many such Veda vidwans may be financially weak now. In some cases it could be due to inability of their children to support them. Some vidwans may have other handicaps in the form of some physical disability. They may not have a steady source of income. If we can arrange to pay Rs 75 per month to such Veda vidwans that is the best Platinum Jubilee in my view.”

Periyavaa asked Sri Annadurai Iyangar to get in touch with few other devotees and form a Trust. Sri Iyangar readily accepted the instruction of Periyavaa.

Periyavaa told Sri Annadurai Iyangar “This is a small service that we do to Veda vidwans, who have sacrificed their entire life to chanting vedas and in teaching vedas to others. This is a kainkaryam that we do to them in their old age and hence not a dhanam. We must reach out to them with lot of bakthi and humility to give this small sum of money to them.”

When Sri Annadurai Iyangar was about to leave, Periyavaa called him again and said “Rs 75 per month may get them only annam. If we add Rs 25 and give them Rs 100 per month they can add buttermilk to annam.”

Hearing this concern of Periyavaa, Sri Annadurai Iyangar had tears in his eyes. Sri Iyangar says that we will never see such a Mahapurusha with boundless kindness.

Problems solved without asking


Sri Maha Periyavaa, who is none other than Lord Parameswara, solves problems of devotees even when they have not shared their problems with Periyavaa. Several incidents reveal that Maha Periyavaa learns about unstated problems of devotees and solves them.

Maha Periyavaa had camped at Kattupalli. One devotee was suffering from a problem he himself had created through a new relationship. He had come with complete faith that only darshan of Maha Periyavaa will solve his problem.

Maha Periyavaa came, like a pure jyothi, to perform Pooja. Periyavaa was wearing a garland made of vetiver – shaped like rudraksha. Periyavaa came near this devotee, removed the vetiver garland and gave it to him.

The baktha immediately felt as though the mental bondage, he was suffering from, was cut off at the root. When the devotee left Kattupalli there was no trace of mental agony he was going through. He could not believe that such a relief is possible. Maha Periyavaa’s krupa can solve problem of any magnitude in a second.

Unfortunately eyesight of a boy was impacted because of measles. His grandmother, a devotee of Maha Periyavaa, came to have darshan of Periyavaa and to place her problem at his feet. There was lot of crowd on that day and hence the lady could not get time to tell Periyavaa about her burden. She stood in a corner and with tears in her eyes she prayed to Periyavaa to solve the problem of her grandson.

Maha Periyavaa asked, all devotees, “What is petram? Do any of you know?” One baktha said Andal Pasuram mentions “Petram maithunnum”. Another devotee said Sundaramurthy devaram says “Petram eru ugandhu”.

With a gentle smile Maha Periyavaa said “Petram means bull or erudhu. Sundaramurthy swamigal lost his eyesight in Thiruvetriyur because he failed to keep up his promise. He came to Kanchi and sang a padhikam to regain his eyesight and this padhikam has the word Petram. If devotees with eye problems chant this padhikam their problem will be solved.”

The lady who was thinking that Periyavaa was talking about something which was not related to her problem, suddenly realized that this message is the solution for her grandson’s problem. She feel at the feet of Paramacharya with heart full of gratitude.

This Thevaram starts with “Aalam thaan ugandhu” ends as

“Petram eru ugandhu eravallanai peria emberumanenrepothum

Katravar paravapaduvaany kaanakan adiye petrathendru

Kotravan kamban koothan emmanai kulipozhil thiru navalooran

Natramizh ivai eerainthum vallar nanneri ulageithuvar thame”

Let us develop bakthi towards Maha Periyavaa who solves even unstated problems of devotees. Such bakthas will live with peace of mind with blessings of Sri Maha Periyavaa.

-Compassion will continue to flow

You remove the hunger from those who sing your praise, you remove the sickness from those who spread your light to the world   –  Sundara Murthy Swamigal Devaram


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