Another rare video with original audio

Thanks to Sri Hariharan for the video.

It seems that all these videos were shot by Vellore rubber factory owner, who is a staunch devotee of Sri Periyava.

Who is that tall person (with beard) who is with Periyava? I’ve seen him many photos/videos….

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  1. Thanks for Posting. Enjoyed Seeing Periyava

  2. The bearded one is Bombay Kannan who used to visit Periyava every now and then at camps

  3. 1983 onwards I use to wait in front of TV
    to watch whenever there is a visit of Government High persons. Many times sri
    Maha periyaval will appear on news.
    Sometimes in ula Varum oli kadir they will show video coverages. 1980s is video period.
    VHS and VCR are famous. Gana boomi
    Will publish lot of photos. That was golden period. I am (60 years now)one of hundreds of people’s will make frequent visits without making any noise, having any personal experiences, without conveying any Kurai.

  4. Thanks a lo. The tall seems to be Bombay Krishnan air India Rajagopal and our usual chettiar apart from balu mama srikantan vedapuri as usual. Perhaps taken when periava was returning from padayatra near Vellore in 1984\85!!!!

    N. Ramaswami

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