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Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Moving incidents about Sri Robert Walser, Easaynur Sivan Kovil, and Sri Periyava as Bhagawan Ramachandra moorthy. Thanks to our Sathsangam Seva volunteer (wish to be anonymous) for this great translation. Enjoy this Sathsangam. Ram Ram.


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English Translation

Please remove the great obstacles and problems, O Pasupatha – the Divine Light, from the life of this humble devotee whose only job is to talk and sing about you through this mouth!

Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava’s Miracles (01-12-2005)


Unforeseen Rare Spiritual Guru


The answer for who is equivalent to the Great Spiritual Guru, SugaBrahmaRishi, is none other than the Great Sage, Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava.

Such a pure search for a true sage with divine light began in the city of Geneva and country of Switzerland by an English preacher called Robert Walser.

During end of November 1961, he came to India for the third time involved in the search. He searched for a lot of months throughout the country. He had met a lot of people who were referred to as Great Saints in his previous visits. Though most of them were famous even in other countries, Robert Walser was not satisfied with their level of knowledge befitting a Great Spiritual Guru.

The Living God, Godly man image of a Great Soul in the mind of Robert Walser was not fulfilled by anyone. Since he couldn’t find anyone after lot of search, he started doubting the existence of such a Godly man in India.

However, he had come to India for the third time as the last try. He didn’t want to waste time asking people during this visit.

“Oh God, Please show me the right way”, Robert was sincerely praying to God constantly. Due to the prayer, the miracle of Lord Eashwara himself showing the path happened. One day, when he was walking across the hall of the hotel in which he stayed, one person said “The Guru that you are searching for is not far away. He is here only in South India”. Robert had not shared about his search to anyone at the hotel.

“Where is he?” Robert asked curiously.

The person who mentioned that the Guru is in South India specified the name as Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava. However, the person did not know where exactly Sri Maha Periyava was camping. The person left and Robert Walser started asking many people about where Maha Periyava was camping but none knew the village name.

After searching in all North Indian states, he was very tired when he finally came to Tiruchirapalli. “Will I not see the Great Saint”, Robert started to lose heart.

In the Tiruchirapalli Railway Station, Robert was lying down in a small congested rest area with a longing that is present only in great lucky people. Nobody in the Railway Station knew him or the purpose of his visit.

It was midnight. There was a knock on the door. Robert opened the door with haste fearing something is wrong. There was a youngster standing there. He introduced himself as a taxi driver.

He said, “I know the Godly man that you are searching for and please let me know if you want me to take you there?” Robert was pleasantly surprised. At this time of the night, Robert didn’t know how he trusted the youngster.

“We will start in the early morning. Be here and I will be ready” Robert sent off the youngster and owing to the never seen before experience that he is going to undergo tomorrow, he couldn’t sleep properly. His prayer has been answered. The next day morning, the taxi driver took Robert on the road for a few hours and finally reached a small temple in a village named Ilayaatrangudi at about 10:00 AM.

As he got closer to Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava’s camp, he realized that his goal is attained. Why not, he is going to meet Lord Parameshwara himself!!!  He asked the Brahmins who were standing there.

“I have come from a long distance in search of a Pure Saint, a Godly sage” Robert said.

Robert was surprised to hear the following response from the Brahmins. “Yes Yes! Swamigal is waiting for you only.”

This rare and astonishing welcome by the people there surprised Robert a lot. Who told them that he was going to come and what is the possibility for that? He had come with an unknown taxi driver that got introduced only the night before all of a sudden without informing previously. If the Great soul knew about this, surely he is the Living God for whom he had come searching.

Though Robert couldn’t see the Great sage after searching throughout the world for so many years, the rare occurrence is happening now and the experience is a bliss. How Peaceful! How Simple! How Quiet! Robert’s heart was filled with lots of devotion towards Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava. Without Robert talking about all the doubts and questions in his mind, Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava answered all to his satisfaction. Robert had nothing to say but was filled with a divine bliss that cannot be explained but can only be experienced!

The foreigner stretched his hand and feet and fell at the feet of the Great soul. It was a wonderful moment for Robert. Though he did not want to be separated from Sri Maha Periyava, he left with a heavy heart as he was completely immersed in Sri Maha Periyava’s ocean of compassion.

“At 8 PM today, calmly control your mind and think only about me” Ever compassionate Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava specially blessed Robert before he left.

Robert would have experienced a great divine bliss based on what Sri Periyava mentioned after reaching Tiruchi. Sri MahaPeriyava’s wonderful blessing and compassion is available to all devotees in a similar true quest.


Omnipresent Great Soul!

When talking about the greatness of such an ever-compassionate Guru, eyes were welling up with tears of gratitude for Brahmashri Mama Alias Sri Vedhapuri Mama. Amongst the few people who were lucky to be with Sri MahaPeriyava and serve him was Sri Vedhapuri Mama. He once visited the Easwaran temple located at the place from where he had hailed, Echayanur.

The priest (Sivacharyar) at the temple lamented to Sri Vedhapuri Mama, “This Shiva temple is deteriorating…Nobody is paying attention. If the Rich people in this place help, this can change..But no one is taking up the responsibility… If we have Sri MahaPeriyava’s blessings, the temple will surely be in a better shape. Since you are near Sri MahaPeriyava, why don’t you tell him about this temple’s sad state..Even if he thinks about it for a split second, that is sufficient”. The priest was very upset.

Listening to this made Sri Vedhapuri Mama feel very uncomfortable.

“How can I tell about this to Sri MahaPeriyava?It is not right to take advantage of being near him and tell him about problems at my place. What should I do?” Informing the inability to the priest, he left his place and reached Kanchipuram completely forgetting about this problem.

When meeting the ever-compassionate Great Sage Sri Maha Periyava, he had totally forgotten about the meeting with the priest at Echayanur. However, how can the Omnipresent Great Soul be silent? Though Brahmashri Mama did not say anything, “Did you go to your place? What did the priest at the Siva temple say?” Asked the Living God.

Sri Vedhapuri Mama felt goosebumps. Realizing that there is an ocean of compassion present in the protector of Vedas, with tears in his eyes, he mentioned about what he heard from the priest to Sri Maha Periyava. Lord Eashwara sat listening as if he did not know anything. With a little smile, he looked at Brahmashri Mama and asked him “Bring me two postcards and write what I ask in them”.

“Write this to two most respectable and rich people from your place” told Sri Maha Periyava. “To renovate and consecrate the Eashwaran Temple at Echayanur (Kumbabishekam), please start collecting Rs 10 from all the people in the town. Whenever possible, the temple can be renovated and sanctified” Brahmashri Mama wrote as Sri Maha Periyava said.

As soon as the postcards reached the two rich people, they immediately came to Sri Maha Periyava and promised to take care of Eashwaran temple renovation and sanctification. They also acted as promised. The way Sri Vedhapuri Mama explained this astonishing incident (himself being completely amazed) helped us realize how well Sri Maha Periyava has been fully understood by Brahmasri Mama.

Sri Ramachandramurthy Himself

Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava is seen and experienced as Lord Eashwara, Lord Pandarinatha, Lord Swaminatha and Goddess Kamakshi by different devotees at different instances.

On a new moon day (Amavasya), Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava was going somewhere to take bath. Amongst the devotees following him was Sri Vedhapuri Mama. However, nobody knew where Lord Eashwara was going.

Along the the Chennai – Bangalore highway is a place called Thirupputkuzhi to which Sri Periyava’s Lotus feet were hastening. When going towards that place, he started talking about the temple present in that place.

“Sri Ramachandramurthy did last rites to Jatayu at this place. That is why this place is called Thirupputkuzhi” Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava said and all devotees including Sri Vedhapuri Mama listened and walked.

When all reached the temple with the Great Saint, a big surprise was in store for them. As soon as they entered the temple, there was an old eagle sitting there.

Though Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava became a child and said “Look, Jatayu has come here”, Sri Vedhapuri Mama was happy to see Lord Ramachandramurthy himself in Sri MahaPeriyava that day.

It is our blessing and luck to have the opportunity to be constantly devoted to the rare Spiritual Guru..All problems in life will be removed, we will attain prosperity and all good things and happiness will be with us for sure if we completely surrender ourselves at the Lotus Feet of Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyava.

-Compassion will continue to flow

You remove the hunger from those who sing your praise, you remove the sickness from those who spread your light to the world   –  Sundara Murthy Swamigal Devaram



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  2. My throat chokes on reading this anubavam of Sri Vedapuri mama I could not but control my tears Is there anyone`now to guide us in this period of life where`every day life is turning frightening Periyava thiruvadi should protect all who love Him

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  6. I was moved to tears residing Walsers Nd Vedapuri mama’s experiences. I consider even this as a great anugraham.

  7. I have no words to express my feelings. Karunamoorthy alone can save all of us from the problems we are facing today.

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