Showers of Miracle in my Life by Mahaperiyava-4 by Sri Gayathri Rajagopal


Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Sri Gayathri Rajagopal mama’s divine journey continuous…Ram Ram

Stunning Miracle on 24th Feb’2016

As usual, I am forced to bypass the chronology order of my miracle experience, in my life because a stunning miracle had happened on 24th Feb’2016. (Wednesday)

(This thought was invoked by Mahaperiyava) I have my biggest ambition of writing books and to start a Free Veda pada sala without moving an inch from my house. You know the reason that I am a paralytic stoke patient and cannot move out even for a trivial purpose.

Is it not a mirage in the desert? Is it not an impossible task? Can anyone think of me going out and do things?

Mahaperiyava disproved all the questions and gave the answer YES!

I always used  to break my head, to study the purpose of Mahaperiyava blessings and non-stop miracles in my life. Probably, Mahaperiyava expects my divine services towards Veda pada sala, author a book and spread the fragrance of Mahaperiyava to all boundaries even to the unknown frontiers.

I used to have the practice of narrating my miracle experience of Mahaperiyava and request the senior people to interpret the expectations of Mahaperiyava. They advised me to go-ahead with my present writing and prepare ground work for my book release. After this assignment, Mahaperiyava HIMSELF will navigate my action in the desired direction were the interpretation by the elders.

I started doing the ground work, by simultaneously authoring my articles in Sage of Kanchi and other Mahaperiyava sites. My ambition is to start a free Veda Pada Sala for the unaffordable children to carry forward their Vedic heritage to the coming generations. Mahaperiyava’s ambitious plan must be to pervade vedam to all nook and corner. To translate Mahaperiva’ divine ambition of making vedam to resonate not only in all areas but also in the people’s heart and mind.

As I am one of the true devotees of Mahaperiyava, I started proceeding towards my goal of campus Vedic school by providing free boarding, lodging and Vedic teaching. To translate my vision in to reality there are only two possibilities.

  1. I should be able to go out and meet people for their advices and take it forward my efforts.
  2. Alternatively a devoted person who breathes Mahaperiyava 24 hours should assist me till the goal is achieved.After first round of discussions with my inner circle and outer circle people to find out any possibilities to proceed further with my ambitious divine task, the outcome of my discussion was disappointing.

    As my thoughts, actions are invoked only by Mahaperiyava; I had decided to submit my problems at the LOTUS FEET of Mahaperiyava. My prayer was,

“Periva, you only invoke all my thoughts from 25th October 2014 and my thoughts are followed by my actions. Now, mentally I am confident that I can accomplish your instruction of Free Veda Pada Sala but I do not know anyone outside my world of four walls (my room) to get me connected to right people. Periva, it is almost six years past that I could see outside world. Please Periva; bless me to make this impossible task in to possible task.”

The next day during my Brimha Muhurtham prayer, Mahaperiyava answered me as follows:

“You will get a contact number of a nodal person from some source and you proceed with that” the instruction was over here. I agreed to Mahaperiyava and continued my prayer.

At about 11 AM there was a  telephone call from a Mahaperiyava devotee to discuss about my prayers to Mahaperiyava on behalf of others for their various problems. During the discussion, I casually explained my inability to get connected to right person. Immediately the same devotee gave me the phone number of the right person.

Mahaperiyava instruction proved right.

After a couple of days I submitted my request to Mahaperiyava that ” I am going to contact that person and I need your blessings Periva.” Mahaperiyava answered me as follows:

“Today is Tuesday. You call him tomorrow (Wednesday)

I said yes! to Mahaperiyava and waited for Wednesday 24th Wednesday February 2016.

Day of Miracle- 24th Feb’2016:

After my Brimha Muhurtham prayer for all devotees, I sat for 10 minitues to relax. Please note that I do not know how to begin my conversation because I do not know the mindset and attitude of that person. Secondly my speech is also paralyzed to some extent. Of course with speech therapy I am better now.

As usual, I submitted my prayer to Mahaperiyava and my prayer was, “Periva, I am going to contact the particular gentleman and please bless me for my successful attempt  ‘Because, either of us do not know each other”

Mahaperiyava instructed me to contact that gentleman after 9.00 A.M. “

“You both will come to know each other even if you have not met even once. Don’t worry, everything will go well for you and things will end in a smooth and successful manner.”

At about 9.00 A.M. my neighbor called me to his house and gave me prasadams of 13 Divya desams temple in Kerala. Can I think of going to Kerala and have my worship and get prasadam with my physical condition. I was very happy because all good things are taking place. I went to Mahaperiyava and requested for his uttaharavu (permission to call that gentleman).

Mahaperiyava advised me “Contact that gentleman after 10.30 A.M. Things will go well for you and I am blessing you”.

I was puzzled without knowing the reason for Mahaperiyava postponement of my call. I have to obey Mahaperiyava and hence I decided to wait up to 10.30.

At about 10.00 A.M my neighbors informed me that Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar is coming to our flat at 10.15 and asked me to prepare myself to offer Pooja. Though lift is there, I cannot go down and walk in the car parking area without assistance. My neighbor said that he can help me to have a dharshan.

Exactly at 10.15 Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar reached my flat and ready to give dharshan to all. All the people worshipped Lord. Everyone was moving in a line and my turn came and I had my dharshan.

There was only one rose flower mala on the deity. The main priest garlanded me with that rose mala without any reason.

Only Mahaperiyava knows the reason.

After receiving prasadams along with that rose mala, I came to my house and submitted everything to Mahaperiyava. I wanted to take the permission of Mahaperiyava for contacting the important person. At last, Mahaperiyava gave me permission to contact that person.

Please note that I and the gentleman do not know each other and I was planning my introduction talk. Even if that person is gentle towards my call, is it fair on my part to request that gentle man to come to my house. If I am asked to come somewhere, I am sure that I cannot go. I was in cross roads without knowing which route I should take. However, my first step should be to contact that person instead of analyzing the hypothetical outcome.

I called that gentleman from my handset but after full ring, the call was disconnected because there was no answer. I wanted to wait for some time. But within one minitue that gentleman reverted the call to me.


The crucial voice Meet:

I picked up the call and started my introduction .I told that gentleman that my speech also was paralyzed and if I am not clear in my speech I requested him to bear with me. He replied that my speech is clear and only if I say I am paralyzed people could make out.

During the course of my introduction, I just informed him that I am posting my articles in Sage of Kanchi and other Periva sites. That gentleman asked me under what name, I am authoring my articles. I answered him that I am authoring in the name of “Gayathri Rajagopal”.

That gentleman was excited and informed me that he is regularly reading my articles and in fact he wanted to meet me in person and he could not do so because my phone number was not with him.

That gentleman said that he will come to my house by informing me in advance and advised me not to strain much. I will narrate the outcome of the personal meeting latter in my post.

Mahaperiyava played HIS part

Everything was least expected and highly impossible but Mahaperiyava made it highly possible for my sake. Mahaperiyava Karunasagaran is always concerned towards his devotees and I am living example.

  • You know I am a paralytic stoke patient and cannot move out anywhere.
  • But I have a huge ambition to achieve. Without going out, how is it possible for me to achieve?
  • Without me moving an inch from my house, Mahaperiyava makes everything to happen at my door step.
  • Prior to my lifeline call, Mahaperiyava gave sentimental happiness by arranging a dharshan of Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar along with prasadams from Kerala temple.
  • Undoubtedly our mission of Veda padasala is going to be a reality.When Mahaperiyava blessings are there,

Impossible will become possible

Inability will become ability

Illogical will become beyond logical

Science will become beyond science

Beyond perception will become far beyond perception

Incidents in life!!! Coincidence or Choreographed

If yes! Who is the choreographer?

Undoubtedly   Parameswaran Avatharam Mahaperiyava!!!

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. our children 2 years lold till not speaking how do u puja orany parikaram to givemahaperiava

  2. I’m a staunch devotee of MahaPeriva, we have very profound association Kanchi Mutt. That said, I would like to get initiation of guru Puja. I’m trying to get a contact of GR mama for the same. I’m in deep financial crisis, it’s periva’s call to reach someone who can initiate guru pooja, apparently i found GR mama’s reference.

    GR mama please help. is my email address.


  3. Namaste GR Mama,

    I am on third week of my guru pooja. I felt very low yesterday and asked Maha Periyava to give me some positive message so I can feel his presence and make my day better. That happened to me through this post.
    Thank you for that. I am not lucky enough to meet Maha Periyavaa in person as I did not know about his mahime. But I am feeling Maha Periyavaa blessings through you and the work you are doing.
    Can you please avial me an oppurtunity to meet you in person? This is my humble request. I want to tell you about my personal problems which I cannot share here. I mailed you yesterday regarding this and I am awaiting your reply.

    Pranams to LOTUS FEET,
    Jaya Jaya Shankara
    Hara Hara Shankara

  4. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara hara Shankara!
    Sir I need to talk to you or contact via mail.We need Mahaperiava’s blessings
    I would consider myself blessed if yourself can help me to get the gurupoojai permission
    Thanking you in anticipation of Guru’s blessings

  5. Iam ardent devotee of Periyavaa.But i have problems recurring .I can not reject them as Praraptham.Iam a senior citizen I want to clear my doubts.I have had darsan of Maha Periyava every year,when he was camping in north india also.Last month I saw Him in dream.Daily I do His pooja & in the process I have finished 14 lakhs.

  6. Namaskaram mama.i have read all your articles about Sri mahaperiyava.please let us know your contact details

  7. Namaskaram Shri Gayathri Rajagopal Sir,

    Maha Periyava saranam. I would like to be in touch with you sir , my mail Id is

    Sir please share your mail Id .

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  8. Namaskaram Sir,
    I live in Nanganallur and would like to talk to you. Can you please give me your email id and phone number. My mail id is

  9. Thank u for sharing. I was moved that u shows so much of devotion towards Maha Periyava

  10. Sir u being blessed by Maha Periyava.

  11. hi ,can I have Gayathri Rajagopal email id or phone number to have some conversation ?

  12. Namaskaram, Shri Gayathri Rajagopal Sir:
    Please pardon me for my very belated response / postings. I would like to hear more about your “Veda Patasala”, and whether I can do any “kaingairyam”. Kindly let me know. My e-mail id is “” .
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  13. Glad we wish all the best success to you ..Maha Periyava saranam

  14. Dear sir

    How would like to be in touch with you.
    Please find my email I’d. Kindly provide yours.

    Balaji venkatraman

  15. Pleas delete the “you “in the Mail I D

    • Yes sir. Noted email . I have already sent you a mail.
      Gayathri Rajagopal I

      • hi ,can I have Gayathri Rajagopal email id or phone number to have some conversation ?

      • Sri Gayathri Rajagopal Sir:
        Please refer my comments dt.27 July 2016, I also would like to have your e-mail ID please.

      • @ Gayathri Rajagopal can I have your email id or phone number to have some conversation ?I can be reached in

      • Namaskaram Sir ,

        I am going through multiple difficulties recently ( job, health etc) .For last 4 years , Mahaperiava has become our only solace and I have a photo of Him in every room , purse desktop etc. I regularly see His web sites and blogs and I felt doing kainkaryam in some way will be a form of prayer to Periva.I want to contribute to Vedarakshanam you mentioned in your blog – please could you email us more details etc.

      • Only husband and wife are inseparable twine of one Aatma. Everybody else, be it parents, sibblings, friends, relatives, acquaintances they all constitute a Passing Show. Our obligations to each of them begins and ends in this birth itself. The moment one realizes this, then life becomes very simple.

  16. Dear Sri Gayatri I D is may kindly give your phone no,address etc to enable me to reach you.regards.

  17. See the sequence of events

    20.02.2016 – Mr. Sriayierrs got a jerk and thought about dharma and prayed to Sri Gayathri about not doing any dharma

    21.02.2016: Mr Sriayierrs listening to pravachanam that the duty of a Brahmin is only to learn Vedam and teach or at least support a Brahmin Boy for learning Vedam as a praayaschittam.

    24.02.2016; Mr. Gayathri Rajagopal’s miracle on that day

    25.02.2016: Mr. Sriayierrs donating Rs. 10 lacks to veda padasala and told Sri Gayatri Maata regretting about not having completed 1 Crore Gayatri.

    Gayathri & Veda padasala on both sides!!! Some hints by ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா

    Another thought, if workable, every time we hit/ visit this website Rs. 1 one rupee, (voluntarily) can go to the cause of Veda padasalai/ Gho samrakshnam / temple renovation / welfare of poojaries in the temple, as directed by ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா Sri Periyava. As ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா Sri Periyava always prefer participation by all and not the amount matters..

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

    • Dear Sri.Ramesh,

      your chronological arrangements of events of Sriaiyerrs and myself is really amazing. When so many devotees are following the articles how come it struck to you Ramesh. When compared to your bakthi my bakthi is not even the 1/100th of a small grain. I am very small before your unshakable bakthi on Mahaperiyava.

      with regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  18. Dear Sir,

    Maha Periyava saranam , All enlightened souls like you show me the way , You all are the light as i look up my Kamachi , sankara sankara sankara , Maha periyava with the tears. All the sins of mine let it get washed at the lotus feet of Periyava . I am so happy to read your article today 7th Mar 2016 that is Shiva rathri.

    • Dear Mr.Senthilnathan,

      Wonderfully drafted message. We all are divine children of Mahaperiyava and our melting and relentless devotion and prayer will wash off all our karmas in the past genmas and in the present genmas too.

      With the folded hand let us all pray” Mahaperiyava-Cosmic God.”
      With kind regards,

      Gayathri Rajagopal

  19. Dear Sir,
    Reading your experiences and your humble replies simply makes my Saturday ! I have seen Maha periyava in person once (thanks to my father for the trip). I am a frequent visitor to this website or should I call Mahaperiyava’s virtual temple. I read in many articles that when Periyva appears in one’s dreams it is because HE wishes to and is not something ordinary. I just wanted that wish of mine to be fulfilled so I kept thinking of him as much as possible, chanted Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara many times – no sign of Him, I live in the US. My husband got a new job in another state just before the school was about to reopen. It was very hectic, I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage sending my younger daughter who was going to start kindergarten, get up early and mange two kids, my work, my aged parents, I could literally feel the stress levels going up. It was a Saturday night.And Periyava came in my dream and blessed me. When I realized that He came in my dream, I knew beyond doubt that all will be smooth. That cramped, cluttered mind was filled with quietude and courage. I got His darshan when I needed it the most :). Till date, I have been able to handle things well by His Grace!

    Sir, I would like to communicate with on other Spiritual matters and would appreciate if I could get your email id. My id is


    • Respected madam,

      Mahaperiyava is karunasagaran. The proximity is immaterial for him. You are a blessed soul. Don’t worry things wil be smooth for you.
      I am sending my email within half an hour.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  20. Super. The Miracles are excellent. The word Impossible become Possible is simply super. There is no replacement . Maha Periyava is always Maha Periyavathan. He is the only living God.

    Mahaperiyava Thiruvadi Charanam.



    • You are absolutely right sekar. Mahaperiyava is avatharam of Cosmic god Parameswaran.
      Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  21. was amazed at the implicit faith and total surrender of you Sir.You are undoubtedly a BLESSED Soul and what you want to do and are going to do is sure to begin germinating and grow into a Vatavriksham of immense proportion,because the very idea was planted in your mind,a true Bhaktha of Mahaswamigal by none other than Him,Lord Parameshwara.
    As I an octogenarian ,will come and meet you,if He permits and if possible.Do give me your address and phone no ,so as to enable me to do my humble bit in this Holy Yagyam.
    pranams to You and your real life experiences which brings tears in my eyes.
    This can’t happen without poorva janma punyam! ,!

    • Respected Sir,

      Thank you very much for your encouraging words and wishing from the depth of your heart for my ambitious program.. Kindly give me your email i.d so that I can send you my contacts. Once again my humble pranams to you.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Sir
        Pranams to maha periyava who introduced u yesterday. Sir first time I’m reading all Ur’s really great and blessed soul u r and all other devotees who got darshan of periyava in reality and dreams atleast once. Really I feel I missed all this opps in life and lucky this much only but, reading all urs and others experience with him made me to visualize how all would be feeling during the time of realising his miracles..
        Dear Gayathri rajagopal sir if his blessings is there for me he must make me to meet u, talk to u, mail u, get blessings from u..I’m waiting for that time.since I’m living in Dubai leaving India next week. Atleast I must speak to u or c u once.
        How can I contact u sir..I pray to him to arrange all for me to meet u or first talk to u…I have faith he will not let me down…then all his wish..
        Reshmi email..

  22. I am also a blessed soul like you Gayatri Shankar as i have several incidents like this in my life ! When Periyava is with us nothing matters ..physical or mental problems get solved !! When reading yours i feel like mine and could understand your feelings too! As i spoke to you that day, i want to meet you in person and learn more of Periyava!! Shankara.

    • Respected Madam,

      I am very much humbled by your comment. I am eager to know your experience too. If you can send me a test mail from the email i.d I had given to you on that day over phone, we can arrange for a meeting. When compared to your experience I am too small a person madam.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  23. Tears roll down while reading.With Maha Periyava!s anugraham you will be able to achieve your ultimate goal and even more. We are all anxiously waiting for your next post regarding this. We are all here to assist you as squiril helped Lord Rama..

    • Dear Sir,
      I am very much humbled to note your comment. In fact your offer of assistance to this project.I love to accept every devotees physical help in all possible ways.My ambition is to manage financial part by myself through book writing. You can buy a book and suggest to your friends and relatives by recommending .For a function you can buy this book and gift it others because it is going to contain Mahaperiyava school of thought like Gayathri Japam and importance of Vedam and its culture in addition to my Miracle experiences.

      Mahaperiyava bless you generously.

      with regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  24. dear mr.gayatri rajagopal sir,very happy reading your wonderful experience with mahaperiva .your efforts will definitely will get fruitful results soon.mahaperiva stressed the need for gho samrakshana and veda learning to HIS devotees.HE is blessing you for the efforts you are taking for a noble cause..mahaperiva tiruvadigale charanam.

    • Respected Madam,

      Apart from the blessings of Mahaperiyava,, the blessings and wishes of Mahaperiyava devotees are very much needed for this ambitious program. Thank you madam.

      with regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  25. Sri Gayathri Rajagopal: Without any doubt, your schedule or plan is already made my Mahaperiyava hence things are in line as per the divine will. We are all tools chosen by Mahaperiyava himself to execute his plans. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    I also want to thank and commend the noble deeds of Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan. Our needs are increasing rapidly in this materialistic world. It is extremely difficult to donate a huge amount from one’s hard earned money like what you did for a noble cause. You are really an inspiring “ROLE MODEL” to everyone.

    • Namaskaram, Sri Venkatesan Santhanam: Thank you for your nice words. I look upon everything, everybeing around me and beyond as belonging to HIM. In that case switching of places from A to B or Zee becomes so much easier and joyful. And let us remember, Praayaschitham is Praayaschitham in which our entire body and soul must be involved. No shortcuts there || Sivaya Nama: Om ||

    • Dear Sri.Venkat,

      Undoubtedly you are with congenital humbleness and I am humbled by your comment. As you rightly suggested I am happy to accept the generous offer of Sriaiyerrs. I am cent percent sure that everything is choreographed by Mahaperiyava.

      wiith kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  26. Probably Periavaa wants to run the patashala by Sriaiyerr Sir. Any your efforts are much appreciated Madam.

  27. Mr. SRIAIYERRS could be the person Sri Periyava intends for veda padasala?

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  28. Periyava Sharanam! Sir, you are blessed. Blessed to talk to Periyava and get his answers. We are yet to reach that stage. Your guru bhakthi is immeasurable.

    • I am in entire agreement`and hear about MahaPeriyavaement with
      Sri S.Rashmi I am past 80 years and I love to read Maha Periyava Mahimai through Sri Gayatri Rajagopal Our Poorva punya Karma takes us to the lotus feet of Maha Periyava It enhances our Bakthi and we pine for His abundant blessings in this kALIYUGA May Sri Gayathri Rajagopal be bestowed with strength to give his experiences with MahaPeriyava for all MahaPeriyava’s Bakthas

    • Respected Madam,

      Nice to see your comments. Your comment was absent for my last article-3. I could presume that you should have been preoccupied. Anyone can become devotee of Mahaperiyava and our exemplifying the divine thoughts of Mahaperiyava will certainly take us to Mahaperiyava to a very close proximity.

      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Periyava Sharanam! Gayathri Rajagopalan Sir, I am extremely humbled to know you realised I didn’t comment on one of your post. I agree, it was your post on accepting karma dated 27th February. It takes a person to reach a different level to accept our sufferings as karma. It is easy to say but difficult to digest. I am a little worried right now, as I didn’t receive your post on Sage of Kanchi for this Saturday, 12th March. Is it because there is an extended post in the comment section? I truly hope n pray for the pinkest of your health. Waiting to hear from you at the earliest.

    • Respected Madam,

      Every one is blessed if our devotion and faith on Mahaperiyava is unshakable. Your guru bakthi will certainly take you to the closest proximity to Mahaperiyava.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  29. All sincere devotees of Periva can do their best for this wonderful effort…

    • Dear Mr.Sundar,

      I am emotionally moved by your request to all to support for this divine effort. What a gesture. Mahaperiyava will bless you and your family in abundance.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal.

  30. 05 March 2016

    Dear Sri Gayathri Rajagopal:


    In the context of your requiring someone to assist you in running a Vedapatasala I am writing this note to you. [Of course we are all devotees of Sri Mahaaperiyavaa and each of us have our own different incidents/miracles to sit back and reminisce and feel Blessed that we are nearing the Gate. Well.]

    I would like to recount two incidents. Second one first [Of course it has nothing to with Sri Mahaaperiyavaa except Blessings of His presence in my thought ALWAYS — Yasya Brahmani ramatae chittam, Nandati Nandati Nandatyaeva — Thinking of the Brahman at all times is Bliss Bliss Eternal Bliss — Bhaja Govindam]

    It was around 20th Feb 2016. 12 O’ çlock at night. I wake up with a jerk. Immediately I pull down my bed from the Cot and get ready to sleep on the floor. I get a feeling that my time for departure has come. I break into tears. I tell Amma [Gayatri], what is this Amma are you taking me so soon? I haven’t done any dharmam worth mentioning at all. Won’t you spare me a little bit more time so that I do something worthwhile? I go off to sleep immediately.

    Next day morning my mother asked me to play a Video pravachanam of Sri Mahabharatam of a leading pravachanakarta. During the course of his discourse he says the duty of a Brahmin is ONLY to learn Vedam and teach that to others. If not. he says. we must at least support a Brahmin Boy in his pursuit of learning Vedam. That is the only praayaschittam.

    That lit a spark in my mind. I browse for his contact info and I get an appointment for 25th Feb 2016, 09.00 hrs. I go there along with my saha-dharmini and my mother. Pay my obeisance to him and place at his lotus feet a Cheque for Rs.10,00,001/- [Rupees Ten lakhs One Only] telling him that’s my praayaschittam for not learning Vedam in this birth and this money is towards supporting the study of the same by a Brahmin Boy. He Blessed us all, and we returned home with immense relief writ all over us.

    I told Sri Gayatri Maata on return that I am ready now. But I told her my only regret would be that I would not have completed my vow of performing 1 Crore Gayatri in this birth! My life goes on while I am waiting with all my Karmic bags packed and I continue my nitya sahasra Gayatri.

    First one second:

    It was 1989 March when I was sent on deputation to Pondicherry University — the newly opened Central University. Initially for a year. I wound up all my belongings in Delhi returned Home with the satisfaction that I can spend the remaining part of my life nearer my roots and with my parents.

    My boys who were 7 & 8, I initiated them into Gayatri through Upanayanam and enrolled them in a Veda Patasala. When my boys returned home for my sister’s wedding soon, I was shocked at seeing them consuming enormous quantity of food. I asked them what is this? What is wrong? They told me that the person who serves food dumps huge quantities of rice on to their plate and expects them to finish it failing which they are in for huge savage punishment.

    That was the end of the story. Immediately I pulled them back from the Vedapatasala as any amount of trying to put sense to the Vedapatasala authorities was in vain. Soon my deputation tenure ended and I opted to go back to Delhi along with my boys. DTEA Principal at RK Puram Sector IV, Smt Pattammal was a gem of a person. She took my boys back without them suffering a loss of one year!

    The long and short of it is: If you want someone to look after your Veda Patasala, I offer my services. I will raise and look after those boys as though they are my own kids with tons of love and affection. I will pay towards my own maintenance on account of food etc. My wife may or may not choose to accompany me. That’d be her choice. Either way I won’t be surprised.

    You can contact me on [Note. It is SRIAIYERRS — two RRs]

    With best regards,

    Sri Aiyer Raju Sreenivasan

    PS: My children tell me they are proud of the way they have been brought up. They are 35, 33 & 31 respectively. I am sure any parent would be proud to receive this Certificate from their kids. Similarly, your Veda patasala boys will have plenty to remember-me-by in their later lives.

    • Dear Sri. Sriayierrs,
      Dear Devotees, I thought of posting a brief comment but if I do that then the soul and honesty will be missing in my post and I am not justified anyway. More over I very humbly request all of you to kindly bear with me for my late response because I had some health problems Now I feel better by the grace of Mahaperiyava. Kindly bear with me for this lengthy post and I am sure every one of you will cherish Mahaperiyava for eternity. Through this post, I accept Mr.Iyer’s offer with folded hands and with sense of gratitude.
      I also extend my heartfelt thanks to another soul who is now few thousand kilometers away from India. My thoughts, Mahaperiyava blessings and his encouragement produce synergism in translating our dream in to reality. Mr.Iyer’s offer will become an impetus for further journey.
      Devotees and followers of my post, I invite your views and suggestions on this dream project.
      **********************************************************************************************************************************Sir, I am sending a personal mail to you within an hour.

      Your exhaustive narration, explaining your indomitable will to achieve Vedic teaching for a long time is yet to be fulfilled, virtually brought tears from my eyes. I am gaining confidence and courage by looking in to your unquenchable thirst for Vedam.

      When the idea of “Campus school for Vedic Education” germinated, I was sure that this idea had come from our Cosmic God Mahaperiyava. As days progressing, I started dreaming this project at par with the software segment.

      My plan is so ambitious that the campus for Vedic Education should be a free campus which includes boarding, lodging and teaching. I wanted to manage the funds for creating infrastructure from my own source. But because of my two paralytic stoke all my resources were exhausted and the situation was so painful. I could not make even a baby step towards the direction of Vedic school.

      For all my pleasures and pains, I have the practice to prostate at the LOTUS FEET of Mahaperiyava. It is not a statement constructed by alphabets and words but a well woven fabric of my ambition, inability, total devotion on Mahaperiyava, blessings and anugraham of Mahaperiyava.

      Mahaperiyava –The cosmic god is my only asset and I take the privilege of submitting everything to the LOTUS FEET of Mahaperiyava. But none of the occasion, Mahaperiyava disappointed me and my claim can be substantiated by many instant answers in my life. Few examples few of them are given below:

      My deep rooted habits were withdrawn over night by Mahaperiyava without traces.
      When Mahaperiyava instructed me to throw coffee and tea over night, I was taken a back because coffee and tea was my life for the past 55 years. Hence, I pleaded Mahaperiyava to consider me and give me some time to drop this habit. I requested Mahaperiyava to consider my request because I left everything on your instruction over night.

      This was only one occasion Mahaperiyava with the angry voice asked me “Do you think that you have left everything by yourself”. I immediately cried before Mahaperiyava and said Mahaperiyava you only helped me to leave everything over night. Pardon me Mahaperiyava, I begged.

      With the gentle smile Mahaperiyava instructed me “you just think that you want to leave coffee and tea and leave the rest to me. It is my botheration. Surprisingly next day morning, I got up from sleep at 4.30 and there is absolutely no longing for coffee. I just took a horlicks bottle and had a glass. I had a feeling that coffee and tea is an alien drink to me. In a spur of a moment it had happened.

      Doctors were surprised and my own people could not believe that I left coffee and tea once and for all. There is going to be an article in my Showers of Miracles in my LIFE by Mahaperiyava. There are many such miracles in my life and everything will be posted for the benefit of devotees.

      The last incident, I wish inform all, is my confirmed oral cancer. When there is a confirmed biopsy report that I am affected by oral cancer. I was cent percent sure that Mahaperiyava will bless me and save me from confirmed cancer but my people and friends were skeptical about my Bhakthi.

      Finally Mahaperiyava won everyone by saving me from cancer. There will be an article in this regard in our Sage of Kanchi shortly.

      I mention all the above to impress upon devotees that our melting devotion and honest intention like Vedic education, Mahaperiyava will make things happen. Without asking for, things will fall in line. Sri. Sriayierrs is a living example for my claim. Mahaperiyava will always connect people, who are with divine ideas and mentally prepared for a cosmic journey.

      From the above narrations, I am sure that all of you should have understood, why I always submit myself and my prayers to Mahaperiyava.

      Even for requirement of funds for Vedic school, Mahaperiyava instructed me to write books based on my experience and also on other subjects. I pleaded Mahaperiyava “Periva, basically I am not a writer and I have only one hand functional with five fingers. How is it possible Periva” I stopped here. Mahaperiyava answered me and instructed me as follows: “You can write and you will do wonders in one hand with five fingers.

      When I type this reply to Sri Iyer, the tears were rolling down from the eyes, believe me.
      My only request to all of you is to help me to promote this divine book. Every effort of yours contributes towards every brick of this Vedic school.

      Through this comment of mine, I accept Sri.iyer offer of taking care of Campus Veda padasala.
      I have to express my gratitude to another divine soul who encourages me every day though he is few thousand kilometers away from India.

      My sense of Gratitude to Sri.iyer.
      The invisible soul (few thousand kilometers away from our country), myself along with Sri. Sriayierrs, and every devotees of Mahaperiyava, The dream will come true.

      To win we should begin and let us begin from this post.

      Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

      Gayathri Rajagopal

  31. Mahaperiyava saranam! Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara! Looking forward to reading your miracle experiences.

    • Mr.Kannan,

      Thanks a lot for your kind patronage to my articles. I will certainly keep posting my articles other than Saturday also shortly.

      Gayathri Rajagpal

  32. Has he come and met you? What was the plan of action? We are eagar to know so many. Be Maha Periva be with you as always.

    • Dear Mr.Balaji,

      I am very much humbled to learn your interest towards my article. This is my strength Mr.Balaji. Actually that gentleman is going to come to my house by rescheduling his appointments. I will keep everyone posted with regard to developments.

  33. No words to express Mahaperiyava’s Grace. Our Mahaperiyava is always Amazing Periyava. These happenings are because of TOTAL SURRENDER ONLY. I am still in the letter T and have to reach R.

    Thanks to you Mahesh and your team all together for creating this website through which many good souls experiences on Mahaperiyava is being shared and made known to us. This forum is really like a ghee that is being added to the fire of good thoughts for developing bhakthi within ourself.

    • Dear Mr.Mahesh,

      You have mentioned that you are letter “T” which means you have boarded the bus towards the divine journey. In front your selfless divine services I am very small tiny. At the cost of your family members happiness you are dissolving yourself in Mahaperiyava divine services.. Mahaperiyava will certainly bless you and your family generously.

      Gayathri Rajagopal

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