Musical Samarpanam to HH Balaperiyava’s Jayanthi in Houston, TX – March 13th

Thanks to Sri Erode Nagarajan for the info. Erode Nagarajan is a very well known name both in the Periyava devotee circle and also in the musical field. He is one great devotee, who had several interactions with Mahaperiyava and anugrahams all through the time. He is very close to the matam with devotion to both our acharyas. He contributes a lot in sharing audio, photos, articles about Periyava in facebook, whatsapp etc…He is currently in Houston, TX. Along with other artists, he is having a musical evening to celebrate HH Balaperiyava’s jayathi.

Here is the invitation. Please attend and enjoy the event!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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