Showers of Miracles in my Life by Maha Periyava 3 – Shri Gayathri Rajagopal

Periyava Anushtanam

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – The divine journey of Shri. Gayathri Rajagopal mama continues….Ram Ram

A Divine Journey

Periva snatched me from the hands of Yama Dharma at Himalayas Yes! I am alive today and narrating before you all.

While I narrate this near death episode, I could not resist myself from emotional outburst. The reason is, I could experience the parental care with divine touch of Maha Periva at Himalayas. I can frankly admit that Mahaperiyava snatched me from the hands of Yama dharma. Had Periva not blessed me during this paralytic stoke at Himalayas, my cremation would have been over at Himalayas- Ganges itself.

not only saved me but brought me back to Chennai very safely by clearing all my hurdles including air craft permission at DaraDun and Delhi. I was transported by a stretcher up to airport and from the entrance to air craft by a wheel chair. Undoubtedly Mahaperiyava travelled with me up to Chennai. I very strongly believe that Mahaperiyava is housed in my heart and Mahaperiyava makes his presence felt by all of us beyond doubt through his miracles. I don’t know why Mahaperiyava chosen me for this divine mission. Only the time should answer.

One of our relative organized a pilgrimage to Bhadrinath involving close relatives. My wife suggested me to participate in that pilgrimage. I never thought that I will be called to participate because that was the time, I had my first paralytic stoke and my right side was paralyzed. With the blessings of Maha Periva, I could recover fast from stoke damages.

Doctors advised me that I may get another attack any time because there are many blood clots at the back of my brain. Hence the offer to Bhadrinath was least expected. However with the grace of Maha Periva, I was offered a seat along with my wife forcefully. I had also agreed and participated in the tour.

Probably Maha Periva should have known already that I may not be able to go out after second stoke which is proved today. I am confined to home and it is almost six years, since I have seen the outside world.

Not interested to see the outside world because, Mahaperiyava is my world. Yes! I mean it.

I am not bothered for my inability to see outside world but before my last breath, I should go to Kanchi and sit before Periva Adhishtanam for some time and ventilate all my suppressed love and devotion and wet the Lotus feet of Mahaperiyava with my tears.

At that time, I should offer to Mahaperiyava whatever Periva likes. This is the only way; I can demonstrate my gratitude to Periva. To be frank with you, if I am offered a choice between my restoration of health and prayer before Periva, I will certainly opt to have the opportunity of my prayer before Periva and let my inability continue. That is my karma.

I am not mentioning this to impress upon anyone but from the bottom of my heart, I am stating this. I am cent percent sure that Mahaperiyava will invite me to HIS Adhishtanam. I am so sure because I am not for changing my karma but a prayer at Kanchi.

Himalayan Journey:

When I entered Himalayan zone, I could find a change in me that my focus was only on Badhri Narayanan. The divine experience was beyond definition and I am short of words even to define to some extent. Even, I started advising others to have undiluted focus only on Badhri Narayanan, which is very much unusual. I had excellent journey for nine days.

Here only, Mahaperiyava made my pilgrimage, so comfortable by postponing my karma by 9 days. Yes! I had my paralytic stoke on 10th day, the day of departure from Himalayas.  It was a 10 days program. Nine days were over. On 10th day, we have almost finished our schedule. At about 4.30 in the evening after worshipping Adibathri Narayanan, I have fainted and lost my consciousness after coming from dharshan.

Yes! I had my second stoke.  My stroke may be due to my karma. But with Mahaperiyava grace, I had   dharshan of Sriman Narayanan and the second stoke occurred only on the last day of my tour. What a graceful miracle. Periva fought my Karma and brought me back alive to Chennai. There was absolutely no hindrance to my entire team.

Being a vaishnavate, worshiping Badrinarayanan is one of the duties of a vaishnavate. Periva delayed my karma without causing inconvenience to anyone and also made me to discharge my divine duty. After this episode, I am not going out of my house and if at all I want to go, I should go out with an escort only and it is almost 6 years, since I have seen the outside world.

Knowing this in advance, Periva graced me for Badrinarayanan dharshan. Now I imagine, had this stoke occurred, on any day other than last day, I would not have had dharshan of Badrinarayanan and others also would have been disappointed. Without going to Badhri Narayanan, if the second stoke occurred at Chennai, then Himalaya’s trip itself would have been a mirage in the desert.

What a way Mahaperiyava shower HIS blessings towards his devotees I can confidently say that Mahaperiyava is my Badhri Narayanan.

Stoke Episode:-

After my dharshan at “Adhi Badhri Narayanan” temple at Himalayas, the entire team sat for some time in the temple and was discussing about nine days program. I was also participating in the discussion. While discussing with them, I felt myself that I am loosing grip on me and the entire area became dark in front of my eyes. Somehow, I tried to manage the situation but I was fainting suddenly, which I was not able to realize and I just fell on the floor like a lifeless wood.

Everyone had their shock of their life and swiftly came to normalcy. Immediately, a car was arranged and I was taken to local hospital for first aid. The local hospital doctor advised my wife that I should be taken to a bigger hospital at Utherkhant without any delay to save my life. Because another possible stoke attack may lead to dysfunction of my heart. Since the Himalayas ghat road is under army control, the local people advised us the procedure to be followed.

We were cautioned by the authorities that it is very much risky to travel during night and more over there was heavy rain which made the route very much slippery and possibility of road blocks by rocks and mud. However, we had no choice but to undertake the travel in an ambulance because the doctors advised us to reach the Utherkhant hospital at the earliest to avoid risk of   further stoke and thereby endangering my life.

I was very much sure that Periva will land me safely to Utherkhant hospital. In that ghat road, the estimated journey time was approximately 12 hours. Finally, an ambulance was arranged and we started at 7.00 P.M. from Adhi Badhri Narayanan temple to Utherkhant. I was laying in the structure under semiconscious state. With grace of Mahaperiyava there were no road blocks and the route was clear.

Hell was witnessed at Himalayas:-

Every curve in that route was a hell because there was no protection in the curve and if the ambulance driver looses steering control at the hairpin bends, then we will be in the Alakananda River which is about few thousand feet down.

Imagine dark sky and nightmare silence and in that atmosphere the ambulance continuous emergency siren sounds at every hairpin bend. At some places the sky was within our arms distance and the earth was nowhere in the vicinity. Imagine the plight of the situation. Hell was witnessed by us. I personally realized the hell because I was in the ambulance stretcher.

I prayed Mahaperiyava to travel with me and I was confident that Mahaperiyava will definitely travel with me. My prayer was answered by Mahaperiyava by travelling with us and it will be very much apt to mention that I was not travelling in an ambulance but I felt and realized that I was in the lap of Maha Periva and Mahaperiyava ensured my safety like a mother.

Our ambulance reached a hill town in Utherkhant at about 7 A.M. where the hospital was located and I was admitted in the I.C.C.U in that hospital and treatment was started. The hospital doctors were ready for treatment as we have given advance information. The doctors were so nice to me and their treatment was excellent.

The doctors never hesitated to discuss with other consultants ad were very much selective in giving treatment. Their coordinated effort and treatment was of very higher order as if the treatment was V.V.I.P category. But the reality was, I am from a very simple pilgrimage team from Tamilnadu. Had Mahaperiyava not saved me in that breath taking atmosphere, my virtual cremation would have been over! I am unable to get an answer from Mahaperiyava for the series of Miracles happening in my life.

The height of the incident was, there were four more patients admitted in the same I.C.C.U along with me for stroke and other serious complaints. The care takers of those patients were discussing about their illness with me and with my wife. I was in the hospital for 48 hours and within that time; all four patients lost their life. On both the day’s morning and evening the patients were covered with white cloth and the near and dear made hue and cry and they were taken out for final rituals.

Finally I was the one left alive. The doctors were frantic in their effort to save my life and Periva yielded fruits to their efforts and answered my prayer.

Do you agree now? “Periva snatched me from the hands of Yama Dharma  And saved me out from sure death”.

The criticality did not end here except the happiness that I am out of danger and saved. Just few hours before my conscious back and I became normal except my left side was paralyzed and speech was affected and there was memory loss.

But I was worried about the hospital bill. I was unable to bear that tension and because of that I was sweating profusely and my eyes became red. I enquired my wife about the balance money left with her. She replied that we had only around 50,000/- because that was the last day of our 10 days pilgrimage. My heartbeat and sweating were accelerating beyond safe limits of Medical science. By witnessing this, my wife was about to call doctors and I prevented her.

The reason for all the above tension was, we expected hospital bill was around few lakhs. Because in addition to my hospitalization in ICCU there were all kind of scans. Honestly I had no answer to reduce my tension. I had no option except my prayer to Mahaperiyava. The pain and mental agony was more than the pain due to my stroke. My wife was also worried. But she consoled me by telling me that we can request hospital authorities that we will send the bill amount, after reaching Chennai.

However, my prayer was continuing, with Mahaperiyava. But at that time I had no capacity to feel my inner voice prompting. (Mahaperiyava conversation). It all started from 25th October 2014 at 10 PM in the night at my house. I covered myself with the bed sheet and crying within myself. I was praying Mahaperiyava that,
 “Periva you brought me safely to this hospital and now I have no answer for hospital bill. You could have given me this stoke ailment at Chennai, so that we would have been comfortable monetarily. You “ensured my safety but failed to answer my prayer to this hospital bill of few lakhs.”

By crying, my eyes went dry and I slept. I was fast asleep and in my dream Mahaperiyava consoled me by telling “I am there with you. I will take care”. I went in to deep sleep. After half an hour, my wife woke me up and informed me that the hospital bill is ready. I asked her how many lakhs? She answered me with glistened eyes “Your Mahaperiyava had saved you because the hospital bill is Rs. 5/- (rupees five only).

I did not know how to react to this unbelievable bill of Rs.5/- Except to fill the divine occasion of Mahaperiyava with my tears.

I thanked Mahaperiyava and washed Mahaperiyava LOTUS FEET with my tears. I humbly prayed Mahaperiyava to give me utmost humbleness is to withstand the entire miracle spell in my life. Normally miracle happens once in a life time. Miracle in Life becomes the order of the day.

The reason for such a low value bill
:- The hospital is a Government run hospital and hence such a low bill. But no one can believe that the hospital is govt run hospital because the ambience and medical comforts was comparable to the corporate hospitals. Even in Govt hospital ,can anyone imagine a bill of Rs.5/- Mahaperiyava choreographed everything right from Bhadrinath to hospital .In the air craft all crew members and hostess were very kind to till I reach Chennai.

Mahaperiyava is Omnipotent, Mahaperiyava is Omnipresent, Mahaperiyava is Omniscient.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara


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  1. Namaskaaram G R Mama,
    I sent e-mail to your and waiting reply for Uththaravu for Ghuru Poojai.

  2. Namaskaram Shri GR Mama.

    This is Dhanalakshmi from Thiruvanaikoil, Trichy. I am blessed by periyavaa with husband and two daughters. As I am nearing 50, having a lot of health issues for last 2 years. I want to hear your voice and get guidance. Please let me know your contact number.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Dear Shri G. R. Mama,
    Good Morning. Pranams and Namaskarams. i have sent a mail on Wednesday (05.02.2020). when i have a reply from G. R. Mama. Kindly Let Me Know.
    Thanks and Regards
    Sankaranarayanan B
    Chennai 28.
    Mobile 9940179551

  4. Namasakaram GR mama, I want to do guru pooja with your blessings . I need to contact you. Please give your mail id

  5. Dear mama, On reading your experience, and how Maha periyava came to your rescue and successive incidents, I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears were trickiling down from my eyes. How you have been moved to a Govt Hospital duri ga night in the ghats while raining was amazing and hair-pricking, but for Maha Periyava’s suble presence. You must be blessed with all good health the days to follow, for it is abundant that Maha Periyava has chosen you to carry out His mission through you. May Periyava’s karuna kadjsham be always with you to guide humanity. Pranams By and bye, I would be much pleased to have your address. Self and my wife are devtees of Periyava.

  6. I need talk to gr mama I need solve the problems please help me

  7. can i please have your email id?

  8. Guruve sharanam..Guru charaname sharanam!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara! Mama Mahaperiyava Arul through you has reached me though for gurupujai, and I am observing the same, still my burden in the heart persists. May be my karma is playing…still having full faith and waiting for your reply for my message and karunai kataksham of Mahaperiyava. May the Sarvagnjan bless you with good health and bless me with an opportunity to meet you soon.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    With sincere namaskarams

  9. Myself and my wife were in tears on reading your experience mama. We are slowly trying to develop such devotion. We want to share some of our personal worries with you and want to start doing guru pada poojai with your blessings. Can you please help us by sharing your mail id. With Sneha namaskaram. Swaminathan

  10. G.R MAMA I am in Adambakkam. Mama I am in so much of trouble pl give Ur no mama. I don’t have any body except u and mahabperiva mama
    Pl give me Ur no mama. Because I am in very critical situation pl. My nobis 9444410807

  11. GR mama Namaskaram. my email id is Can you please bless me with Guru Pooja, i want to perform for Periyava <3



  13. I have already send two mails ti you mama regarding my Parkinsons decease.Kindly give me a solution

  14. Our Dear G.R. Mama:
    Jai jai Shankara. I was able to get your email address so that I will be able contact you at a personal level. Your email address is
    I hope this is the correct contact number.
    I sincerely thank for Mahaperiyava for enabling me to find your contact.
    Love & Peace

  15. I want to perform guru pooja. Please share contact details.

  16. GR Anna,namaskaram-saubhagyam to be even in mail/phone touch with you.

  17. Namaskaram mama this is Hema physio….i need to do gurupooja ..after seeing lot of devotees experience …i want that experience too mama….please give your phone number …will tell my issues through phone mama…thank you

  18. Namaste mama this is Hema physio i need your email id and your contact number mama…just need a permission from mahaperiyava to do Guru Pooja …i have been experiencing lots of blessings from mahaperiyava for the past one year…he is been so generous to offer me whatever I asked for…i am so grateful for that mama…no words to express…as I am seeing lots of his miracles in YouTube and reading lots of his gurupooja mahimai …most of that time with tears rolling down …i also want to experience that mama….would be grateful if you give your contact no and will discuss my problem through phone mama….pranam mama

  19. Dear GR Mama,

    Would like to get in touch with you to share my problems and seeks Maha Periyava’s blessings through you. My mail ID is

    Seek your divine help.

  20. Respected GR MAMA I have read many articles of Great Great MAHAPERIYAVA. I am very much interested to do GURU POOJAI to solve my entire problem. ..Kindly and if possible please send mail I’d.



  21. Jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara

    Tears rolled off, reading your experience. Its all karunai deivam sri sri maha periyava mahimai. I humbly request gr mama’s mail id, so that I can share my problems and do guru pooja. Sadhaa sarva kaalamum periyava prarthanai pannindu irukken.

  22. I want email id of GR mama. I sent email to It bouncing back giving message mailbox not available

  23. I want to send email to GR mama. What is the email id. I sent email to Email is bouncing back and says mail box unavailable

    My email id is

  24. Tears overflow my eyes as I read your experiences GR Mama.. Your experiences show the depth of your bhakthi on Maha periyava. Mahaperiyava has been and is mother of mothers towards you Mama. I too want to become one among the bhaktas who have surrendered unconditionally in His Lotus feet. For that i need His grace and G R Mama, your blessings!

  25. I’m just sitting calmly after reading this experience, let periava give me the confidence that you have on Mahaperiava

  26. 👆👆 இது தமிழ்ல இருக்கா. எனக்கு புரியவில்லை. தயவுசெய்துசொல்லுங்கோ ப்ளீஸ்🙏🙏

  27. I consider it a privilege to write in this column.
    Which helps me to communicate with one of the most blessed devotees of mahaperiava.
    I could not control my emotions after reading about your experiences at the himalayas.
    I truly wish to surrender totally to mahaperiava.
    Can you please enlighten me about guru pooja.
    With mahaperiavas grace your reply may kindly be sent
    Shantha Rajagopal

  28. Mahaperiyava has been and is mother of mothers towards you. I too want to become one among the bhaktas who have surrendered unconditionally in His Lotus feet. For that i need His grace and G R Mama, your blessings!

  29. Iam a devotee of Maha Periyava. I wish to contact Shri.G.R.Mama. With His blessings I want to do Guru Puja for Maha Periyava. I want blessings to do and also want to know how to do the Pooja. With regards, Mythili Vishwanathan

  30. G R Mama I am p s Krishnamurti from wife has been suffering from serious mental illness, schizophrenia.your kind hearted guidance please.aathulaperiyava padam irukku,periyava paadugaiyodu hand drawn padam irukku.nearly 26 27 years suffering panra.engalukku oru son, ippo London la music padikkaran.engalukku vasadi romba illama ponalum srama pattu anuppi irukkom.relatives help pannina.oru ponnu pona vaikasi madam(2017 June 14th) kalyanam panni koduthom.wife akka athimber enn thambigal thangaigal udavina.enakku 66 complete agum August 07th.nirbandangal adanala udyogam.udyogam nirandaram illa, manasukku sramam romba pannungo please.dhanyosmi

    • Did you get a solution for schizophrenia. A relative of mine is having the same problem. I am looking for a solution. Kindly let me know if there s one as adviced by periyavaa.

  31. I want g r mama,s contact number and address my mail is

  32. Dear GR Mama,

    Would like to get in touch with you to share my problems and seek Maha Periyava’s blessings through you. My mail ID is

    Seek your divine help.


  33. gayathri Rajagopal mama namaskaram.I have read around 10 times your experiences with mahaperiyava.very interesting.Periyava padhame charanam.Please pray for my brother-in-law for his job.he is staying in florida.

  34. Gayathri mama, I read all your experiences and I am moved beyond words of the Karunai of Mahaperiyava. Of late I have been reading about his greatness and also devotee experiences.

    I am now going through a very difficult period in life. I am convinced that only Mahaperiyava can show me a way to handle this but do not know if I have the bagyam for his grace. I’d like to have your advice. Will you be kind enough to share your e-mail so that I can write to you directly. thank you.

  35. It is unbelievable. Rs 5/- bill for ICCU treatment. Periayava karunaiye karunai.

  36. No words Sir… Tears are overflowing and my heart is totally melted… Periyavaa is surely surely surely with you always and with everyone who has faith and bhakthi on Him… Sarveswaran thunai iruka enna kavalai? Jaya Jaya Sanakara… Hara Hara Sankara…

  37. Dear Sri.Venkat Santhanam,

    I am very much happy to note your offer of Kanchi trip to me. you are a definition of empathy. Let Mahaperiyava bless you and your family generously.

    with kind regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal.

  38. Gayathri Rajagopal sir, No words to explain. When I come to India next time let us plan for Kanchipuram. With Mahaperiyava’s will and blessings we will go to Kanchipuram and as per your wish you will Pray in Mahaperiyavas Anushtanam.

  39. Namaskaram mama
    I am regular reader of your post. I would like to share this post with my father. Due to severe arthritis problem he couldn’t move out nowadays. He is feeling very much depressed and I am sure by reading your post he gets motivated. But alas,he neither have laptop nor have what’s up to share. Hopefully periyava will give some way to share this with him.

    • Respected Madam,

      Thank you very much for your compliments and I am humbled. I will certainly pray Mahaperiyava for your father for a speedy recovery. As I am praying for many devotees for various problems I will pray for your father also. If you can give your I can share my view with you. For all problems the ultimate resort is Mahaperiyava.

      withh kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  40. Respected Madam,

    Mahaperiyava is there for everyone and for every problem. I WILL PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND. You please give your email so that I can reply to you. I will start praying for you right from tomorrow during my Brimha Muhurtham prayer.

    with kind regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal

  41. Respected Mama..I am touched reading your experiences. I am right now facing a challenging period in my life in reviving my husband who is facing a serious illness. However I would like to share it personally with you requesting your prayers to MahaPeriyava. I am sure you’ll be able to help me with this. Can you please share your email id as soon as you can? Thanks.

  42. Respected Madam,

    You are absolutely right. Holistic Saranagathi with melting devotion will take you to very close proximity of Mahaperiyava

    with kind regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal

  43. Tears overflow my eyes as I read your experiences. Your experiences show the depth of your bhakthi on Maha periyava. We pray that we should also develop the same kind of bhakthi and trust on Mahaperiyava in each second of our life and totally surrender to HIM. Mahaperiyava Thiruvadigale Saranam. Hara Hara Shankara. Jaya Jaya Shankara.

  44. No words to express. I felt as though I travelled with you and could feel the tension and stress and the desperation of reaching chennai. I have been through a similar situation for a family member releasing him from icu and bringing the person to another city. Beautiful narration and I could see how Periyava in every step is protecting you.
    Prriyava charanam

    • Respected Madam,

      I am humbled by your divine comments.Let Mahaperiyava bless you and your family generously.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  45. Gayathiri Mama

    Really Super. It is confirmed from the above narrated miracle that Mahaperiyava is the only living God, who can relieve us from the yoke of sorrows and bless us to get Mukti.


  46. Mahaperiyava Saranam! Sir, you made me cry again. You are a very blessed person. Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  47. Yes i also agree with Mr swaminathan word. Because i’m poor in english. while reading i’m traveling with Mr rajagopal g.Thenadudaya periyava potri ennatavarkum iraiva potri. Periyava charanam. charanagatha vathsala.

    • Respected Madam,
      Thank you very much for your suggestion. Kindly go through the comments of mine. Certainly I will fulfill your desire of Tamil narration at the earliest.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  48. Felt a heart-to-heart talk,ji.May we all be showered with Periyava’s choicest blessings,each day! Periyava Sharanam.Thanks for the detailed post,Rajagopalan Sir.


  49. unable to think or express any thing. heart filled wih full of vibranthi and happiness followed it by the maha daivam karuna on you. unexplainable feeling in my mind and heart. sorry i cant express that anubooti please excuse me

    with paadaabhivandanam

    • Respected Madam,

      Let the problem be in any nature or any degree your relentless prayer with melting devotion will have blessings of Mahaperiyava generously. As I am doing Brahma Muhurtham prayer for many devotees for their various problems I can also do it for you don’t worry.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  50. It would be better to provide the Divine experiences in our Mother tongue (Tamil) itself instead of foreign language. Really the language makes Big difference while reading such experiences.


    • Dear Sri.Swaminathan,

      I fully agree with your views. But the problem is I do not know Tamil typing. People are telling that there is a software and if I instal it, whatever we type in english it will be converted in any language. I am honest in admitting that my knowledge on computer is only word typing. Please give me some time so that I can learn and fulfill your desire.

      with kind regards
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  51. No words I am also full of tears in my eyes. Karauna Deivam Om Maha periyavaa adi potri. Maya piraparukum Maha Periya vaa Adi Potri.

    • You are absolutely right Sri.Ganesh. Whenever we think of Mahaperiyava or hear someone’s experience naturally our throat will get chocked with tears in our eyes.

      Mahaperiyava Thiruvadi Charanam
      Gayathri Rajagopal

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