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Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Rare gems from Sri Pradosham Mama gruham. We have also formed a sathsangam team seva volunteers for translation so non-tamizh readers can benefit and indulge more in Periyava Bhakthi.

Sincere thanks to Shri Harish Krishnan, our sathsangam team volunteer for the English translation. Enjoy the article! Ram Ram.


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December 29 2005 newsletter
Shri Mahaperiyava’s Miracle (29-12-2005)

Blessings and Financial help

It is the kind hearted Lord Shiva who has come to this world in the form of Shri Maha Periyava so that all mortal beings can attain the greatness of Shri Sukhabrahma Rishi.

Only few of them had been lucky to experience and understand the avatar of HH. While some of them have been busy in just feeling their divine experiences with Shri Maha Periyava, some have been busy in letting the entire world know the greatness of this Jagad Guru. These people have taken it as a life-long goal and have devoted their entire life in letting people know that Maha Periyava is Vaitheeswaran who cures all the diseases, He is the Nataraja of Chidambaram and there is no God greater than him and to seek His refuge to remove all the problems in their life. One such great devotee is Brahmashri Pradosham Mama.

Maha Periyava has always been bound by the extreme devotion of Pradosham Mama and has showered him with all the kindness and blessings that Pradhosham Mama always thought he will not be able to repay the kindness that Periyava showed on him.

Pradosham Mama’s devotion to Periyava is seen in all the monthly celebrations, yearly jayanthi, maharudra and suhasini poojas that he has conducted regularly.

Pradosham Mama was a retired railway employee and his pension was not sufficient to run his family. The only wealth that he had was Periyava’s blessings. That one thing made him run all these events in the best way possible. Nobody could have bettered him in running these events.

Once Maha Periyava was camping at Mahagaon. Suddenly, He called Ramamurthy Iyer and asked to collect money for His Biksha. Everybody present there were shocked as Periyava had asked money for Biksha. Periyava was never interested in all the money that is given by the kings and the rich man. They will be accepted by the Matam and then immediately given to the needy people who reach out to Periyava for help.

Everybody present was puzzled by Maha Periyava’s request. Following His orders, Ramamurthy collected Rs. 1500/- from 5 Brahmins present there.

“Give this to him”, said Periyava referring to Pradosham Mama who was also called as the 64th Nayanmar (after the famous 63 Nayanmars – devotee of Shiva).

This money grew many folds and helped Pradhosham Mama. During the next Pradhosham, when Pradhosham Mama went to meet Periyava, He blessed “Put that money in the bank”. This is the same money that was used in conducting Periyava celebrations, in protecting Vedas and cows and big temple events. Pradhosham Mama is only one to be blessed like this.

The holy Ears

When Pradhosham Mama sang Akshara Ramanamalai, it will be coated with pure Bhakthi. Just like his complete devotion to Periyava, his bhakthi has helped many people by introducing Ramanamalai and Thevaram.
Once when HH was camping in North India, Pradhosham Mama had gone to seek His blessings and was waiting outside. Brahmashree Vedapuri went inside to inform Periyava that Pradhosham Mama is waiting outside. Periyava with a naughty smile said “Do you need to tell me that he has come?” He als added, “He is singing Ramanamalai and If I go outside, he will stop. Let him complete and then I will go outside.”  With this incident Shri Maha Periyava let everybody know how he enjoyed Pradhosham Mama’s  Ramanamalai song.
Once Shri Vedamurthi was explaining about Kachi Mudhur Trust that helps the temple priests to Shri Maha Periyava. At that time Periyava explained that Kachi Mudhur was referred to as Kachi Mudhur Kamakottam in “Onakanthan Thali” section of Thevaram written by Sundarar. HH continued to say that Sundarar in that section says that Lord Shiva had to request biksha even though his wife Kamakshi is the one who gives food to everyone in this world.
Periyava also sang that section of thevaram. At that time, even Vedamurthi started to sing that song like he knew it already. Periyava asked how if he knew the song and Vedamurthi nodded his head to say yes. Periyava asked him how he knew this song.
Pradhosham Mama had a habit of visiting the Sankara Matam at 2 AM. Rain, cold, street dogs did not deter him from doing this duty. When he goes there, he used to sing thevaram to keep his mind focused on Him. Even though most of the days, he used to go alone, there were days when people will join him. Vedamurthi had the opportunity to take this trip with Pradhosham Mama and also learnt this thevaram song during that time.
On hearing this incident from Vedamurthi, Periyava said that Pradosham Mama does not sing this song now. Vedamurthi was impressed by Periyava’s knowledge of what his devotee sang and what they did not. Pradosham Mama realized that he has not sung this song, when Vedamurthi informed about his conversation with Periyava. Pradhosham Mama’s eyes were wet on hearing this. After that incident, Pradhosham Mama started singing that song more regularly.

Loka Matha (Mother of the World) – Kalki Diwali Special Edition ‘96

Once when Shri Maha Periyava was camping in Satara during winter he gave a blanket to Shri Balu and asked him to send to to Kumbakonam Pattu Paati.
Kumbakonam Pattu Paati was a devotee of Shri Maha Periyava. She did not have any kids and had donated her two houses to the Kanchi Mutt. She was good natured and moved well with others.
On the same night, when Periyava had given the blanket, HH got up from his sleep and woke up for Shri Balu and asked if he had given the blanket to Paati. Since Balu had forgotten, he just stood like that.
Periyava asked Balu to immediately go and find her and give the blanket. It was middle of a very cold night and Balu hesitated and said he will give it to her in the morning.
“No, this blanket needs to reach her now. It is very cold in the night” said Shri Maha Periyava. Without a choice, Shri Balu left in the cold night to search her and at last found her at Kabileswar’s house. When Balu saw her shivering in the cold and lying down, he understood why Periyava was adamant in giving the blanket immediately to her. As she took the blanket, she felt as if she was surrounded by Periyava’s kindness.
Just similar to the previous incident, once Shri Balu was also lucky to get Periyava’s kindness. Shri Balu was sleeping in an open space in the temple at Samboti during the peak winter season. He did not have any blanket. In the morning when he got up, he realized he had slept peacefully in spite of the coldness. He had a shawl wrapped on him. He thought that some of the Mutt colleagues would have done that and forgot about the incident.
Four days passed. On seeing Balu with the shawl, Periyava told that the shawl is good and asked where he got it. Balu told Periyava his thought that some of the Mutt colleagues would have wrapped it around him. On hearing this, Periyava with a little smile shook his head and touched himself to say He had wrapped it.
“You were sleeping bare bodied on that cold floor. What will your mother think if she saw you like that?” said Periyava to Balu.
Shri Maha Periyava’s kindness is like the warmth in coldness, like a shade in summer, like an umbrella during rains. Let us all devote ourselves to Him and get all the peace and happiness in life.

Kindness will continue to flow….


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  1. Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Mahan KaruNaikku Alaveethu? Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. I am crying due to the blessings every one has got.I feel why i missed all these when i could have gone many times to Kancheepuram and had darshan of the Mahatma.

  3. Such a noble effort for doing the transalation. Thank you very much for making this gems reach all the people . All hail to Gurunathar !

  4. A mere thank you is not at all sufficient to Shri Harish Krishnan for his English translation. Without his translation I would have missed this gem.

    May Paramacharya’s blessings be showered on you in full sir!

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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