Rajiv Malhotra’s darshan with Kanchi Acharyas

Thanks to Sri K Guruvayurappan for the video and Rajivji’s highlights….


More than anything the academic people could give me, and far, far more than any politicians could possibly bring me, it is the closeness with our gurus, acharyas and swamis that I cherish the most.

After all, they have sacrificed their entire lives to do tapasya for our cause. I am trivial in all my efforts by comparison. This is why I am most comfortable in their presence, most energized when they encourage me, and give them the highest priority in my efforts.

I have already discussed the support i received in this trip from: RK Mission, Art of Living, Chinmaya Mission, Mata Amritananda Mayi, Akhada Parishad, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, Swami Nithyananda, ISKCON, etc.

Now I present to you (see below) the video of the public portion of my darshan with Kanchi Shankaracharyas – both junior and senior. The first segment is the darshan. (The first few minutes has low volume audio but its gets ok after several minutes.) Both of them are present. I felt blessed and was treated in a very special way. So much more happened that was not recorded, including an amazing ritual in which the elephant performed the ritual with the Shankaracharya.

Then there is the video where the junior Shankaracharya takes me to his private room for a personal conversation. As the subtitles indicate, he is an amazing strategist. I was simply bowled over by his wisdom. There is so much for me to learn. He wants us to collaborate on a variety of topics, and I wish I had the resources to be able to take advantage of his offer.

Finally, he gives a hand gesture to the video man to turn off the camera so he and I could be in total privacy. This is where a lot got discussed that is best left confidential. Suffice it to say that we are in total resonance on our views and aspirations for dharma.

Upon my return to USA, I was approached by the Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation in NJ, USA. They had received blessings from the Shankaracharya asking them to invite me to Sri Krishna Vrundavana, 215 May Street, Edison, NJ – USA, where they plan to celebrate the 48th birthday of the junior Shankaracharya. I have been asked to be the speaker at the event that will be well attended by their USA followers. It is going to be on March 6. Though I have some personal challenges that are coming in the way of my work, I feel this is a special occasion I must go to. So I am looking forward to this. They plan to video tape this and we will post it on Youtube.

The best proof of the success of my books is their acceptance and value to our senior acharyas. Kanchi Shankaracharya not only blessed and supported “The Battle For Sanskrit” but also plan to distribute it to their scholars (over 100) as important reading material. It is such traditionalists I ultimately want in our home team.

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  1. Very interesting and stimulating discussion. Samskritham Will Live for ever if we show a little interest in learning and continuing the studies in that language. Reading or knowing Tamil and Samskritham are Double Blessings. So many Sthothras, Kavyas, Puranas and Moral works are there.We all read English as it is the universal language of Science and proficiency in it is required for our life, income and smooth life. Sri Periyavas’ Blessings will be always with us in Samskrit learning and propagation. Maha Periyava, please Bless us all! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

    • Sir, Interesting points. Therefore, the question to the likes of Mr.Malhotra and our mutt could be

      Why do not we – Tambrahms, see the economic value in learning Vedas, Sanskrit and Tamil?
      We all know that a good Vaidheeka Brahmana is in demand.
      If you know Hindi and English, then it just increases your income opportunities.

      I feel the problem is not only economics. With my limited knowledge – somewhere between 1960s and 80s – when the politics in Tamil Nadu underwent reform, Brahmins were subject to a lot of challenges. It is true that we faced lot of challenges. If we carefully examine the issue was not because of what we knew(sanskrit, Vedas and infact Tamil too!), but rather how we were perceived and branded by the weaker sections of the society. Unfortunately, we succumbed to the central govt. jobs which promise pensions and rewards. I feel this generation which started to go to the college and get public jobs in urban locations, must have a lot of life-wisdom to share. They must be able to tell if pursuing standard of living beyond a limit is required or not. I hope this wisdom should guide us the next generations to be bold in pursuing Sanskrit and Vedas as the main job of Brahmins. In fact, we are fortunate to have the potential to learn everything through ancient wisdom – numbers, science and to the ultimate Brahmavidhya! The western indologists – in question , might not even exist had we done our job properly.

  2. Dear Sri Sivaraman, Your letter is interesting. Regrettably, my answers to your THREE questions are a simple NO. At my age of 84+ years, I cannot do anything to improve myself in order to benefit others. But our two grandsons know Tamil, Sanskrit & English. Your second paragraph contains ideas which are difficult to implement. I have a lot of respect for the Mahaperiava and my late Col (R) Uncle, R. Subrahmaniyan had the unique distinction of serving as the Manager of the Kanchi Mutt for nearly 15 years. Pray, please tell me how many follow the “Mahaperiava Parambara”? If the three language formula: “SANSKRIT, TAMIL (this to be substituted by the regional language of the State) and ENGLISH”, is implemented and religious studies are imparted to our children, we will see a lot of change in a generation or two. We as Tamil brahmins (and the other higher castes in the Hindu Society), as Swami Vivekananda put it very strongly are responsible for the so many ills prevalent in the Hindu Society. Foreign invasions, forced and willing conversions have dented our society.

    • Respected Sir. People like you are indeed inspiring multiple generations. I wonder how at 84, you have the energy and zeal to learn computers, and comment. You have been fortunate enough to spend time with mahaperiyava, live in both the world without of inland letters, typewriters, the computer world, the e-mail world and now the mobile-internet world. It is very great to note that your grand sons are pursuing three languages and they are the hope to let our tradition live with modernity where necessary. Salute to you again sir!

    Please watch and Let Me know your comments on my short film with Theme =”Nature Belongs To All The Living Beings – NOT Just A Privileged Few !!!” at the following link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qtZiXShbzY
    with Song at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ1ZXXSAUtw


  4. I know this blog has a lot of Tambrahm elitists from Chennai. I have three simple questions to you:
    1) Do you “know” sanskrit? Knowing a language involves ability to comprehend sentences.
    2) Can your child read and write (a) Tamil (b) Sanskrit?
    3) How do “you” personally plan to improve your knowledge to guide your children?

    Parenting is not a trade to make babies, getting them school admissions, then sending them to higher education and finally see them off to someone else. It’s a paramparic responsibility that ngerequires you to have the qualification to be a parent. In today’s urbanized Chennai, we spend loads of money and display wealth on so many unwanted activities and spoil ourselves and children. Finally, use mahaperiyavaa brand.

  5. As you see, there is a clear difference in the articulation and expression of Balaperiyavaa. His tapas is unmatchable and just hope his subtle initiatives to ripe the true fruit of India – youth – who are going to be India’s ambassadors. I think his wisdom shines bright in clearly clarifying how unity in heart can exist despite preserving the individual units – which summarizes most problems we face in the society. Another valuable lesson is that he did not engage in any conterversial topics or discussions that review modernists and neibhours.

    Few thoughts that could be tabled to the holy acharyas attention towards medium term planning to bring value based education in India to mainstream:
    1) The mutt need to have a strategy to impart key skills: reading,writing and comprehension in three languages(triveni), basic math and english for business communication through an informal curriculum till 14 years.
    2) If the above can be promised by some means, we can then focus more on traditional values, vedas, music, traditional theatre, dance etc.,
    3) Let the children have a choice to either join regular schools after 14 years or continue one of the traditional professions in music, dance, theatre and vedas
    4) For job placements and economic welfare, we have skill-training programmes which can be attended on a need basis
    5) The mutt needs to run this system as a sample project in few villages and see how the parents and the overall community responds.

    We need a mindset shift towards from our school-based examination system. For this, parents need to trust that they can teach their children if everything else falls apart. We all are in a world of maya to improve economic standards and failing to understand where that is taking us!

  6. A meeting far delayed- But better late than never- This recalls to my mind : Yatra yogeeswaraha krishnaha yatra Partho dhanurdharaha tathra vijayor budhit druva neetir matir mama– Divine guidance to karma veeras guarentee success-Sure to usher in better days-with my pranams and prayers—l.gopalan

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