Story of how Sri Kantan Swamigal’s Adishtanam in Angarai

Auditor Sri Venkatasubramaniam, Angarai is known to our family for a long time. He & my father were colleagues in Dalmia Cements. Although I was a small boy then, I do know him and remember him….

I called him a couple of days back and he was telling me about Sri Srikantan mama (later became swamigal) and how His adishtanam settled in Angarai.

It seems in 1986, Feb when he went to matam for Periyava darshanam, Periyava asked Brahmasri on who just left – mama replied “Annadhanam Subbha Iyer’s grandson”. Click here to read about his grandfather!!! (This article needs translation – one of the outstanding articles!!)

Periyava, “Go and call him”

He went and stood by Him. He  also saw Director Shankar & Actress Sudha Chandran standing there. Periyava asked auditor on when he came etc.

Periyava, “Do you know that your periyappa broke his leg and I sent him vibuthi prasadam to cure him?”

Then Periyava asked auditor pointing to where Director Shankar is standing, “Ask them what they want and why are they here”.

Auditor asked and relayed the message, “They have come here to donate some money to Periyava”.

Periyava, “I am a sanyasi – I don’t need money. There is one paati in Mylapore, trying to build a silver ratham for ambal. Ask them to donate to that paati.”

Message conveyed.

Periyava, then asked him, “Do you know that your entire family is associated with matam for more than 100 years? Your thatha has done significant support to matam”.

Periyava further asked “What happened to the land for burying all sanyasis in your place? Has there been any luck in the court case?”.

Auditor responded, “No Periyava, nothing could be done – all lands are taken away by local people – we couldn’t do much”

Periyava asked, “Subbiah Iyer’s adishtanam is still there in the same place?”


“When I ask all these to Sri Kantan – he looks clueless!”

“No Periyava, Sri Kantan mama rarely comes there – even if he comes he stays only for a day or two and then back to Kanchipuram. So he has no time to know the local happenings”

“I have been to your place many times. First time I came was in 1909 – it is very green in my mind. Your thatha gave me Poornakumbam and I stayed in your place. Next time I came when there was a big flood situation in Trichy. That time your thatha was quite old. He gave me poorna kumbam with stick in one hand for support.”

Periyava asked lots of other details about his family, the place etc. He also told on how He introduced Brahmasri Balakrishna Sastrigal, HH Pudhuperiyava’s teacher to auditor’s periyava and how they stayed as friends till they died etc.

As usual, He asked him on where he is planning to go after darshan, whom is he going to meet – all the routine grilling questions….

Finally He gave prasadams and sent the auditor.

Later during one padha yatra, HH Pudhu Periyava told him, “Sri Kantan has become sanyasi. He came and asked me for sanyasa and I gave him all the things. By now Sri Thambudu swamigal must have given sanyasa to him and from there he will go to Tiruvanaikka”.

Srikantan mama came to Tiruvanaikka and there he gave his physical body in 2003. Message was communicated to Pudhu Periyava. Since He knows TVKovil inch by inch, He told where Srikantan Swamigal should be laid to rest. Puja has started and people started digging the ground. Suddenly, one vaidheeka objected this and gave a police complaint despite Pudhu Periyava’s instruction. Later Pudhu Periyava suggested them not to dispute with dikshitar and police etc and asked the team to find a different place.

While the team is confused on the next step, it occurred to auditor who was standing on what Periyava said in 1986 about Srikantan mama and sanyasi’s burial place in angarai conversation and connected the dot that Periyava in 1986 itself decided to have Srikantan mama’s adishtanam in Angarai only!

Auditor asked the team if he can do this in angarai. While they were ok, they wanted him to talk to Pudhu periyava to get permission for the same. He called Periyava and Periyava approved him as he belongs to the place and everything is appropriate to do this. But he insisted that all the rituals should be done before the morning and asked the auditor to proceed only if he agrees to complete by next day.

Since auditor is confident, he agreed and finally Srikantan mama/Swamigal was laid to rest  in Angarai. His adishtanam has been managed by his relatives and auditor. It has been more than 12 years since this place was built and it requires lot of attention.

It has been decided to renovate this at the earliest.

Srikantan mama/swamigal, Brahmasri mama, Sri Balu mama/swamigal, Sri Kumaresan mama Sri Kannan mama are Siva Ganas who spent most of their lifetime with Lord Parameswaran. I remember one North Indian swamiji told one of them, “Do not think Periyava as some sanyasi – He is sakshaath Parameswarn and you all are siva ganas”. It is hard to see a Periyava photo without these people!

I have attached the appeal – Please support in whatever way Periyava who has been with Sri Kantan Swamigal knows how to get this done too. From our perspective, this is a good opportunity to support a good project. When HH Pudhu Periyava was requested for anugraham for this initiative, He gave it all. He asked how the team is going to collect funds. Auditor answered, “Periyava will take care!”.

Doing Kainkaryam to Sivanadiyar is the same as doing kainkaryam to Lord Shiva Himself – there is no difference.

Please contact Sri Venkatasubramanian or Brahmasri Sundaresa Sastrigal (srikantan swamigal’s poorvashrama brother’s son) for more details.

Our namaskarams to Srikantan Swamigal.



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  1. What an extraordinary soul! Sankara!

  2. Is there any way people like me can contribute a small amount to this? Like a bank account number that will allow devotees to deposit money?

  3. sree sree nandhikeswarar


  5. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! ThoNdartham Perumai Sollavum Arithe!

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