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Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Mama’s divine experiences continue to fill our hearts….Ram Ram

Mahaperiyava ‘s gift for me on my Birth day

This post should have been in my chronological order of Himalayan pilgrimage (Bhadrinath) but a miracle on my birth day by Mahaperiyava deviated me from normal order and I want share it with you all immediately without delay.

Many elders pointed out to me that my birth day falls on Mahaperiyava peetarohanam 13th February. Not only the date but the month too. My humble satisfaction.

Before, I narrate my Miracle of 13th Feb’2016 on my birthday, I feel that I should give a small brief of important miracles in my life, to enable you to have a focused and right perception about my Miracle experience of Mahaperiyava.

Normally Miracles will happen once in a life time for everyone but for me, life itself is spell of Miracles from 25th October 2014 at 10 PM. After the first spell in 1993 the second spell began in 2014.

Brief:-1   As you all know that I am a paralytic stoke patient and because of this, my mobility is curbed and It is almost six years, I have seen the outside world.  My world is confined to four walls of my room. Under this circumstances, without going mad and concentrating only on divine path of Mahaperiyava, is something huge and beyond medical science.

Brief-2 From 25th Oct 2014 during night at about 10.00 P.M. MY transformation began and the first message from Mahaperiyava was, “Because, you are affected by paralytic stoke, do you mean that you should be always in bed and depending on others for everything. Can’t you make others to depend on you? It is certainly possible. I am there with you, from tomorrow onwards you are going to get up at 4.30 in the morning and carryout all my divine instructions.” The instructions of Mahaperiyava is being followed till I post this article.

How, I got up in the morning by resisting Mahaperiyava wakeup call and how Mahaperiyava prevailed on me till the second of this narration, is the unshakable fact and beyond debate, which you will read from my Saturday post every week.

Brief:-3   I am a Tamil medium student in school up to 11th standard and my English was only tolerable level and not so much of in-depth vocabulary. After my transformation day, as I mentioned above (25th Oct 2014), I pray Mahaperiyava before I narrate my articles, mails or any letter associated with Mahaperiyava, I just keep my five fingers on the key board (the left hand and five fingers are dead due to stoke) the five fingers will play between alphabets in the key board and I will take off my hand only after I conclude as “kind regards-Gayathri Rajagopal.”

 Brief:-4 When Mahaperiyava has done so much for me and HE is doing so much for me, I could presume that Mahaperiyava has given me huge responsibility. I consulted many of my well wishers, to clarify this and their interpretation is “I have to spread the fragrance of Mahaperiyava and HIS divine school of thought to all nook and corners of this planet earth. This is the reason; I started writing a book titled “Showers of Miracles in my life by Mahaperiyava” which is my first step towards this direction of my responsibility.

Credentials for my claim:-

  • The paralytic stoke attacked me at Himalayas and very safely Mahaperiyava travelled with me in an ambulance at Himalayas ghat road at an altitude of 12000 feet above during midnight.
  • I was hospitalized at Utherkhant hospital and four more patients were admitted along with me. Including me, numbers of patients were five and out of five, four patients were passed away and I was the only one who survived. I was witnessing four deaths from mid-night to early morning.
  • Just before my discharge, I was terribly worried about the hospital bill because I was expecting, few lakhs bill. But Mahaperiyava made me to pay a bill of Rupees five only. Rs.5/-. (You will know, how my paralytic stokes was choreographed by Mahaperiyava from Bhadrinath and why Mahaperiyava took me to that particular hospital is a history and you will know the rest, through my articles on every Saturday.
  • How my left hand dead fingers got back its life, after six years and enabled me to light Periva lamp on Anusham day.
  • How my left leg folded fingers were released in a fraction of a second and enabled me to do walking practice.
  • My confirmed cancer was cured by Mahaperiyava by wiping the tears from my eyes.
  • My deep rooted habits for 55 years like coffee, tea, onion. Garlic, rice, outside food were erased without traces over night.

  • My entertainment of Television, news paper, Tele serials were thrown out over night. I will narrate everything individually through my weekly post on every Saturday.
  • There are many more miracles but considering the time and space in this blog, I am limiting with this.

    I am a living testimony for Mahaperiyava‘s Divine powers Even after Siddhi.

    All the above credentials are furnished not for Mahaperiyava but for my claim. Mahaperiyava is beyond science, beyond logic, beyond perception and beyond everything.

    Mahaperiyava‘s gift for me on my Birth day

    Right from 10th of February, I was planning to get “Vibhuthi” from a famous shop at Palani through someone. Since my mobility is curbed due to paralytic stoke, I have to depend on others for all outside work. I wanted to mix Adhishtanam Periva Vibhuthi with Palani Vibhuthi.  Vibhuthi from that particular shop will have Divine fragrance.

    But it is easy to get things from Thirupathi when compared to Palani. I decided to forget, as I could realize that is very difficult to get it from Palani.

    On my birth day, during my Brimha Muhurtham prayer, I prayed Mahaperiyava to give me a gift for my birth day. Mahaperiyava answered me that “your son had given you a new shirt, few months back. You wear that shirt and celebrate your birth day.” I was very adamant that I should get something from Mahaperiyava. I pleaded again,

Me: “Mahaperiyava that shirt was given by my son. I want something from you”

I know very well that it is not possible and I am over ambitious. Mahaperiyava advised me, “Wear that new shirt and carry on with your routine.” The Vibhuthi matter no one knows in the house.

I obeyed Mahaperiyava and started replying to Mahaperiyava devotees through Email.

I wore that new shirt and did my prayer and settled before my laptop to answer to Periva devotees.

I was very busy in typing my replies.

At about 10.00 A.M .My wife gave came from school and informed me that one of  her colleague, who is working with her, had gone to Palani and she bought Vibhuthi from the same shop, from where I was planning to get Vibhuthi.

I was spell bound for a minute.

Though, Mahaperiyava did not answer me but answered my prayer through Vibhuthi. The answer by Mahaperiyava is so emphatic, which made me to resolute further to impose miracle generating faith on my prayer. No doubt, Mahaperiyava is Parameswaran Avatharam. The tears were rolling down from my eyes. Even while this narration, I could not resist myself my crying  I am honest in stating this.

Is it possible for us to expect Lord Parameswaran to physically answer our prayer, and when it happens what else we can do except crying, which I did.

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara


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  1. Dear Sir – My name is Anantharaman. I seek your and Mahaperiyava’s blessings for myself and my two daughters. Namaskarams.

  2. Namaskaram and pranams to GR mama,
    I am blessed to go through the articles and feel blessed by mahaperiyava
    I have two issues to be presented to mahaperiyava by you sir.
    My only grandson, is two years now not speaking except saying Appa Appa. I am worried much on his future. Myself and my wife are chanting Soundarya Lahari sloga 12 daily..
    My another worry is about my wife’s back pain which prevents her from doing her routine house hold work.
    She is much much worried.
    Kindly present our problems mahaperiyava and advice.


      Mama enaku nenge tan nadamadum periyava🙏🙏.With your blessings completed my first week Guru poojai and the first thing i did was to msge you through watsapp and mail you.I was longing to talk to you but had no luck.
      With mahaperiyava’s blessings mama you called my number and spoke to me
      IDHU VIDE PERIYA ASEERVATHAM ENAKU VERA ENA VENUM🙏🙏.Need your blessings to complete my pooja.

  3. My sahasra koti Namaskarams to Maha periyava and all His devotees. My humble request to all Maha periyava’s devotees to pray for Hinduism, Bala periyava and Pudhu periyava for safeguarding, protecting and destroying our common enemies of Hinduism at all times, at all occasions and at all places.
    Kindly do the needful immediately.

    Hara Hara sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara, Kamatchi Sankara, Sivan Sar Sankara, Siva Siva sankara

    With namaskarams,

    Periyava Padha thuli

    N. Venkataraman

  4. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  5. Its true. I too have so many Experiences of his presence with me and my family in each and every seconds. He definitely answers for our genuine questions. He is sarrva vyapi, omnipresent sakshath prabrahman.

    His life and teachings are need of this hour because now days younger generation r unaware of the truth. Because he completely walked on the sashtra dharma and preached only what veda said and stood as example as its follwer. Gives paripurna bhakthi with bhaya to follow his step and complete sharanagathi. Nothing else needed.


  6. You can access my articles in

    • Pranaams Madam, I am sending my email id, n.kopalley@gmailcom,kindly share your mail id and mobile number, need your advice. Thanks and Regards. Raju

  7. Gayatri rajagopal ayya ,please pray Kanchi Maha periyava my brother gunaseelan and his wife lakshmipriya married four years no child more money spend and six doctors treatment no improvement please karunai kattukal Kanchi Maha periyava and my mother heart problem diseases please cure my sister son be exam all subject pass with good job please pray my family all member healthy life .I am Kanchi Maha periyava my parents thing .Please help pray to Kanchi Maha periyava.

  8. Gayatri rajagopal ayya ,please pray Kanchi Maha periyava my brother gunaseelan and his wife lakshmipriya married four years no child more money spend and six doctors treatment no improvement please karunai kattukal Kanchi Maha periyava and my mother heart problem diseases please cure my sister son be exam all subject pass with good job please pray my family all member healthy life .I am Kanchi Maha periyava my parents thing .Please help pray to Kanchi Maha periyava.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I am humbled by your comment. It is my pleasure to share with devotees like you.
    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Gayathri Rajagopal

    • Sir thank you for sharing. I have no words to say just the tears roll from my eyes. The devotion u have towards Maha Periyava. You are really blessed by him. Can u pray for me too. I too suffering from cerival spondylosis. We are praying to god to recover My sister is suffering from illness. We are praying to god to helps us to recover fast. Besides that we are facing other problem. Can u help to pray for us too. Thank you.

  10. Sri Gayathri Rajagopal garu, You are blessed….. and made us blessed by reading your experiences with HH Maha Periva. We are grateful to you for taking us along with you in the journey of Daiva Anubhuti (divine experience). I just say, ‘I bow to you’.

  11. namaskaram sir, i was moved by ur experiences very much impressed by the mahima and the gift by mahaperiyava to you. really you are the most lucky person who was blessed and saved by maha periyava. as i am praying god to show karuna on me i read the article just wait. i thouth it was posted for me only. thank u for the answer to me maha periva. sir, i pray god to give u good strength and health to make us blessed by ur postings
    thank u

    • Respected Madam.Radhika
      Mahaperiyava normally give message to devotees through the experience of another devotee. Soon you will share your experience with other devotees. Very shortly you will acquire a computer or laptop. Believe me.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Thank u for your kind and immediate response sir, actually my problem is not computer or laptop, i am facing a different problem and praying god to helping hands to me to solve my problem which i cant reveal in this open forem. i feel happy and swantana to my mind with your reply thank u very much sir.

      • Respected Madam.Radhika,

        Irrespective of the nature of problems, your devoted prayer will be answered by Mahaperiyava. I am also submitting my prayer on your behalf daily at 4.30 during my Brahma Muhurtham prayer. All your problems are going to be a history and happy and peaceful life only will be your present. Dont worry.

        kind regards,
        Gayathri Rajagopal

  12. very much moving experience. Thanks for sharing.


  13. hello shri Gaythri Rajagopal ji, I again I cried reading your post today. You made my day today. Thank you so much sir for sharing these posts with us in spite of your disability.

  14. Shri Gayathri Rajagopal sir, I have gone thru your entire article in detail. You are really blessed and I have no other word to say. Mahaperiyava has always answered their true devotees. Thank you very much sir for taking time and responding to all emails.

    • Dear Sri.Venkatesan Santhanam,

      From your regular comments I could understand that you are going through my articles regularly.Your comments inspires me to get dissolved in Mahaperiyava divine world. I am humbled sir.

      Gayathri Rajagopal

  15. அவன்தான் பரமேஸ்வரன்,அம்பாள்,மகாவிஷ்ணு ….எல்லாம் ….சர்கரை வைத்து வித விதமான இனிப்பு செய்யலாம் மூலம் சர்க்கரை ….மலிவான சித்து வேலைகளை செய்ய மாட்டான் ….ஆனால் அவன் நினைத்தால் நம்மையே சித்தர் ஆக மாற்றி விடுவான் ….ஒரு பெரிய கோடீஸ்வரன் எது வேண்டுமானாலும் தருவதற்கு தயாராக இருக்கும் போது அவரிடம் ஒரு கப் டீ கேட்பது போல் தான் …
    பிறப்பை அறுத்து முக்தி அளிக்கவே அவன் தயாராக இருக்கும்போது , உலகியல் வாழ்க்கைக்கு தேவையான அற்ப பொருளை யாசிக்க வேண்டும் …
    நீதான் எனக்கு வேண்டும் என கேட்போம் ….அவன் நம் வீடு தேடி வருவான் …வந்தவனை உன் வீட்டிலேயே அன்பு என்ற கயிறால் கட்டிப்போடு …பிறகு என்ன …முப்பெரும் தேவியரும் ,மும்மூர்த்திகளும் , முப்பது முக்கோடி தேவர்களும் உன்வீட்டில் ….1/4 படி அரிசியும் 10 ரூபாய் பணமும் தான் உன்வீட்டில் இருந்தாலும் கோடீஸ்வரன் நாம்தான் என்ற மனோபாவத்தை …திருப்தியை அவன் தருவான் …திருப்தி வந்து விட்டால் நோய் நொடி வறுமை என்ன செய்யும்?
    அவனவன் வசதிக்கு ஏற்ப ….என்னென்ன தர்மங்களை கடை பிடிக்க வேண்டும் என்று தெய்வத்தின் குரலில் இருக்கிறது …அதன்படி நடக்க பிரயாசை பட்டாலே போதும் …அவனே கையை பிடித்து நம்மை அழைத்து செல்வான் …அவனோடு நடக்க நாம்தான் தயாராக இருக்க வேண்டும் ….

    • Dear Sri.Venugopal,

      Your article made my soul to search for a divine world and your Tamil version answered my search.At the age of 63 your comparison to Sandilyan’s famous novel conveys a message to all that you are still left with some more music in you. My suggestion would be why don’t you write in Sage of Kanchi for the benefit of devotees.
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  16. Namaskaram….when I was 25, my friend’s father often scolding his son, “How many time I told you to do Sandyavanthanam and Gayathri Jabam” are you deaf? I told Sir, don’t scold him ….it is better to practice shorthand in that 30 mts., instead of doing Gayathri….the shorthand practice will give him a job”……now I am 63 ….doing regular sandhi and sakasra gayathri…..I am doing Shannavathi also……who is the cause of all this? MAHA PERIYAVA …..IF I WRITE OR EXPALAIN EVERYTHING….HIS ARULAADAL….IT COMES LIKE A GREAT NAVAL LIKE ‘KADAL PURA, RAJA MUTHIRAI BY SANDILYAN….

  17. Faith On HIM will never go un noticed Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  18. Mahaperiyava Sharanam! Namaskaram Sir, hope you are doing good? Sir, I have only heard in devotee experiencs and other people telling Mahaperiyava has cured cancer. Today I see a living example and dats you. When I read your post now, I can only say you are blessed to have Periyava answering your calls every day, every hour n minute. There are many instances that you have mentioned but what made me think the most is – about answering the e-mails n I believe it’s Periyava who is answering all. These miracles deepen our faith in Periyava and make us think may be one day even we will also be as blessed as you.

    • Your perception of Mahaperiyava answering through email is really a thought in different direction. All along, i was thinking that Mahaperiyava gives me energy to type. Your perception certainly convey a message about your deep involvement in Mahaperiyava divinity. Excellent Madam.Rashmi keep going and you will feel the divine radiation of Mahaperiyava soon.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  19. jUST NOW i HAVE PASSED ON THIS MESSAGE TO MY FRIEND WHO, RECENTLY AFFECTED BY STROKE, otherwise a staunch devotee of Mahaperiyava.I am 100% sure this will help him to come out of furustration and instill confidence. MAHAPERIYAVA ADI POTRI.

  20. Namaskarams Sir…I am regularly following your narrations on Periva….Really blessed to read this article…Cant control my tears on every occasion……Sincerely following Periva alongwith my family….

  21. You made me cry. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. Would like to talk to you and get your blessings. My email is

  22. Sir, today morning while I was praying to Maha Periyava, Shirdi Sai Baba and Satya Sai Baba for curing my cervical spondylosis, I developed frustration as I have been requesting them for the last one year. I thought for a moment that do they really have the power what we think? Your message of today gave me the answer and may be through your goodself I have been answered. Incidentally one more posting today in this blog is called “Just wait”!. I have no more words to say. I am following your experiences regularly. Inspiring.

    • Dear Sri. Ganapathy,

      Mahaperiyava never taught us to ill treat any guru or any religion. All gurus are discharging their divine responsibilities in their own way and there are numerous followers for them. Mahaperiyava never approve degrading any guru or any religion. Mahaperiyava expects everyone to follow their Sanatana dharma and Mahaperiyava HIMSELF practiced HIS preaching’s beyond debate.

      I presume your cervical spondylosis problems made you to get frustrated. Do not worry for your problem. I will pray Mahaperiyava on your behalf to give you cure from this.

      There is a meeting point between blessings and the blessed. The meeting point is our Karma. Mahaperiyava‘s blessings took 22 years to reach me. Our Prarabdha karma should be liquidated up to the level that blessings superimpose karma and serve the purpose of blessings.

      I am a vaishnavite by birth but Mahaperiyava is my guru. It does not mean that I should talk or think ill of my guru.

      Your relentless prayer and melting devotion on Mahaperiyava will certainly take you to the very close proximity of Mahaperiyava.

      I wanted avoid my lengthy reply to any comments but I could not resist myself from replying. If I don’t reply for your views then I am not a true devotee of Mahaperiyava.

      Very very sorry for my expressing my views Sri. Ganapathy. Mahaperiyava soon will bless you for eternity.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Koti Koti Namaskarams Sir. Truely elated with your kind response. Thank you sincerely.

      • Dear Sri.Ganapathy,

        I am starting my Brimha Muhurtham prayer at 4.30 in the morning from tomorrow onwards. Your cervical pain will be reduced day by day. You also pray Mahaperiyava daily at your convenient time. Sure you will be relieved of your pain cent percent positively.

        with kind regards,
        Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Namaskaram sir.

        I need one favour from u sir. I am reading articles about mahaperiya. Really very nice.
        Can u do me a favour sir.
        We have one son living in US and finished his two masters.
        He is still on student visa.
        Last year he applied for H1 b visa and his application was picked up in the lottery.
        Almost one year over for the approval.still waiting and I don’t know when it will get approved.
        My son also very upset and. Depressed.
        Please can u pray for him that his visa should get approved soon.
        Thanks and regards

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