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The Boon of Rebirth

The Divine greatness of Mahaperiyava can be compared only to that of Shri Sukhabrahma Rishi, the Gnana Swaroopam. Mahaperiyava was the embodiment of compassion and many a devotee had the blissful experience of being showered by His compassion. One such devotee was Shri T.V. Swaminathan.

In the year 1980, Shri Swaminathan was a secretary to the then Kerala Governor, Smt.Jothi Venkatachalam. During the last week of December, he started  getting fever, regularly, every evening. Since the fever continued unabated for two weeks, blood tests were done. Since the fever was accompanied by weight loss, X-rays were also taken.

Expert thoracic specialists in the Thiruvananthapuram Medical college hospital. examined Swaminathan and opined that he was suffering from lung cancer in its early stages.

The humane nature of Smt. Jothi Venkatachalam brought Swaminathan to Chennai, to get a detailed examination done by Dr. K.C. Krishnaswami, a specialist of national repute in this field. He , however, differed from the opinion of the Thiruvananthapuram doctors. He felt that some kind of pressure was being exerted on the lungs and further tests were necessary.

Meanwhile, Swaminathan went to consult Dr.Cherian. After examining the X-rays from various angles, Dr.Cherian regretfully informed Swaminathan, in a kind tone, that the upper portion of the left lungs had been completely affected by Cancer and surgery should be performed immediately, since  there had been a substantial lapse of time already.

The medical examinations continued. Dr.Gopinath examined Swaminathan in Delhi, in the March of 1981.He also was of the opinion that the upper portion of the lungs was being subjected to some pressure and X-ray and other examinations could be undertaken after three months of medication.

Swaminathan was an ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava. Though he was depressed by the conflicting opinions of the doctors, he firmly believed that compassion of Mahaperiyava  would save him ultimately.

Mahaperiyava was camping on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border at this time. Mr. Joshi, a friend of Swaminathan and a devotee of Mahaperiyava went to plead with the saint for the recovery of Swaminathan.

On hearing about the problem, Mahaperiyava became utterly silent and was immersed in His divine self for a few hours. The radiance that emanated from Him was too bright to be looked at by our mortal eyes. After breaking His silence, Sri Periyava told Joshi and Kannan, who were standing in front of Him that no harm would come to Swaminathan.

This blessing was conveyed to Swaminathan, who derived a new strength from it. The regular evening fever abated and the weight loss also stopped. The tiredness and weakness disappeared from the face and a new brightness was seen.

But , unfortunately, fever started coming in the mornings, from the month of May. This time, a doctor who was a family friend to the Kerala Governor, was consulted. He studied  the earlier X-rays and test results and again examined Swaminathan with a modern instrument.

The results worried the doctor. A new shadow could be seen on the upper portion of the lungs . The doctor felt that the cancer had advanced to the second stage and Swaminathan did not have the strength to withstand any surgery. Radiation could  be given and even this  also would only mitigate the pain in the last stages of the disease. And Swaminathan might  not last in this world for more than three months…This was the depressing forecast that the doctor gave to the Governor in writing.

The sorrowful Governor ,brought Swaminathan back to Chennai, on the advice of the doctors  at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and again an investigation was conducted in the Railway Hospital. The results showed that the heart was very weak and blood was getting collected in the heart.  A stage might come when the heart was not able to bear the weight of the blood and doctors were worried that the heart may then burst.

The future was dark, but Mahaperiyava was the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Joshi and his wife rushed again to Mahaperiyava and pleaded with Sri Periyava for the life of Swaminathan , seeking Mangalya pitchai for Swaminathan’s wife.

Sri Periyava, without saying anything, went to take bath. The Joshis were a little upset . But after entering the water tank and standing in the water, the ever compassionate Mahaperiyava, beckoned to Joshi and asked him to repeat all the details again. He keenly listened to them, took a dip in the water and again  gave the assurance that nothing would happen to Swaminathan. He declared that this was a re birth for Swaminathan.

When the assurance is given by Maheswara Himself, the ultimate protector of all living beings, miracles automatically follow. After a fortnight  of examination at Delhi, it was found that the shadow, seen in the X-rays taken at Thiruvananthapuram, had disappeared. It must, indeed,  have melted before the powerful gaze of Sri Periyava..

It was found at the end of the plethora of examinations, that , by birth, the nasal bone of Swaminathan had a bend and this had resulted in phlegm getting frozen in the lungs, unable to be expelled. This had caused a pressure on the lungs. The black shadow was also a result of this and had misled the doctors into thinking it was cancer.

A small surgery was performed at the hospital in Thiruvananthapuram and the problem was cured. In spite of many famous doctors giving a deadline, the lifespan of Swaminathan was not cut short and  his health was miraculously restored. When Mahaperiyava , the incarnation of Siva  blesses someone, out of His innate compassion, can anything go wrong?

Later,  when Swaminathan, who virtually had had a rebirth went to seek the blessings of Mahaperiyava, Sri Periyava casually remarked to Sri Kannan, “See ! Swaminathan has come . He looks hale and hearty  . It seems the doctors had frightened him saying he had cancer in his heart”.

This was the greatness of Mahaperiyava , who  as an epitome of simplicity hid the miracle He had performed behind these simple words.


A Handful of Bhikshai


Miracles galore in the life of Mahaperiyava. Sri Kumaresan who had the blessing of performing service to Mahaperiyava , has this to narrate.

Once , Sri Periyava entered into the state of Andhra Pradesh, after undertaking a long journey through the northern states. A sackful of puffed rice or pori was carried along , to be offered as Bhikshai to Mahaperiyava.

In a small village, the sack was placed on a rickshaw like vehicle, which Mahaperiyava used to hold on to, and everybody went inside a Siva temple with Sri Periyava. On their return after the worship, it was found that the sack had disappeared. The embodiment of compassion called Mahaperiyava, as usual remarked that somebody hungry must have taken the sack away. But the devotees around Him were upset that this simple food of Sri Periyava had been stolen.

Luckily, there was some puffed rice left in the box of Sri Balu and the situation could be managed for three days. But on the third day, even a handful of Pori , which Periyava used to consume was not available. The Bhiksha time was nearing. The small village was virtually in the midst of a deserted area and Pori would not be available in any house.

As a desperate Kumaresan, came to the main road, he was astonished to see a devotee, coming in search of Mahaperiyava with a sack full of Pori and fruits in his hand. The devotee stunned Kumaresan by further stating that Sri Periyava had appeared in his dreams three days back and asked him to bring these things.
Kumaresan, deeply moved, raised his hands in obeisance in the direction of Periyava’s camp. The Bhakthi we show towards the Divine Being called Mahaperiyava, will definitely bless us and make our lives prosper.


Kindness will continue to flow…

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