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This is an amazing incident that happened Sri Amraneswarar…

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Glory of Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava 10/ Sep/ 2005)

Lord Parameswaran has taken birth as Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava with all glories of Suga Bramharishi. Several devotees who have understood the real svaroopam of Sri Maha periyava have benefitted from his blessings. The following real life incident illustrates how Sri Maha Periyava blesses and protects his devotees.

Once Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal was scheduled to have darshan of Lord Venkateswarar in Thirumala and Lord Govindaraja Swami in Keezh Thirupathi. He instructed Amravaneswaran to go to Kanchipuram, by van, and bring Manager, Agent & few others from Sri Matam after obtaining permission from Maha Periyava.
Amravaneswaran left for Kanchipuram by a van driven by Narayanan. He met Maha Periyava and narrated Sr Jayendra Swamigal’s request. Maha periyava permitted 3 persons from Sri Matam to go to Thirupathi with Amravaneswaran. In the last seat of the matador van, in which they were travelling to Thirupathi, a box with pooja items (referred as Gowri kaalai) was also kept.

Since Amravaneswaran was feeling tired he went to sleep in the last seat of the van. When he woke up he realised that he was in a hospital and he felt stitches were being applied in his head. He was in intense pain and lost consciousness. When he woke up he realised that he is being taken out of a van, in the presence of Maha Periyava who was enquiring with lot of care and concern about what happened and who are all injured. Amravaneswaran experienced all these incidents as though in a dream world.

When he regained consciousness he realised that he was in a hospital with bandages all over his body. Others explained to him that the van met with an accident near Arakonam. With the blessings of Maha Periyava all passengers survived the accident but with injuries. Amravaneswaran, who was sleeping in the last seat of the van, was injured the most. People near the accident spot took them to a Govt hospital where they were provided first aid. They were sent to Kanchipuram by another vehicle.

Once Maha Periyava heard about the accident and that these persons are being brought to Sri Matam, despite his age he walked 100 feet and came and waited at the spot where the vehicle was expected. With tears in her eyes, wife of Manager of Sri Matam prayed to Maha Periyava to protect those who were injured in the accident. Maha Periyava told her “Don’t worry; all persons in the van have survived a major accident”. When the van arrived, Maha periyava enquired about the injuries of each person and instructed the officials to immediately admit them in Mission Hospital for further treatment.

Amravaneswaran was the worst affected by the accident. Left side of his body was injured and left side of his face was swollen. He had injuries in head and left forehead. Though he was given first aid at Arakonam, he realised that there was no feeling on the left side of his body. He could not move his hand and leg.
Doctors could not diagnose fully the impact of his injuries. Few people said that he may not be able to walk again. Doctors suspected that the injury to his back bone may have affected his ability to move his legs and hands. Doctors, who attended to him, were afraid that he may slip into coma or one side of his body may be paralysed.

When Amravaneswaran gained consciousness, next morning, he felt very sad that he may lose this mortal body and he attributed this problem to his bad times. Amravaneswaran who is a dedicated devotee of Maha Periyava, who is none other than Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy, consoled himself and requested his relatives & well wishers to take him to the presence of Maha Periyava. Given the serious nature of his wounds, others were afraid to move him from the hospital. Since Amravaneswaran was very adamant, he was brought to Sri Matam and made to lie down in a hall. Maha Periyava came to see him and asked with kindness, “Did you think that you have lost this body? “

Despite the pain in his body, Amravaneswaran was pleasantly surprised that Maha Periyava asked the very same question which was in his mind in the morning. He felt that Maha Periyava’s kind enquiry itself is a medicine to remove his pain and sorrow. Maha Periyava told him “Don’t worry; everything will become alright.”

In the evening again Amravaneswaran was taken to Sri Matam and he was made to lie down in the presence of Maha Periyava. Then Maha Periyava enquired those who brought Amravaneswaran about his health. He asked them –“Did you have to carry him? Is he not able to walk? Ok let him lie down here for sometime”. Maha Periyava looked at Amravaneswaran with lot of kindness and blessed him. After 10 minutes Maha Periyava asked him to be taken to next room to lie down.

A miracle happened next morning. Some changes were seen on the left side of Amravaneswaran’s body which was almost paralysed. With difficulty he was able to move his legs and hands. In the evening there was a delay in others to come to assist Amravaneswaran to go to have darshan of Maha Periyava. Amravaneswaran slowly go up on his own and by holding on to the wall walked to the place where Maha Periyava was seated and sat in his presence. He was stunned that he was able to get up and walk on his own.

Sri Maha Periyava, who is the incarnation of Lord Viswanathar & who had performed this miracle, innocently asked “Are you able to walk on your own? Good improvement”. Maha Periyava asked him where else Amravaneswaran has pain and then told him to go in and lie down.

For four days Amravaneswaran had darshan of Maha Periyava who showered him with his blessings. Gradually swelling in his face reduced, his vision improved and others could visibly see how Amravaneswaran’s health was improving. A fracture in his nose disappeared. When he was taken to Chennai for a body scan, the neuro surgeon said where is the need for a scan as Amravaneswaran appeared alright. When others showed the medical records prepared after the accident, the doctors could not believe that a person who has met with such an accident has recovered so fast. They would expect such a person to take about 4 months to recover.
With a deep sense of gratitude, Amravaneswaran explained to the doctors how Maha Periyava blessed and cured him for four days. The doctor said ‘Normally we provide treatment to patient and then pray to Maha Periyava for his blessings for the treatment to succeed. When Maha Periyava, the reincarnation of Lord Vaidyanathar, himself has treated you, there is no need for assistance from mortal doctors like us to you”

Because Amravaneswaran totally surrendered with full faith to Maha Periyava, Grace & blessings of Maha Periyava cured him

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