Periyavas’ Mahodhaya Snanam @Vedaranyam

Thanks to Hari & Sri Vignesh Studios for the lovely photos. These photos should be preserved – great and rare photos on such an auspicious day! How blessed those devotees are who are with them!!!!

Periyava_Vedharanyam1 Periyava_Vedharanyam2 Periyava_Vedharanyam3 Periyava_Vedharanyam4 Periyava_Vedharanyam5 Periyava_Vedharanyam6 Periyava_Vedharanyam7

Periyava_Vedharanyam9 Periyava_Vedharanyam8

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  1. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Dharisanam of Sri Periyavas taking Snaanam itself will give us PuNyam! Thanks for the great service! Great photos!

  2. Divine sharing.AnanthakotiNamaskarams.

  3. Thanks for taking us to Thirumaraikkadu.

  4. Enjoyed darshan of Periyava and pooja at Vedaranyam. Due to heavy rush we took bath around 5 am at Kodiyakkarai and subsequent snanams at Vedaranyam. Thanks for the photos

  5. nkara. Thank u . On seeing this we got also feeling and joining in this function.

  6. Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara!

  7. dear Mahesh. Thanks for immediate despatch of fotos. I was fortunateto have the darshan and blessings of Balaperiyavaa at Thillaivilagam Sri Kothandaramartemple yesterday evening. We had been to Kodiakkarai for Mahodhaya Punya snanamand traffic dislocation denied us to have snanam with KANCHI PERIYAVAAS. YOURfotos redressed our feelings and made us happy. Unforgettable maha event in our lifetime,indeed to seae the humanity at seashore with PERIYAVAAS .Thanks to BrahmasriRangasamy Dikshithar of Aaangarai, Iwe were able to do mahasankalpam,arkhyam,prarthana,tharpananam and dhanam with his guidance, as he gave us scripts of mantras.knswamy,tiruchy

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