Divine meeting at Kanchi led to my transformation after 22 years

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By Sri Gayathri Rajagopal

I went to Kanchipuram, without any purpose because the previous day night, some divine force was directing me firmly to proceed to Kanchi. This was around the year 1993, during the month of October or November. (I am not clear about the month) .I started without any program and reached Kanchi.

I was walking in the streets of Kanchi, like a mad person and I was crossing Sankara Mutt and I stopped myself for some time at the entrance. (Probably that was my divine destination) I had two minds whether to step-in or proceed further to walk in the streets of Kanchi. I can confidently mention here that some divine force had pulled me in. Consequently, I went inside the Mutt.

After I crossed the front portion of the Mutt, there was a well and at the left side of the well, there was a small door and presumably that was the entrance of that room. I could see a bright and tejomaya saint “Paramacharya” was sitting in HIS usual posture. There was no prasadams in front of him. Periva was with the frowning looking down, without giving his blessings to devotees.

When I entered and arrived at that spot there was total silence. Maha Periva with frowning face was looking down and he was neither blessing people nor giving prasadams. The reason Maha Periva only knows. Wait for few minitues here,

That was the time at Chennai; I was cursing my fate that I did not have my guru. Because of my age and my profession, I was not bothered to have my guru and I refused to yield to my parent’s advice also. My situation, was like a baby elephant loses her mother in the forest and aimlessly loitering in the dense forest, without knowing what to do and exposing her for all predictable and potential dangers of the forest?

This was the time that some divine force, forced me to go to Kanchi and have my Divine GURU. Probably that was the message to me from Maha Periva that “Do not feel that you don’t have a GURU. I am departing to my divine world, hence common and don’t have such kind feeling because I am there. Exactly   after a month I could see, scrolling news in TV that Maha Periva attained Siddhi.

I was able to correlate these happenings in my life, by going through the events chronologically. Consequently, I am fully convinced that Maha Periva had enrolled me as one of his student in HIS divine Gurukulam. I am very clear, in stating this because the breath taking events of miracles in my life like throwing all my deep rooted habits of 55 years were thrown out without traces overnight and my confirmed cancer was cured and no TV, News papers and no entertainments and only Vedam and Gayathri chanting right from 4.30 in the morning. Maha Periva washed me in acid to give me “Sareera Suddhi and Athma Suddhi” These changes are diagonally opposite to my character, attitude and mind set. This itself confirms that every miracle in my life is tangible. Even typing such a lengthy article with five fingers and one hand is itself conveys a message to me that” I am there with you always.”

There are many more events which are worthy in mentioning any number of times in any kind of forum. One such event was, virtually Maha Periva snatched me from the hands of Yama Dharma, at Himalayas, during midnight at an altitude of 12000 feet plus, is a testimony for my above claim and a testimony for Maha Periva’s divine potential.

After, I reached Mutt, Thanks for waiting please, proceed further,

As there was huge crowed of devotees, waiting for divine blessings, I could get a place, only at the extreme back of the crowd.  I have decided that it is not fair on my part by pushing people and try to have dharshan. My inner voice advised me that Paramacharya’s glimpse of eye sight is enough and that itself is amounting to blessing.

I just closed my eyes and prayed for the blessing of His Holiness. After a couple of minutes, my inner voice, tells me to open the eyes. When I opened my eyes, one middle aged person with beard, who was assisting periva, asked me to come near Periva’s feet as paramacharya wants to bless me. I have mentioned my inner voice because the same inner voice directs me in my daily life now for all my miracles.

I could not believe that I am being called. With much reluctance, I tried to move forward and the crowed, voluntarily gave me the way, to enable me to reach near the feet of Paramacharya. There was no place, to do Namaskaram and I could bend myself maximum, to offer my Namaskaram. There was nothing in front of Periva as prasadem. Paramacharya put his right hand behind him and took an apple. Apple was green in colour. Periva was rolling the apple with right hand for some time. Periva blessed me by keeping kukkum on that apple and dropped in my hands.

Please note one important thing here that Maha Periva never gives prasadem in HIS own hand, from the year 1990 but HE will keep prasadem in a bamboo plate and ask sreekaryam people to give it to the devotees or Periva will push the plate towards devotees. But to the stunning surprise of everyone, Maha Periva in his own hand took an apple and press kumkum, so many times over the apple and dropped in my hand. That Divine drop was the beginning of my divine era in my life.

Periva was attempting to keep kumkum on the top of the apple by pressing kumkum with his fingers and I could see, the shapes of the tender fingers were formed a snake like line. The apple was green in colour, presumably not ripe at that time. That was the message to me that

Periva’s blessings may reach me
Once the time is ripe
Which, I could not understand at that time.
I could understand and realize it after 22 years.

No conversation took place. The entire crowd was looking at me presumably thinking that what a divine soul, I should be. But I was really embraced even to think, even I am a good soul. After receiving prasadm, I calmly came out and proceeded towards Chennai, as I came to understand my purpose of Kanchi trip.

I did not know the importance or divine value of the prasadams and Periva’s blessings at that time. After 22 years, Paramacharya connected me through his gentle whisper through my soul and started fulfilling the purpose of his blessing.  I recall my First Miracle happened in the year 1993.

Now, having understood the value of Maha Periva and HIS “sparisam” through an apple, I am really afraid for not understanding what Maha Periva expects from me. What kind of divine responsibilities, I should render to the society. I have consulted many elders and their advice was” continue the same article writing and Maha Periva will guide you at every stage.” Hence I am continuing.

Yes! That is very true because after my paralytic stoke, Maha Periva started teaching me, taming me and gave me a feeling that I am a student in a Divine Gurukulam, where my divine master is Maha Periva.

This is the starting point of Miracles in my life. Hereafter every article of mine will be a divine feast by Maha Periva to all devotees. Much more than the readers of my articles, I will be happier to share my experiences, for any number of times with any number of people.

My Assignment is,
Spread Maha Periva and
HIS divine school of thought
Even to the unknown frontiers, till I breathe.


Next Week:

You can expect an article about Periva’s instruction to me that I should do 108 pradakshnam for 108 days without break in ”Sri Anjanaya Temple–Peria Praharam”   during Brimha Muhurtham at about 4.30 in the morning. How I completed those 108 days and my experience during those 108 days and a stunning miracle on 108th day is really a divine treat for all Maha Periva devotees.

Dear Devotees of Maha Periva, I wish to inform you all that I am not a professional writer and hence if you find, there is no cogency in my narration kindly bear with me.

Divinely yours,

Gayathri Rajagopal

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  1. For the past 5 years I have got some problem both mentally and physicaly. Hope Periyava will cure all my ailments and regain my old health. I am now 65 years old. This is my humble prayer. Kindly save me dear friends.

    • Dear Sri Vedanarayanan Garu, life problems, be it physical or mental, don’t spare any, for that matter, even Lord Rama and Mata Sita were not spared. Who we are? However, one walking God can bring down your problems to minimal or give you strength to bear them, is our Paramacharya – Maha Periva. Think of HIM; Pray to HIM. HE will come to your rescue.

      Sir, you are matured enough to understand all these, Trust patience, everything will go one day, whether it is good or bad, that’s a cycle, as you know.

      I will also pray for you to Maha Periva for your speedy recovery of your problems. Your good times are just ahead.

      • My dear Balaji, thank you for your reply for my prayer. God bless you and your family. I always think and pray Sri Maha Periyava. Tank you dear.

  2. I wish to be part of this divine experience! How can I do that?

  3. So heart-warmingly narrated anecdote. Portrays HIS divinity.

  4. Respected Sir,

    Wow! You narrated very nicely and I can able to see how you went and how Periva gave prasadam virtually. You are very blessed Sir. Really , I am not getting any words to describe your experience.

    But from your experience, I learnt that Periva always blesses genuine, humble and good meaning people like you. You are very great Sir!


    • Respected madam,
      I accept your compliments with utmost humility. I will try my best to live up to your expectations.
      With kind regards,
      Gayathri rajagopal

  5. Respected Sir,

    we can never repay our gratitude in any form to our guru and guru kataksham. The only way to repay is our.melting devotion, walk in the divine path of guru, exemplify ourselves in our thought, speech and action and spread the fragrance of GURU Mahaperiyava in all directions.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

  6. Maha Periyava Touches the life of every Devotee and make them evolve further in Sanathana Dharma. The articles of Sri Gayatri Rajagopal help everyone aspire for such Devotion to Maha Periyava, who Lived for us! What can we ever do anything to repay our Guru, Lord and Master? ara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara!

  7. Very inspiring to read this article. I have not had this good fortune. I try to put in practice what periyava has mentioned in Deivathhin Kural.

    • Namastae, sri rajagopal sir, i waited eagerly for your article about the mahima of sri maha periyava from saturday. but i can read you only on monday, that too now only, because i have no computer/laptop for me at my home. so i have to read your article in the office only. the karuna showered on you by mahaperiva is awesome. i too is glad and blessed by mahaperiva by reading your articles and the miracles by HIM on his devotees is itself a blessing to me. actually i dont know about maha periva or your blog. accidentally i came to see the title sage of kanchi in the net and was inspired by the articles i read,. from that time i am eagerly waiting to read many more miracles and with utmost difficulty i am waiting for the articles. i dont know how to express my happiness and feelings about the articles sorry for that i beg maha periva to give good health and energy to you to spread his mahima. waiting for many more articles to read.

      • Respected Madam.Radhika,

        I feel sorry for posting my article late. Thank you very much for your compliments to my article. You need not worry or feel that you don’t have modern facilities to access articles on Mahaperiyava.Your devoted prayer on Mahaperiyava will provide all facilities. Your melting Bhakthi towards Mahaperiyava. will certainly translate all your dreams in to reality.

        I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family in abundance.

        with kind regards,
        Gayathri Rajagopal

    • Dear Sir,

      When you think of Mahaperiyava you become fortunate always. Deivathin Kural will certainly navigate you in your daily life.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  8. Namaskarams Sri Gayathri Rajagopal !
    Your Bhakthi and Sharangathi is totally inspirational and soul-stirring beautifully reflected in your writings.
    May your Bhakthi for Sri Mahaperiyavaa get transferred to me and inspire me on this voyage of Life.
    Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s Karunakataaksham strengthen us all.

    • Respected Madam.Vijayaa,

      Yes! you are absolutely right. In the divine life voyage, we are guided every second by Mahaperiyava and we should be able to correlate every happenings in life to the divine powers of Mahaperiyava. If we are able practice this, then Mahaperiyava will be in your close proximity.

      Whenever, we think,,,speak or write about Mahaperiyava, it is certain that we are able to realise the divine radiation of Mahaperiyava..

      Your reply, really inspires me to learn your unquenchable thirst on Mahaperiyava.

      Continue your relentless prayer and it will be answered by Mahaperiyava at any second.

      with divine regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal.

      • Namaskaram Sri Gayathri Rajagopal!Thank you for your sincere response.You state the Truth about Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s Anugraha Drishti guiding each and every event in our lives.We have to be consciously connected and that too with the Karunaakataaksham of Sri Mahaperiyavaa.Sri Mahapriyavaa Charanam Sharanam!My heartfelt praarthanais for you.VCM

  9. Gurubhiyo namaha.. Maha Periava Padam Saranam!!! I think the content is so rich that it overflows and outrageously overthrow flow issues of communication trail.. your experience has exemplified and proven course for all our devotees and many more to join this blissful team…

    “””with No prasadam visibly seen around, a Green apple comes from behind,.. not ripe enough of the apple >> communicating about effects to be seen latter in life… given by hand purifies the way of health, takes divinity to the peak..
    taking pains with your challenged situation of using just 5 fingers to print this lengthy series of articles.. communicates your determination, and with HIS blessing the spread of blissfulness in abundance around….”””

    what to say sir, your articles are mind boggling , as i read and re-read becoming and getting aanandam and presenting me this experience of elevated spirit within me..with eyes moist and i just pray MAHA PERIAVA to bless further..)

    • Dear Mr.Krishna,

      What a way to post your comments. My level of confidence and devotion towards Mahaperiyava is getting transcended. Let us all together spread the divine fragrance of Mahaperiyava even to unknown frontiers.

      Even for me, I used to have glistened eyes while I do narration of my incident. Before I write my articles, I virtually live in the situation and submit my prayer to Mahaperiyava for “Nirvignam”

      I pray Mahaperiyava to bless you and your family generously.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  10. Periyava Sharanam! Hello Sir, what to say about your experience? I am thrilled n at the same time upset that i never got an opportunity to meet Periyava. Look at his grace, just before he bid adeu to his physical form he pulled you into his gurukulam. You are blessed! Every time I read your posts my eyes are moist. At the same time, it worries me a bit as you haven’t replied to any of the previous comments… Hope you are doing good? May Periyava give you the strength to do everything you want to do. Take care Sir. BTW I am Ms.Rashmi not Sri. Sekar as you have been addressing me :). Hope to hear from you at the earliest… Hara Hara Shankara ! Jaya Jaya Shankara!

    • Respected Madam.Rashmi,

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

      I feel extremely sorry to note that I have not replied to your earlier post. Normally, I make it a point to reply all posts because as I said earlier, I see Mahaperiyava in each and every devotee’s voice and in every alphabet of their divine comments. Hence, let me have the pleasure of replying to you first today and I am honored to give you this privilege.

      I am extremely happy and my health is more than what I deserve. When Mahaperiyava’s blessings and wishes of devotees like you are there, my health will always be in an excellent manner.

      Your compliments to my article is really inspiring me to write more and more. I will certainly exemplify myself as one of the divine student of Mahaperiyava divine Gurukulam.

      Thank you for correcting me to address you as Madam instead of Mister. Sorry for my mistake madam.
      I will pray Mahaperiyava to bless you and your family in abundance.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  11. Sri Gayathri Rajagopal, The main purpose of communication in any form is to reach out to other in the best possible form. In your article you are directly touching the hearts of devotees through your brilliant and lively narration. There is also a great divinity and thrill in going thru the article. Please please please continue your noble service to all….Thank you

    • Dear Mr.Venkat,

      Your wonderful comments are really an impetus for my writing skills. Moreover the inspiring comments from devotees like you are really a soothing medicine for my pain in the fingers. My five fingers owes a lot to devotees like you for all your kind words and excellent comments.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  12. guru kripa, periyava made arrangements even before he attained siddhi,blessed you and blessed all his devotees indirectly to listen your experience.

  13. Sri Gayathri Rajagopal Garu, where we were seeing your English cogency, we were completely drenched in the rain of your experience with Maha Periva. Nor we are interested in that sir! We felt like that we were there virtually in every your occasion and having Darshan of Periva along with you! A tons of thanks to you for taking us along with you for that.

    • Thank you Sri.Balaji for your encouraging comments. I am sure that Mahaperiyava will give me more strength to share my experience through my articles during every saturday.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  14. Great it is true that we are student in the Periyava gurukulam and our divine master is maha Periyavaa and our duty is spread his holy message to unknown frontiers till our last breathe. Sir once again namaskaram to u.Periyava padheme charanam jeya jeya sankara hara hara sankara

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