A musician’s worship in ekantham!


Thanks to Subham for sharing this in FB….Perfect photo for a Sani Pradosham Day. This picture tells me only one thing – our worship to Iswaran should only be athmaartham and guhyam. It doesn’t have to be a show to others. Look at this serene atmosphere, where is musician is absolutely absorbed into the musican samarpan to Lord Parameswaran. Just him, Him & Nandhi – that’s all! Blessed! Photographer did a fantastic job of capturing this moment!

This photo is taken in Kasi – but this is not from Kasi Viswanathar Kovil. Those who have visited Banares would have seen these kinds of small temples all over that place. Anyone can go, take a pot of ganga water and pour on the head of the lingam/Iswaran – do a namaskaram and walk away…I loved that place for the level of vibration that place has. Time to go again!

Let us pray Pradosha nayagar to bless us all with more bakthi!


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  1. Om Nama Shivaaya! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  2. Really serene and brings a sense of release from mundane things.

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