Rare Rig Veda Chanting for Mahamaham

Shika parayanam notice


On Divine Orders from  Jagadgurus Sri Kanchi Periyavaas,  to celebrate forthcoming Mahaamaham in Kumbakonam, approximately 32 of the top most Rig Vedhis in the world have arrived in the Kumbakonam branch of our Sri Matham. They have mastered the highest form of excellence in Rig Vedha (including Salakshana Ghanam).  They began the Shikha Parayanam of Rig Vedham in the Kumbakonam branch of our Sri Matham.  Several of them have completed the Bhashya paadam and several other most esoteric aspects of Vedhas, etc. The poster explains the eight Vikruthis available only in Rig Vedha, of which Shikha is a major one.

Bramhasri Thirukotikka Ghanapatigal is the one standing in the second spot on the right along the wall with a green bag in hand and under the Blessing picture of Sri Maha Periyava.  As Guru parampara is fondly referred to as  “வாழை அடி வாழை,” he is the Vedhic Guru to Bramhasri Venugopala Ghanapatigal standing first on the right hand side along the wall (and to Bramhasri Thirukotikka Ghanapatigal’s left hand side) on the first photo below.  Several other Ghanapatigals in the picture were/are students, in turn, of Bramhasri Venugopala Ghanapatigal, who has been serving as the Vedhic teacher (Adhyapakar) in the Kumbakonam paatasalai of our Sri Matham for several decades now.  They started this parayanam today with  Sri Kamakshmi Amabl blessing the Paatasalai.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. our family submit our pranams to each and every one.

  2. My Shastaanga namasakarams to all these Holy Men

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