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  1. we all can do kootu prarthanai to mahaperiyava for saving the gho matha from the hands of the heartless human beings.

  2. Please listen to animal protection activist Gary yourofksy , Jew , animal rights activist , in YouTube and you will be surprised how jeeva kaarunyam is a natural humane divine instinct 🙏

  3. correctly said.

  4. Wonderful! What a moving picture it is!Cows (like others in the animal and plant kingdom) have feelings and can convey them too! It is proved by scientific studies that animals like cows and pigs know it when they are about to be slaughtered and the sudden fright felt then triggers chemical changes in their bodies which render the meat unsafe for consumption. Yet, man eats such stuff! Anyone with pets like dog or cat knows how grateful these creatures are when we attend to their injury and relieve their distress.. Even wild birds are known to visit people who had helped them out of some distress. Humans alone lack gratitude.

  5. Namaskaram!

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