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When I saw these recent pictures of HH Balaperiyava, the similarities with Mahaperiyava immediately struck my mind with those relevant pictues – couldn’t resist posting 🙂

Thanks to Sri Matam & Sri Guruvayurappan for the photos….

Vandhe Guru Paramparam!!








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  1. Rama rama. This is the treasure of our Acharya parampara. No change in the way they stand or sit. Example for “sadhasiva samaarambhaam” slokam. Change cannot be also, because it is parameshwara avadhaaram. How can it be different from one to other. We are blessed to have the darshan of “Nadamadum Dheivam”. I have experience their grace many times and they are karunamurthigal.

  2. Sri Mahesh

    Thank you for the blessed Divine Pictures and making the Day forever for all of us…

    Blessed by His Divine Grace to Listen to Sri Bala Periyava in Ekantham in recent times… It is a Divine experience and guided directions for the cause… “Yan Pettra Inbam Peruga Iv Vaiyakam” note above Sri GVKrupa is a ‘Maha Vakyam’and namaskarams to Him….

    Blessed all of us are who are blessed to have all the Three of our Guru’s and take directions..

    Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Om Namo Bagawathe Sri Ramanayah

    • Raise-L Ramanan ji: Pranams & Namaskarams to Their Holiness! At times like many tens of hundreds (if not tens of thousands of devotees) of devotees, I used to wonder how nice it’d have been had the technology was as advanced as now during Sri Maha Perivaa’s time. But immediately I’ll be back to wondering how Sri Bala Perivaa making use of it! Thank Goodness that devotees who can’t visit & have Darshan (leave alone Ekantgs Darshan but even Samashti Darshan) are benefitted nowadays with Video Conference, Web Conference etc. to have personalized Darshan! You’ve rightly ended your comment that we are all blessed to take directions from Their Holiness!

      Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara!

      • Dear Sri.Mahesh,

        Your comparison between Maha Periva and Bala Periva virtually taken devotees of Maha Periva to the days of Maha Periva giving Theertha Prasadam to devotees. Those days are green in memory to cherish those days for ever. Let Maha Periva bless you in abundance for your excellent divine services.

        with regards,
        Gayathri Rajagopal

  3. We shouldn’t be surprised if that’s the same உர்த்தரணி Sri Matam is still using!

  4. Mahesh, Lovely photos with very good comparison! If by any chance you had not visited with Sri Maha Perivaa or with Sri Perivaa yet any Kshetrams, next time please try to go to (during your next visit to India) with Sri Bala Prrivaa. (if possible travel in the same vehicle) to at least nearby villages or some kshetrams. Those Kshetrams H.H. would or wouldn’t have visited before. H.H. will invite the devotees who had come for Darshan on that day also to come to those Kshetrans. H.H. will make sure everybody enjoyed the Kshetram as much as H.H. Himself enjoyed! The remarkable or visible difference between those times & now would be capturing it in photos & videos. I still distinctly remember H.H. Sri Perivaa in 2001, when seeing the photos of H.H. Sri Bala Perivaa’s 32nd Jayanthi Celebrations at Prayag with so many devotees from across the world on those two days at Prayag, very praisingly & jokingly said “பால பெரிவா எல்லாரையும் வர சொல்லிருப்பாரே!”. Bottom line H.H. Sri Bala Perivaa’s basic approach is “யான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இவ்வையகம்” especially with Kshetrams! Good post to enjoy & relish nostalgic memories! Thank you!

  5. Dear Sri MAhesh

    Excellently done. The similarity as you have said is striking.

    Also the photo on the home page of Pudhu Periyavaa at the Maha periyavaa Adhistanam is just beautiful.

  6. Just wonderful!

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