Sri Gayathri Rajagopal Series – I


The MIRACLE BY Maha Periva started yesterday at 8.30 in the morning and lasted up to small hours of today morning up to 05.01 hours. I thought, I can post this miracle on Saturday as per schedule. (You all know that my post on all Saturday’s exclusively for my miracle experience of Maha Periva.)

But I could not resist myself posting immediately so that the devotees who are in cross road will confidently pray to Maha Periva and wait for Periva’s reply. Let me begin the miracle,

I have to get permission from very big Government institution for some of my files. In this connection, I was granted appointment by the top official of the institution for 25th at 10.30 in the morning. I finished my Brimha Muhurtham prayer as per schedule and Gayathri Japam, I kept it for my en route so that I can chant till I reach the institution and while coming back also I can chant. This was my plan. To carry out my plan I should start from my house at 8.30 in morning.

Please note that I am staying in third floor and there is lift to go down to car park. My wife used to assist me, till I reach my car. In the institution where I am supposed to go to the department, will provide me wheel chair and my wife will drive the wheel chair to the department.

First Climax: Sharp at 8.30 I stepped out of my house and went to lift door. I pressed the button but due to technical problem the lift, got struck at the ground floor itself. The secretary of my apartment contacted life mechanic to come and attend. The entire process will take one full day to make the lift alright.

In case, I don’t go for my appointment, it will be considered gross indiscipline and another appointment will be granted after we justify our failure in an acceptable manner,. My wife was tensed up because more than the cumbersome protocol of the institution taking me in a wheel chair is really a very difficult task.

I immediately prayed to Maha Periva which goes as follows:

Periva, I prayed to you, during my Brimha Muhurtham prayer last week about this issue and you have also answered my prayer by making me to receive an appointment from the institution in spite of the fact that it is very difficult to get an appointment that too in week’s time of my request. If the lift is not going to come to my floor, I cannot go to the institution and honour my appointment. You know the consequences Periva. Make the lift alright Periva please.

There was silence for minute and Periva instructed me

“Go to lift and things will be alright for you. Don’t worry for anything and I am there with you for your all your crisis”

With the mantle relief, I went to lift door again and pressed the button and in split second with jerk the lift started coming up to my floor. My wife was stunned because she never expected this to happen. But this miracle happened because Maha Periva answered my prayer instantly. I could reach my car without any difficulty. I proceeded to the institution for my appointment.

Kindly wait for tomorrow for continuation…….

It is something huge. As my fingers and hand is paining much, please bear with me now. I will certainly post the rest at the same time tomorrow. (I am paralytic stoke patient and typing with one hand only)

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. Namaskaram everyone. I have been reading about Guru Poojai and experiences and that it is by sheer blessings that we are chosen to perform the same. What is the procedure. I sincerely want to start Guru Poojai. Kindly help.

  2. Hara hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. Mahaperiyava potri. Thank you for showing the blessings GR mama.

  3. Namaskarams. Can I have email address of GR mama.

  4. With due respect to Maha periava and GR sir I would say your experiences are so extraordinary. May I know if you reply to our prayer requests?

  5. SRI MAHA PERIYAVA THIRUVADI CHARANAM. Once again i thank you from the bottom of my heart for the long reply which made me feel happy. Sure Sir, i would like to share with you abt my dreams wherein Maha Periyava gave me darshan. I have a request to make to you sir. If you dont mind, pls give me your contact number so that i can call you and talk to you about my dreams. Pls specify the time as to when will you be free. Thank you. Pls take care.

  6. Namaskaram Sir. Thank you for the prompt reply. I really wonder at your transformation. How did you manage to throw all the food habits in a single night? I have been drinking coffee 2 times daily. For the past few years i have changed it to once a day but still sometimes when i have headache or i get moody i drink it again with a feeling of guiltiness. I will try to completely cut down that also. Have you seen him in dreams? I did not have the opportunity of having His Darshan in person but after coming to know about Him now i am fortunate to have seen Him in my dreams 3, 4 times. I would like to see Him more and more. Yes He is Omnipresent. My namaskarams to HIS THIRUVADIGAL.

    • Respected Madam,
      Thank you very much for having evinced interest towards my article. I myself is wondering how come, it is possible to throw all my 55 years of deep rooted habits at one go. Coffee, tea, rice, onion, garlic and many more were given up in different time intervals. Not all my habits at one go over night.

      For example coffee was given up at one go and after a week tea at one go like this. For coffee alone, I pleaded Maha Periva to show some consideration but Maha Periva very sweetly said no. you can go through all my posts in future.

      The latest spells of giving up habits are News paper, totally TV, no entertainments and etc and only Maha Periva and Vedam, reply to devotees posts and pray for devotees. The rest of the time I chant Gayathri Mantram. I get up at 4.30 in the morning for Brimha Muhurtham prayer and during that prayer I submit all my prayers for various devotees’ health problems and any kind of family problems.

      Kindly note that I am a paralytic patient and left leg and left hand is not functional. Maha Periva, how he cured my cancer is another testimony for Maha Periva’s power of divinity.

      Yes! Maha Periva appeared in my dream to convey a message twice only. The message was very much right which implies dream appearance of Maha Periva is only a darshan and as you say HE is Omnipresent.
      ………..end of part-1

      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Part-2

        Maha Periva did so much for me to make others understand if we are soulful with sustained prayers Maha Periva will make his sustained presence in us.

        I had darshan of Maha Periva only once at Kanchi and that itself was a miracle. Out of huge crowd particularly I am standing at the back of the entire crowd and Maha Periva called me and gave me an apple by keeping kumkum on the apple by pressing kumkum so many times on the apple by his tender fingers.

        When devotees send their views, I hear Periva voice in every reply. So I cannot resist myself from responding and I cannot be complacent towards your replies. How can I be complacent towards Maha Periva?

        I think there is a line or character limitations in posting my replies and hence I am splitting my reply in two parts and posting.

        Sorry Madam, I have given such a lengthy reply and taken your valuable time. Kindy bear with me..

        With kind regards

        Gayathri Rajagopal

    • You have mentioned that Maha Periva gave you dharshan in your dreams. Excellent it is. Will you please share it with us.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  7. Our duty is to totally surrender to Mahaperiya I was twice stroke affected. 1st time, was partially affected and got recovered in 14 days. That time, i did not merry. Second time, immediately after marriage, I was fully affected, on the other side. Even I could not drink water and was not able to sit on the bed also. While I was in the bed (at the hospital), my wife used to read all the Mahaperiyava’s blessings/miracles stories, to me. It gave me full grip & got full confidence in Mahaperiyava. Thereafter, Periyava gives me blessings to do my Nithya Karmas regularly. Wherever, not able to do, i do in mind (Manaseehamaga). Today, i am perfectly alright with the help of Mahaperiyava and do all work as a normal person. It happened while working in a same Multi National Company (in overseas). By Mahaperiyava’s blessings without loosing job, still i am working with the company and Periyava has taken care of all my medical charges. Now, after full stroke, more than 10 years are over. By Mahaperiyava’s blessings, still with full good health i continue work with the same company. My wife (when she baby) was named by Mahaperiyava as Thirupurasundari. We are His children, he clears all the obstacles we face in day to day. Ithu Sathiyam. Periyavallai Nambinor Kai Vidapadar. Everythings are Samarpanam to Mahaperiyava. Mahaperiyava Padham Charanam

    • Dear Sri.Mohan
      I have gone through your narration with the glistened eyes. Yea! The tears were rolling down from the eyes. Your narration is virtually taken me to the unforgettable period of my life, where I was paralyzed and traveled in Himalayan ghat road over night for 12 hours at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet. At every hairpin bend, I could visualize a hell. I could not see because I was in semiconscious state in an ambulance.

      I had only Rs.50000/- with me because that was the last day of 10 days tour. I was expecting hospital of few lakhs and this worry was more painful than my stoke. You know, Maha Periva answered my prayer by making me to pay Rs.5/- and got myself discharged. Virtually Maha Periva was keeping me in his lap and travelled with me.

      There were 5 patients totally including me in intensive care unit and on third day four of them were passed away and I was witnessing every death. Every day early morning or night the diseased were covered by a cloth including their face which implies they are dead.

      Sorry Mr. Mohan, I am blowing my own trumpet because I could not resist myself from spreading Maha Periva. I am happy that you have recovered fully Let Maha Periva bless you and your family in abundance.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  8. Sri Gayathri Rajagopal Sir, Is there a way i can help you. If you can narrate i can type for you…Please do let me know.

    • Very kind of you Mr.Santhanam. you have not seen me even once and your offer your services to me is something GREAT. You are exhibiting your humanity and exemplify yourself as Maha Periva devotee. If Maha Periva wish is there, I will certainly utilise your kind offer.

      Let Maha Periyava bless you and your family in abundance.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Thank you sir..My email id is and I ready to commit my time towards this noble effort. I live in US so my night time which is day for you will be more apt for us to interact.Please let me know.

  9. Respected Madam.

    Thank you very much for your kind words. The reason for my such a love and bakthi on Maha Periva is his transformation process which is clinical in nature. Yes! First Sareera Suddhi, then Athma Suddhi.This process was executed by Maha Periva without pain to me. Few example coffee,tea, rice, onion, garlic sugar, oil and many more habit of 55 years were thrown out over night without traces. My cancer cure was another milestone in this mega process.

    Now no TV, no news paper no tele serials an d only Maha Periva and vedam is my daily life.You can expect my narrations in each and every aspect separately briefing how it begun and how it travelled and how ended up with total transformation.

    I was like vegetable in my bed and right from brushing to food was served in my bed only.and there was 100% dependence on others for everything.One cannot understand the torture I was undergoing every second. My prayer to Maha Periva answered by HIM by making me functional just like others of course with my physical challenges. Over night the scenario was changed that everyone in the house depends on me for cooking, serving cleaning the house. From the state of dependence Maha Periva brought the state of inter dependence.

    With so much of happenings in my life ” Maha Periva is an omniscient God. The word love and bakthi is too small a word to mention. The only divine gratitude would be to submit myself at the lotus feet of Maha Periva.

    Thank you Mrs.Hemalatha for this opportunity to narrate my divine life for the benefit of all Maha P

  10. Sri MAHA PERIYAVA THIRUVADI CHARANAM. Namaskarama to you also sir. With this physical condition and with your undaunted love for Sri Maha Periyava you are simply great sir. Hats off to your unflinching bakthi. Please pray to Him for our sake also to give us such a bakthi. Very eagerly awaiting your continuation of your miracle. Thanks and pranams.

  11. Maha Periyava’S Blessings will be ever with you! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  12. ungal bakthiyum athanal yerppatta mahaperiva anugraha arputhangalum silirkka vaikkindrana.romba nandri.for sharing..real devotion has got its own value ungal mathiri ovvoru vithaththil ellorukkum mahaperiva anugrahaththil vendiyathu nadakka prarthikkiren .mahaperiva tiruvadigale charanam.

  13. Sir, I don’t know what to tell? I have never seen Mahaperiyava but I have heard a lot about him. In spite of your health issues, you are writing down your experiences. This makes me wonder what a magical n divine aatman is Periyava. … I am too ignorant to understand him. Continue the good work, Sir! With Mahaperiyava’s blessing I am sure your meeting was successful. Hara Hara Shankara! Jaya Jaya Shankara!

    • Dear Sri.Sekar,

      You need not have a darshan of Maha Periva but the second you think of Maha Periva soulfully the same second Maha Periva is there with bless you.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  14. WOW,, what a way to start the series 1, HIS blessing to you is that HE is with you every moment.. protecting you every second..HE makes you think of HIM and makes it happen for you,.. you are HIS blessed soul..

    • Dear Sri.Krishna,

      Our relentless,melting, and sustained prayer will make Periva’s sustained presence with all of us.
      I am humbled by your kind words.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  15. Waiting to read further

  16. I could not complete the comment of maha maha Pewriyava’s abundant KARUNAI It instils my love for such a Mahan Iam proud to read such experiences of purely out of the Grace of our Maha Periyava May we lead life blessed every moment by Him


  18. You are so blessed by Maha Periva, Gayathri Rajagopal Garu!

  19. Great. Pranams to Periyava as well as to you sir. Waiting for the continuation. Harahara sankara Jaya jaya shankara.kali yugathu kann kanda theivamae.

    • Respected Madam.Latha Ramanathan,

      I am also eagerly waiting for sharing my experiences. It is my pleasure and privilege.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  20. Great!! Yeah, if one is ‘qualified’ (worthy) (meaning one who follows the swadharma which includes anushtanams, Periyava is THERE to help. I am not saying he is conditional, (all are his children); but samththu kozhandai ya he will not let down. ( unruly children will be dealt with differently with more love ofcourse)!. Humble namaskarams to you sir.

    • Respected Madam.Seethalakshmi,

      You are certainly right.Maha Periva is there to take care of all children.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

    • With due respect to Maha periava and GR sir I would say your experiences are so extraordinary. May I know if you reply to our prayer requests?

  21. Periyavaa. No samaranai other than need to note prayer at brahmamuhurtham with gayathri jabam with ur physical condition but with great mental strength with undaunted faith in avvaja karunamoorthy Periyavaa. Everything will happen. Once again pranams to u sir. Periyava charanam.jeya jeya Sankara hara hara sankara

  22. if mahaperiyava can arrange for a interview from you that will relieve you from typing and troubling your hand.

    • Dear Sir,

      Typing is the only option left to me because in addition to the paralysis of my left hand and left leg my speech also got paralysed. I am under speech therapy to improve my speech. I pray Maha Periva for HIS blessings. Devotees like you can also pray for me.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  23. pulakangitham while reading those lines.karuna samudram nam mahaperiyava.

    • Dear Sir,
      Bhakthi is contagious and let us become carrier of Bhakti instead of waiting for someone.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  24. Inspite of your busy schedule you have written your experience immediately.It is great and creates more Bhakti towards MAHPERIYAVA.You should bless all of us.

    • Respected Madam,

      I am very much humbled by your comments. The growth of bakthi towards Maha Periva will be in geometrical ratio. Let us spread Maha Periva everywhere.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal


    • Dear Sir,
      Your melting devotion is really inspiring Let us together spread the fragrance of Maha Periva even to the unknown frontiers.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  26. Thank you very much Sri Gayathri Rajagopal sir for kindly sharing your experiences, I will wait for another day to continue getting goose bumps reading your experiences. Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!

    • Dear Sri.Venkat,
      Thank you very much for your encouraging words. When I pronounce Maha Periva my throat gets chocked. Miracles are only a by product to know Maha Periva. Miracles are the invitations to come to him for Kaliyugam salvage . Maha Periva has given a prescription for a satisfied life for which we all are longing and fighting everyday. You can expect my post in this regard shortly.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal


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