Kamakshi Amman Pranaprathista Mahotsvam – Santa Clara

Santa Clara Kamakshi

I am pleased to invite you all for Kamakshi Amman pranaprathishta at Sri Kamakshi Community Center, Santa Clara on Feb 11-13, 2016. Brahmasri Chandramouli Sastrigal has roots from Sri Kanchi Matam. This ambal has been done by Sri Ganapathi Sthapathi and their team under the careful supervision of HH Kuvalaikkal Swamigal. Swamigal took every measure to ensure that ambal has been done as described in scriptures and did an exact replica of Kanchi Kamakshi.

After the vigraham is done, it was taken to Sri Matam where both Periyavas personally inspected and blessed the whole initiative.

Bay area is truly blessed to have Kanchi Kamakshi there. All devotees should take advantage of this center, participate in this mahotsvam and receive the blessings of ambal.

Checkout his FB page – https://www.facebook.com/PanditChandramouli/

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  1. varamanaithum tharum kamatchi ammanukku pranams jaya jaya sankara roooooomba santhosam , lot

  2. We Indians living in Chennai want to see daily activities of this Great Temple thru’ this media
    requested to make arrangements


  3. I am happy that u people build a temple for Lokamatha in USA. This statue did not bear the same or Smillar sanidhyam of KANCHI kamatchi or Adi kamatchi in the Vishwakarmas managed temple behind the existing sankaramutt managed temple in Kanchi, this is my personal view only about the sculpture. Are you going to have same type of SriChakra in yo I type with ashtalakshmis or Mahameru lifted by tortoise type to have daily Navavarna pooja or just kungamam Sahasranama pooja.?

  4. Sri Matre Namaha ll

    Blessed are the devotees of Bay Area to get Divine presence of Sri Lalitha Parameswari in Sri Kamakshi Roopam for worship.

    Best wishes for all those involved in this divine project

  5. Om Sri Kaamakshyai Namaha! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. What a blessing! Ambal is replica ok Kanchi Kamakashi Herself! Very Divine !

  7. Pranams to the Ambal getting installed over there.
    Best wishes to the patrons,founder, committee members and the devotees.

  8. What a blessing! Ambal is replica ok Kachina Kakashi Herself! Very Divine !

  9. Om Sri Matre namah!

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