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First of all, my sincere thanks to Sri Rajagopal, who has kindly agreed to share his experiences with all of us. I got introduced to him via internet and here is his intro and I have also added his first article down below…

Hope to hear from him regularly.

Introduction to the devotees of Maha Periva

I am P.Rajagopal belongs to a middle class vaishnavate family. I am qualified as M.B.A graduate and was employed in a PAN India company as Sr.Vice President. I took voluntary retirement in the year 2009 and presently engaged in spreading Maha Periva’s teachings and preaching’s to the society more particularly the younger generations.

In the year 1993 Maha Periva blessed me and that first dharshan itself was a miracle. From that day onwards my life is directed by Maha Periva. Even my relationship is germinated with sage of Kanchi is because of the grace of Maha Periva. I am sure that this small plant of relationship will grow in the days to come.

I am being authored in the name of Gayathri Rajagopal as against my original name of Rajagopal. The reason for suffixing Gayathri along with my name is Maha Periva instructed me to chant Gayathri every day. This itself is miracle by Periva which I will narrate in the days to come.

I am a paralytic stoke patient and my left side is affected and because of this I am typing my articles with my right hand only. I was in the bed like vegetable and 100% dependence on others for everything. Maha Periva change the scenario over night and every one depends on me in the house. I was a liability and today I am as asset. Thanks to Maha Periva. I will narrate this in the future posts.

To begin with I am planning to post my articles on every Saturday beginning from 23/01/16 and I invite your views and comments to enable me fine tune my articles.

Let this humble beginning grow towards new horizon at a higher altitude.

Let us together build Maha Periva Divine empire

Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Gayathri Rajagopal

Immortal  blessing of Paramacharya leads to Transformation of a person after 22 years

(A True incident)

As there were many Miracles happened in my life and still happening after Periva’s Anugraham and after Periva Siddhi, I feel that I should mention those Miracles to enable readers and devotees to understand and soulfully enjoy the divinity of Paramacharya. This article is purely for the benefit of devotees, who have not had the dharshan of Periva or had dharshan only once in spite of the fact they lived in Periva era. Even if you have not born during Periva era, your pure and implicit faith and devotion on Periva will protect you from unforeseen risk of adverse uncertainties of Kali yugam.

You need not feel that you are unfortunate because you did not have a dharshan of Periva but still you can become fortunate enough. How? I will explain with my divine transformation experience of His Holiness Maha Periva.  Those devotees need not curse their fate or curse themselves or you need not curse anybody because you are still under the divine umbrella of Periva. Your implicit faith and confidence on Periva and your devoted regular prayer will certainly salvage you from intense complexities. I narrate my experience which will enable you to develop a sense of divine confidence and that will cement your association with Periva’s divinity.

I had dharshan of Periva only once at Kanchi, which I have narrated at the later portion of this write-up. You can understand from my narration, how my only dharshan of Periva engulfed me after 22 years. Only from this, the above title has been coined up. I am sure that Periva will infuse confidence in to those devotees and make his divine presence felt by everyone and everywhere.

Before I start writing this, I prayed Periva for his permission and Periva approved this initiative by advising me that I should earnestly do this because everyone in kali Yuga badly needs this divine shield which will protect them from uncertainties and facilitate them to incline towards divinity. When there is a clear mental state, the soul and body synchronies in perfect alignment and begin its travel towards ultimate divine zone.

In this Kali Yugam, there are so much of uncertainties, social risks and evil opportunities for people who put themselves in to problems and make this GENMA meaningless. When there is a divine solution on hand, why people should face problems or afraid of Kali yugam? Periva answered further that if one devotee who attained divinity, can help another ten devotes and those ten devotees can help further 100 devotees. This way, transformed people will be on the increase, and this increase will be in geometrical ratio and not in arithmetical ratio.  This kind of mass relay, will spread the fragrance of divinity beyond limits. These limits can become boundaries, boundaries can become territories and territories can become larger geographical area. I am one of the devotees, who spread the fragrance of Periva’s divine greatness. Hope this fragrance will spread and surpass all limits and boundaries.

I feel it is absolutely necessary to know, why blessings and our prayers takes much time to be answered sometimes, and till such time what happens to them. When I had pleasant shock of divine miracle of Periva, I started analyzing this through many books of sages and philosophical gurus. As a result of my analysis, I am giving  my findings  on subsequent posts, so that the devotees can endorse my findings or add dimensions to it and further, they can share this with others. Please go ahead with your reading.

Hara  Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

Gayathri Rajagopal

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  1. Sir.This is Gayathri Rajagopal I am writing and posting my articles in You can access all articles hosted just few minitues back.

  2. Can some one help me to find the continued series of above post.
    Please share the link or so.
    Jai sai ram
    Om Namah sivaya
    Jai Chandra Sekhara Saraswathi swami.

  3. Can some one help me to find the continued series of above post.
    Jai sai ram
    Om Namah sivaya
    Jai Chandra Sekhara Saraswathi swami

  4. Om sai ram
    Om namah sivaya,
    Gayathri rajgopal sir,
    Where can I find continuation of the above series.
    Am born in 1990, from andra Pradesh, few years back my father said ” Chandra sekhara saraswathi swami, he is nadiche daivam ” that’s it not more than that. After that recently I saw YouTube pravachanam which attracted me towards swami, again from last three days am reading books about swami continuously online in English band Telugu, all the related blogs online, last night I was having continues questions in my mind and started asking sai baba, what … And how…and googled why god behaves like this…and later slept. Morning I woke up and repented a little for my behaviour, why was I blaming god and continuesly asking him questions for hours, and asked baba please forgive me. Had face wash and browsing kanchi swami’s devotees’ experiences…to my surprise I came across one blog with posts about kanchi maha swami forgiving and compassionately asking people about there well wishing, and other post titled “yes you can” this was also another answer to my question to sai baba last night…the above post is also giving an answer, frankly speaking. but I forgot about thus question by morning….the miracle I observed here is I questioned sai baba, I got answer from kanchi maha swami….little tears moved in my eyes while typing this at this moment. Bhagawan can we understand you. Please be with us everytime. Sai baba, kanchi maha swami I prostrate and do my namaskaras to you. Please forgive us.
    Jai sai ram, hara hara Shankara, Chandrasekhara swami jayamu jayamu.

  5. Namaskaram Sri Gayathri Rajagopal!
    Reading about Sri Mahaperiyavaa’s blessings on you and how you are now miraculously near- normal enforces & re-enforces Bhakthi in his Karunaakataaksham and Anugraham!
    Am myself going through a very difficult period both physical as well as mental and my PRAARTHANAS to HIM to intervene and Sharangathi!
    With PRAARTHANAS at the feet of Sri Mahaperiyavaa for one and all!

  6. namaskaram. isaw ur article. very much impressed by ur article




    • Respected Madam.Sobana,

      Thanks for your patronage to my article. Kindly continue your support. Let Maha Periva bless you and your family generously.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  7. Dear Sri.Sundar,

    I am happy to note even your daughters are Maha Periva followers. Your family is a blessed family. Let us all together walk in the path of Maha Periva.

    With kind regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal

  8. Namaskarams Sri Gayathri Rajagopal sir!
    I am introducing Sundar from chennai…All our family members including daughters are sincere followers of Periyava… Really blessed to hear miracles of Periyava…To gain confidence in this world, to know about periyava to the younger generation……. we are ready to follow your wordings…

  9. Sir, many thanks to you for this initiative. I’ve known Mahaperiyava only in the last 1 year or so and I have completely surrendered to Him. May His divine blessings heal you fully and may you live a healthy 100 years!

    • Dear Sri.Harish,

      Thank you very much for your wishes for my healthy longevity Yes! the prayers of devotees like will certainly be answered by Maha Periva.

      Let Maha periva bless you you and your family generously.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  10. What an encouraging post really! Those who lost faith and confidence in God can get out of it reading your post!Beginning itself is powerful! Periyava Charanam…smaranam…kataksham! Thanks a ton Mahesh !

    • Respected Madam,

      Thank you very much for your inspiring words. Honestly I forget pain in my fingers and through left hand through your comments and also from devotees of Maha Periva devotees like you.

      I pray Maha Periva toi bless you and your family generously.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal


  11. As Sri “No Courage” says, there is something strange here.
    There seems to be an attempt to give a build-up and drama which should not be permitted when we discuss about Sri Maha Periyava.
    The matter can be kept straightforward and simple by even recording the experiences on video like it has already been done for scores of HIS devotees.

    • Dear Sri.Venkat,

      Thank for your concern. I wish to bring it your kind notice that Maha Periva never permit “built up” kind of things. and after my transformation process of Maha Periva, I have learnt how to be honest and soulful to Maha Periva devotees.

      Kindly note that I am paralytic stoke patient lost my left leg and left hand. and my speech is paralysed.Under such circumstances I have no other go but to type in one hand withy throbbing pain.More over I am 62 years old and there is no need for me perform any drama or in your language built up kind of things.

      Kindly introspect.

      I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family generously.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

    • Dear Shri Venkat Sridharan,
      Thanks for sharing your comment.
      you have every right to think otherwise.. but in this forum, why not we follow and practice, MahaPeriava quote ‘not to think negatively’ on/of others; action, and to always have good thoughts and to do / execute good things..

      here, apart from giving us a good treat with great content and english flow , i think Rajagopal-Sir has HIS blessiings , to give us the positive vibrations as well as most of us feel , .. as signified in the comments..

      it is great approach from Rajagopal-sir not only managing the content but also treating every devotee as MahaPeriava’s devotee and he/she needs to be respected.. by responding to their individual comments.. and also, addressing them and pray for HIS blessings to them.. .. This is inspite of his physical challenges and pain……………… means miles apart..

      but true, like everyone i am also curious and anxious to hear the next level from Rajagopal-sir,


      • Dear Sri.Krishna,

        Very sorry for my late acknowledgement. because I could see your reply only now. This kind of support for a honest and genuine approach make me to forget my throbbing pain in my fingers and hand. Let Maha Periva bless you and your family in abundance. After such a comment from Sri.Venkat Sreedharan your support rejuvenates my energy, Thanks a lot.

        I think Mr.Krishna,, Sri.Venkat must be in different atmosphere and now a days, it is common that we are battling everyday.before reaching home.. Some days it will be a mahabharatha war. Probably Mr.Venkat should have been in such a state.

        As a true devotee Mr.Venkat would have felt sorry for his comments.

        I am praying Maha Periva ,to give absolute mental peace and a satisfied life to Sri.Venkat and his family.

        Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

        with kind regards,
        Gayathri Rajagopal

  12. This is unrfortunate. I am unable to understand while Mr Rajagopal has time to write all these replies but he cannot write article in one go like so many others.

    Mr Rajagopal’s writing feels like somebody who is writing television series with every episode ending in cliffhanger.

    Adiyarku Adiyen but i am unable to see his writing as genuine or with good intentions


    • Dear Sir,

      Periva Charanam. What a compliment you have given to me. Honestly I do not know weather I deserve such compliments. I reply for every views, posted by devotees of Maha Periva. because every voice of Periva devotees sounds like the voice of Maha Periva to me.

      When I hear Periva voice, how can I be complicent to that divine voice. More over Maha Periva gives me strength.

      Getting paralysed and my hand and leg should get affected is my karma but in spite of my karma Maha Periva make me functional just like thers.In fact I forget that I am physically a challenged person.

      Congenital physical challenges one can understand but lived as a normal person for 55 years and overnight become a physically challenged person is a rude shock. .Maha Periva always keep me in his lap and treat me like child.,

      Periva will never let a devotee down at any cost.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  13. Welcome Gayatri Rajagopaji and read with interest your series. The start is good but the story is yet to be told, yet most of us are eagerly waiting for the next part.You have got Periyava on lateral entry,and on this count, your experience might be different from old timers’.
    Wishing you well.
    R. Balasubramanian, Chennai-59.

    • Dear Sir,

      I am very much honest to every Periva devotees. I too want to share all my experiences at one go but I have my own physical limitations of paralytic stoke. My left leg and left hand is paralysed and even this reply I am typing with one hand.

      Some times, when I get I pain in my hand, single compliment of a devotees like you make to forget my pain for eternity.

      See you Mr.Balu again through my next article.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  14. Respected sir pranams to u. Greatly moved by ur inner thoughts. As u have rightly said spreading Periyavaa bhakthi teachings to younger generations. Looking forward for the experience. Also wish to meet u in person.Periyava charanam jeya jeya Sankara hara hara sankara

    • My pranams to you sir. I am inspired by your comments. Let us all together walk in the path of Maha Periva and spread divine fragrance even to the unknown frontiers.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  15. Pranams.I am also looking forward to reading your experience s with Mahaperiyava.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  16. Excellent I am also one of His recent blessed devotee who had not have darshan of Him.

    • Respected Madam.Vatsala,

      I am very much happy to know that I am communicating with another blessed soul.. You need not worry about your not having a darshan of Maha Periva. Your heart felt feeling will certainly reach Maha Periva and Maha Periva will certainly bless you for a peaceful life. I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family in abundance. Your relentless prayer will certainly be answered by Maha Periva.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  17. My humble namaskarams to you, Maha periava’s devotee
    I think I am blessed to go through this initial write up of yours sir. But I need more blessings to go through the rest as well.
    I was exactly in same state of mind as you wrote (and was getting depressed and felt that only HE could answer) and was sharing with my wife few days ago about how come we could not identify Maha Periava’ ‘ as a GOD who walked through’ with us in 1990’s especially after having had a darshan at different times during 1992 and 1993 for once.
    Also was contemplating as to what pushed us to be so ideotic and stupidity in our thoughts that we could not pursue those Darshan opportunists to the next level.

    I pray that I be given an opportunity to pursue at least to be part of this exercise of spreading divinity to a mass level under your leadership and try to get into this transformational cycle among us in an exponential way

    Earnestly and sincerely look forward to your article written with HIS blessings and get HIS blissful blessings.

    I think you are putting tremendous and strenuous effort to get this article shared and my humble suggestion (request) would be (and hopefully if it is not too much of trouble for you ) to reach you over phone and take your dictation at your convenient schedule and get the draft reach your email which you could review and then publish ?
    While it would be great to assist you in your writing by meeting you across in person at your convenient location I am forced to this suggestion, by my limitation of living in singapore

    I would be considered blessed if you could allow me to do this please?
    My email address is Would be happy to reach you and pursue this suggestion and would be grateful if you could provide any other way/ to help you for the write up . Look forward for your contact number / email address please.

    • Dear Sri. GK,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Your in-depth melting devotion towards Maha Periva is aptly reduced in words. When I read your disappointment and your conversation with your wife, I recall my period of 1993. I am able to understand your sincere and honest plan of rendering your services to a devotee like me.

      I am really blessed and humbled by your divine offer of extending your services to me. Everything happens as Maha Periva’s directions. When time comes and Maha Periva directs us, we will definitely come in to contact each other. Kindly keep your offer open and let us pray for this.
      I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family in abundance.

      I will shoot a mail tomorrow.
      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Thank you so much for your prompt responses . You are the greatest soul . On one hand it is great to see your reply and positive energies abundantly created while on the other hand my humble apologies for more pains caused with your additional efforts taken to reply … and pray to HIM to bless you ( and your family as well) and relieve you and restore normalcy without pains and give you strength to dictate to me

        If you may kindly take some rest by not writing further talents for today pls…
        Guruvae saranam Sri Guruvae saranam

  18. I would also all these respected devotees to inform the members what are the anushtanams they have been observing all their life.
    I hope they are all doing the anushtanams which Sri Mahaperiyava always used to urge upon sishyas.
    Without anushtanams, Sri Mahaperiyava always said nothing is useful and such persons are not his disciples.
    HE has said this numerous times.

    • Absolutely you are right Sir.Maha Periva will bless all his devotees even if they committ a small mistakes. Maha Periva is Karuna Sagaran. Thank you for airing your observations.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  19. Dear Gayathri Rajagopal Sir
    I am one of those unfortunate people who curse themselves for not having the Dharshan of Maha Periyava. Often I thought why my father, who was a pious man, did not take us to have the Dharshan of Maha Periyava. I came to know about our Maha Periyava only through this blog, Sage of Kanchi. I did not have His Dharshan even in my dreams.
    I am looking forward to read your experiences and the miracles happened in your life due to Maha Periyava’s Grace. Best regards


    • Respected Madam.Shakunthala,

      Please do not say that you are unfortunate because Maha Periva takes care of devotees like you like child and bless. Maha Periva will certainly give you darshan in your dreams. I pray Maha Periva for many devotees like you for their various problems and. maha periva answers my prayer without fail. Even typing this reply I am typing with one hand and Maha Periva made it possible. Periva cured my cancer and brought life to dead fingers after 6 years.I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family in abundance.

      .With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  20. Respected Sir,

    I am S. Chandrasekaran, Slave of all Devotees of Mahaperiyava. I read your experience. Really Super. I felt the vibration of Mahaperiyava while reading this article. Though physically we lost Mahaperiva, but spiritually he is always with us. From my point of view, he is the only God who is answering our prayer immediately and blessing us a peaceful life.

    If you don’t mind please send me your Mobile No. I wish to talk to you whenever I find time. I need your guidance and advise. My Mobile No. 09819344330

    • Dear Sri.Chandrasekar,

      The word “slave” signifies what a melting devotee of Maha Periva you are. You can give your email so that I can send you mail. From the year 1993, there is Tsunami of miracles in my life. Maha Periva cured my cancer, brought life to my dead fingers after 6 years and many more. I am certainly going to share all my experiences with devotees like you.

      I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family generously.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

      • Respected Gayathiri Mama

        Thank you very much for your immediate kind reply. I am very eager to read the miracles which Maha Periyava did in your life. I am giving my e-mail enable you for communication.

        I am praying Mahaperiyava for your welfare and your family.

        S. Chandrasekaran

  21. Respected Sir,

    I am S. Chandrasekaran, Slave of Mahaperiyava’s all Devotees of Mahaperiyava. I read your experience. Really Super. I felt the vibration of Mahaperiyava while reading this article. Though physically we lost Mahaperiva, but spiritually he is always with us. From my point of view, he is the only God who is answering our prayer immediately and blessing us a peaceful life.

    If you don’t mind please send me your Mobile No. I wish to talk to you whenever I find time. I need your guidance and advise. My Mobile No. 09819344330

  22. Respected
    gayathri Rajagopal ji Namaste very very divine and pleasant and sensitive write up may Maha periyava always be with you and do pray for me and my family to get Maha Peryavas pardon mercy and blessings .we are badly in need of it .eagerly awaiting to read more of your divine experiences

    • Respected Madam.Prema,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I am paralytic stoke patient and typing this article in one hand and because of this I get pain in my right hand. But kind words from devotees like you make me to forget the pain. I am eagerly waiting for sharing my experiences with devotees like you. I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family generously.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  23. Namaskaram Rajagopal Sir,
    Eagerly awaiting the posts. Sir, are you from Periyava Graham , Salem?
    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara.

    • Dear Sir,

      I am also so eager to share my experiences. Soon from coming week onwards you will find my article on my experiences. Ia not from salem sir.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal.

  24. I had darshan of Sri Periyava at Ayodhya mandapam in west mambalam, madras in 1970’s as a small boy and i got a theertha prasadam from Sri Periyava after Pooja, Again one more darshan of Sri Periyva with my mother, father and sisters at kancheepuram in 70/80’s. There after no smaranai of Sri Periyava. In 2006 Sri Periyava smaranai started and till date felt how i missed to have darshan of Sri Periyava all these years. Because of theertha prasadam Sri Periyava, smaranai started after 25 years and from 2006 Sri Periyava gave darshan in dreams around 10 occasions so far. One day sure Sri Periyava will give direct darshan and am praying to Sri Periyva always. Your writings exactly reflecting the feelings of many devotees longing of Sri Periyava darshan.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம்

    • Dear Sri Ramesh,

      If you are fortunate enough to get prasadam from Maha Periva, it cannot go anywhere. Any number of years are immaterial. It will certainly come and serve the purpose of blessings.. In my case, I had dharshan in the year 1993 and that itself was a miracle. Out of huge crowd I was called by Maha Periva and gave me prasadam of an apple and kumkum on the apple. It took 22 years to come and serve its purpose. The meeting point is our karma.An article will be posted elaborating this miracle at Kanchi.

      Let Maha Periva bless you and your family in abundance.

      With kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  25. Very eagerly awaiting to hear your further experiences.

    • I am also eagerly waiting to post my experiences. I can post three or more experiences everyday. But I am a paralytic stoke patient and hence I have to type everything with one hand only which gives me more pain. However, when I receive replies from devotees like you, I am able to forget my pain.Before I type my experiences, I pray Maha Periva and my prayers are answered immediately by Maha Periva.

      I pray Maha Periva to bless you and your family generously.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  26. Respected Gayathri Rajagopal sir , i read almost every article in this website. Looking forward to read your article. Thank you sir for your noble effort. Kanchi Mahaperiyava Padam Charanam.

    • Dear Sir,

      The purpose of Maha Periva’s miracle to his devotees is to share the experience with everyone.I have pleasure in sharing my miracle experiences with devotees of Maha Periva. Periva will answer to all devoted and sustained prayers of devotees.

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  27. Dear Mahesh, I just read about your profile. When time permits read Gospel of Ramakrishna, available online also, if not read yet. Will be surprised to know the level of intellectuals who were mesmerised by Him. Also book by Paul Brenton on how mahaswamigal guided him to Ramana. In due course he himself has become a foundation. Regards Ramasubramanian sk

  28. eagerly waiting to read the karunamoorthi’s blessings for his devotee.

  29. Respected Gayathri Rajagopal sir , We are eagerly waiting for the divine breeze of MAHAPERIYAVA
    with your sweet smelling divinie experiences

    • Respected Madam.Jayanthi,

      Every miracle in my life is gentle breeze. But miracles from 1993 till yesterday is a miracle Tsunami which I love to share with all devotees. I know how important it is. Whenever I feel uncomfortable mentally I used to read the experience of every one.Even today I used to read my own articles very often. Particularly my cancer cure,,brought life to my dead fingers of hand and legs is Periva’s height of miracle.

      See you in my next post

      with kind regards,
      Gayathri Rajagopal

  30. Dear Gayathri Rajagopal sir,

    I too had a dharshan of Mahaperiyava only once, along with Pudhu Periyava and Bala Periyava, that too from a very long distance, just a few days before The Maha Periyava attained siddhi. I was really cursing myself, about not having a closer dharshan.

    Looking forward to read and experience the divinness of Maha Periyava from your experiences.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.


    • Dear Sri.Vijayakumar,

      Dont curse yourself. Because you are fortunate enough that you could have a darshan of all three pontiffs at a same place Your sustained prayer will be answered by Maha Periva cent percent.
      Let Maha Periva bless you and your family in abundance.

      Gayathri Raja

  31. I am eager to read your experiences. The only point I would like to add is, after reading the experiences, following what Mahaswami has asked us to follow is very necessary. To the maximum extent possible we should take periyava’s messages and use it in our daily life.

    • You are absolutely right sir. Maha Periva’s school of thought have to followed in practical life.Let Maha Periva bless you and your family generously

      Gayathri Rajagopal.

  32. Thank you Sri.viswas for your kind words. I am humbled by your statement. See you through my post.

    Gayathri Rajagopal

  33. Jaya jaya Sankara hara hara Sankara
    Awaiting the experiences you had in coming posts. Feel a great vibration in the above post.

  34. Thank you very much mr.sekar. I had Dharshan of maha Periva only once but that one Dharshan changed my destiny as a whole. Let. Maha Periva bless you and your family in generously.

    Periva chars am

  35. Periyava Sharanam! Namasthe Gayathri Rajagopal Sir, Me n my family are eagerly waiting for your other articles. Hope you are in the pinkest of health now? We have known Periyava only for 2 years now…. the blog “SAGE OF KANCHI ” has played a vital role in bringing us close to Periyava! Looking forward to read your articles n please Sir continue to write in English as it will enable non Tamil reading and speaking families to know more about Periyava! All the best ,Sir!

  36. periyava charanam jaya jaya shankara hara hara shankara. i’m pr in english pls. enybody can translate in tamil

    • Respected madam.lathaji,

      I am learning Tamil typing through a software. Shortly I will do Tamil posting in addition to English so that the articles can reach all devotees. Thank you so much for your interest towards my articles.

      Gayathri Rajagopal

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