Bakthi by Sri Pradosham Mama

I think this is a repeat post….I thought I posted it couple of years back but couldn’t find it…Nevertheless, this is a must-listen for all. Since mixcloud doesn’t allow uploading files less than 12 MB, I padded Guru Dasakam song at the end of his speech.

Every time, when we get the ahankaram that our bakthi is at the peak, we should listen to this audio clip to hear from mama on this. Mama felt for the whole day that his bakthi is not enough – can you all believe?!

Also another important thing to note from this experience is the fact that Periyava is Sarvavyaapi – all pervading….He is everywhere – He is beyond geographical boundaries…If our bakthi is true and pure and intense, He will be here with us.

Namaskaram to Sri Periyava and Sri Pradosham mama


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  1. I listened to pradosham mama’s experience but could not follow it as my knowledge of Tamil is very limited.I shall be grateful if you can provide English translation of his sppech
    Thank you

  2. I understand that experiences of Pradosham Mama, Balu Swamigal,Vedapuri Mama are available as separate books. Where from can we buy these books. Shall be grateful for contact details..
    R Balasubramanian,Chennai-59

  3. Who can excel His dedication and devotion towards Periyava? Shankara.

  4. Can you kindly improve the Audio quality as the present voice format suffers from background humming and is indistinct if the audio sound is increased !? Grateful for your experiences and incidents. Very much appreciated. Thanks.

    • The innocent and pure bhaki of simple village folks I feel people like me can never have. That bhakti of the poor is indeed real and total surrender that maybe western educated people like us may never experience……

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