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Thanks to Sri Guruvayurappan for sending this great video. Although I have heard his name, honestly, I haven’t been following him. I listened to his speech to some degree – haven’t completed. He is truly concerned about lot of hypocrisy that’s been going on around this. It is very heartening to know that his conversation with Sringeri Acharyal had made an impact that they had not implemented some of their original plans.

I think we all should get this book and read to understand the struggle for Sanskrit and the future of sanskrit, the deva basha and how/what we need to do support this cause.

Our salute to Sri Malhotra

Although I know Hindi to some degree, he narrates some critical information in Hindi, which I missed it 🙂

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    please share on this related subject – MUST SEE

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    Our Vedic traditions and Sanatam Dharm can be easily trivilised if we hand over control to people who have no guru and know nothing…Listen to Rajiv Malhotra and realise the enormity of conspiracy…

  3. Fully agree with Rajivji’s analysis and
    conclusions about Sanskrit and
    Sanskriti.For too long,Europeans and
    now Americans and their disciples have
    defined us Indians-Hindus with their
    prejudiced frame of reference and twisted
    theories.It is time we remove their
    Mithyajnanam and Shabdajnanam.

  4. This is in reply to ‘shree’- January,29. Some ideas can be found in

  5. Rajivji is doing really great work. He is doing something which if not done would have caused big damage not only to our cultural and civilizational heritage but to the very basis of TRUTH itself. Best wishes to Rajivji and his mission in exposing the fake from the real.

  6. How about ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’ founded by former Finance Minister Hon. K.M. Munshi, who wished to bring Sanskrit as the official language.

  7. Being on the subject, I hope I could share the following here –

    “If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possesses and what is her greatest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly that it is the Sanskrit language and literature and all that it contains. This is a magnificent inheritance, and so long as this endures and influences the life of our people, so long will the basic genius of India continue.”

    — Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Quoted from The Discovery of India)

    Fresh from a visit to Kuppuswamy sastri research institute, the research wing of Madras Sanskrit college, the dedication of those who carried the esteemed institute in the past and the ones who are currently navigating its rough ride is quite moving and inspiring. The sanctity of the place was palpable as mahaperiyava camped there during the 1950s and the large hall where he used to perform his daily puja carried a huge portrait of Him. An encased volume of Vedas occupied right next while the portraits of great scholars who were the soul of this institute in the past years were decorating the upper wall.

    The institute went through a real bad economic crunch in recent times with funds from Delhi ceased and was barely running on private donations. Director Dr. Kameswari said ‘ we were making a living on meager income and it was excruciatingly painful not being able to offer even a hundred rupee hike to my limited staff. But things are looking up now as our membership drive is proving fruitful and the NRIs too are pitching in. Of course, many do visit from abroad and pledge their support when here but conveniently forget once we’re out of sight. Three of us managing the place right now are of same age group and will be leaving around the same time. In the current trend, the challenge is to find the next set of staff with the same attachment and dedication to take this wing forward and also to safeguard the economic front”.

    I was given a short tour by one Sri. Krishnan, who is working on his phd in Mimamsa. Pointing at the place where Mahaperiyava’s lectures were held ‘ those talks in the 50s paved the way for Deivathin Kural publications’ he said. The racks in the library were filled with valuable collections on numerous subjects including Vedas, Agamas, Puranas, Upavedas such as Jyothsham, music, dance, architecture, ayurveda and so on. I was shown a book dating back to 1738 and acquired from UK. There’re about 60,000 books and of which some 10,000 are considered rare. ‘No matter where, if someone is doing phd. in Sanskrit, he or she has to come here for reference. A non-indian lady clad in saree comes here often, besides visiting Thirupathi, Srirangam and such, as she is researching on Vaishnava-agamas’. I was shown a manuscript sent in from Taiwan by a Polish man. While expensive digitization process of rare books and palm-leaf-manuscripts was on in one corner, a humble study area was occupied by researchers well into their 60s. Given the skewed Indian history in texts, an enthusiastic elderly gentleman Sri Parthasarathy was digging through the collection in order to publish a book on Indian history based on scriptures. ‘The reference library is open to any one at a modest cost of just Rs.100 per year. People offer to meet production cost of books, or one can become life member by paying Rs.5000 and get a choice of 5 books as gift and in addition we do mail our own publications whenever they are out”, signed off Dr. Kameswari.

    I would strongly recommend lifetime membership if could afford or least visit this sacred institute that has survived against all odds and continue on in preservation of our greatest heritage.
    Ph. +91 (044) 2498 5320


  8. Great effort by RMalhotra ji. When we all put our hands together, we can quash the adharmic enemies easitly. Alas Hindus rarely unite and make a voice.

    Hope this book will rekindle Hindus to take up samskritham learning seriously. Everyone of us must make efforts to learn the deva bhAsha.

    • Thank you Thapas ji for your encouraging & valuable input!

    • Yes sir, you have said it- Hindus lack unity and cannot exert effective force.
      To achieve unity, we have to remind ourselves that Veda is our source, and all our astika philosophies are derived from it. Vyasa is our main authority. All our Deities, sects, beliefs are derived from only one source. Malhotraji has shown in his book Indra’s Net the philosophical Unity of Hindus. What prevents unity is ego- personal, institutional, etc.

      To exert force or make our voice heard, we must adopt proper strategies. This requires that we study our opponents and understand their ideas , intentions and strategies- called Purva Paksha in Malhotraji’s books. or some sort of SWOT analysis. We hardly do it- of course we lack the resources.

      Confining to this issue of Samskritam, this is what our enemies are doing:

      1.Indians neglect Sanskrit studies. It is almost totally excluded from our universities. Hindu religion and philosophy are not taught in University courses. All these are reversed in America. They study Sanskrit, it is taught in universities, courses on religion are part of their regular stream.
      2. They are trying to deprive Hindus of their voice in teaching or interpreting their own religion. For instance, Judaism is taught by practising Jews; Islam is taught by practising Muslims; Christianity is taught by believing and practising Christians of the relevant faith. But Hinduism is taught by Non-Hindus like Wendy Doniger, Sheldon Pollock etc who do not believe or practise the religion.
      3. These American so called scholars refuse to engage with our scholars who know the subject by study and practice, on the ground that they are not ‘academics.’ Wendy Doniger refused to discuss
      matters with Rajivji!
      4. They translate our sacred books without regard to our living tradition and practice. Thus Wendy Doniger has translated Rig Veda. She has translated Manu Smiriti. She has translated Mahabharata which is yet to be published. Since she is from a big university, her book is prescribed or recommended and gets into the class rooms, libraries, etc! These are then quoted by other scholars as authority. Thus our own Gurcharan Das, has writeen a book on Dharma based on Mahabharata called “The difficulty of Being Good”. In that ,in the notes and bibliography, he cites numerous foreign and Indian authors almost all of whom are enemies of Hinduism and its sharpest critics: Wendy Doniger, Martha Nussbaum, Sheldon Pollock,Romila Thapar etc.
      5. Such books are published by international publishers with huge resources and distribution channels, like Penguin. They get wide publicity and distribution. How many have heard of Chaturvedi Badrinath’s book on Mahabharata containing hundreds of original quotations or Amalesh Bhattacharya’s?
      6.These university dons act like mafia dons. First they have their students and researchers whom they guide and thus on who they thrust their ideas and approach. As the students graduate, they obtain positions in other universities, administration, press, legal ,accounting , management and financial circles. Through their net-working, they are able to control the input and access to these numerous fields, by a system of mutual favours.
      7. They have excellent press relations and contacts. Thus if a Wendy Doniger writes an article in the op-ed page, it will get publicity. But if you write criticising it, it will not be published. Hindus have found it very difficult to get their views published in the New York Times!
      8. Above all, they are trying to deprive Sanskrit of its status as the divine/sacred language.
      9. There is danger/likelihood that as American ideas and methods get globalised, and American trained and America-oriented academics take up positions in Indian universities, the same systems and standards and approach will come to prevail in India too! Indians will be learning Hinduism as interpreted, and taught by Americans!

      WE are proud that Vivekananda gave his great address in Chicago. Now from that same Chicago, sitting in the comfort of the University, Wendy Doniger is spreading her anti-Hindu venom! Vivekananda addressed the elite at Harvard where even the famous psychologist William James listened to him. Now from that same Harvard Sheldon Pollock is attacking Vedic civilisation! And our Narayanamurty is funding them! It is the same Harvard which prevented our Subramaniam Swamy from addressing them! They demand freedom of expression for them, and deny it to Hindus! Sheldon Pollock. Wendy Doniger, Michael Witzel and our own Amartya Sen and Ramchandra Guha are party to that demand to ban Subramnaiam Swamy! His fault? He wrote about Islamic terrorism which the whole world is facing!

      There was one Judith M. Tyberg who had studied at Benaras Hindu University and was inspired and blessed by Sri Aurobindo. Forty years ago, she wrote a book on Sanskrit called “The Language of the Gods” There she shows how the sounds of Sanskrit letters and words have the quality of mantra. And she has explained most of the important words and concepts from our scriptures, explaining their spiritual significance, not mere dictionary definition or meaning.. All Sanskrit words are transliterated into English. Though no original Devanagri letters are used, one is left in no doubt about the Inherent Sacred nature of Sanskrit. Such an effort has not been made in India, and cannot be made now even in the US! …

      That is, Hindu voice is excluded from academies, administration, press, and public space. America is the greatest imperial force in history, more colonial than the East India company, or Churchill. Do you think we can match wits with them? This problem is baffling.

      At least individually, this is what we can do:

      1. Every orthodox Hindu home must have a copy of all our basic scriptures in the original Sanskrit: Valmiki,Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavata, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Vasishtam. Works of our Acharyas according to our tradition.
      2. We must stop sending commercial greeting cards or other material gifts and develop the habit of gifting Sanskrit books ( or translations with Sanskrit original) on all occasions.
      3. We must buy our books from Hindu religious publishers ( like Gita Press, Lifco, Rama Nama Bank, Ganesh &co, Kadalangudi, Sri Vaishnava Sri, etc ) and not from foreign or commercial publishers like Penguin., or from publishers who publish all sorts of books.
      4. If we buy Tamil translations of scriptures, we must make sure that the translations are orthodox both in expression and interpretation. for eg. Anna Subramania Iyer’s books on our stotra literature , Gita, Upanishads are orthodox, but those written by some Swamis are not so orthodox, though both are published by RK Math. Likewise, the Tamil translations of Ramayana and Bhagavatam published by Gita Press are not in astika Tamil but read like modern Tamil novels! They have given the moola slokas in Tamil script with proper pronunciation duly marked, but original Sanskrit (Devanagari) is lacking!
      5. We must buy books published by Madras Sanskrit Academy and Kuppuswamy Sastri Research Institute.
      6. There are excellent translations /treatises of old authorities like Tediyur Subramanya Sastrigal, S.V.Radhakrishna Sastri, Kadalangudi Natesa Iyer,, etc. We must press the pubulishers to bring out new editions.
      7. We must ask the publishers to take advantage of recent technology and modernise their fonts, formats, etc.For instance. the excellent 2-Volume translation of Valmiki Ramayana by C.R.Srinivasacharya published by Lifco fifty years ago is still good; but the latest editions are just poor reprints of the old edition. Why can’t they modernise? And why can’t they print the Sanskrit original along with the translation?
      8. In the name of Sanskrit learning we do not have to begin from the alphabet, with kavya , etc. We can select our favourite book like the Gita or Ramayana and directly start studying that. But we must find a teacher who will teach even individually.We must learn to recite the scripture with proper intonation, in the correct meter. It is not just learning to read.
      You may remember that Swami Chinmayananda started the practice of selecting some portion of a scripture like a chapter from the Gita or an Upanishad and studying that for a week so that thousands of people had the opportunity to learn our scripture.But in the process they learned Sanskrit too- ie the Devabasha was learnt in the process of learning a scripture! Is it not better?
      If you are thirsty and ask for water, it will come in a glass, tumbler, cup etc- that is in some container. The container will come with the water.. But if you call for the container, only that will come, not the water! After all, we need to learn Sanskrit to preserve our scriptures. when we start learning the scripture, Sanskrit will come automatically!

      In fact, most Brahmins can directly begin by learning the meaning of the Sandhyavandana mantras, Srivatsa Somadeva Sarma published a bhashyam with word for meaning long ago. This can be the first step. If this generation finds the style too old-fashioned or not easy to understand, it can be simplified without diluting the quality.

      It is important to remember this, especially in Tamil Nadu. There, the practice is for the original Sanskrit word to be Tamilised, and then for this Tamilised version to be transliterated into English. Thus, Rama becomes’ ‘Iraaman’ இராமன் in Tamil and then this is written as such in English so that Ramavataram of Kamban too becomes Iramavataram! But where is the need to write இராமன் in Valmiki Ramayana? or to write Krishna as கண்ணன்?. The meanings are entirely different, though the same person is meant. Veda is written as Vetha and Vaidikasri becomes Vaithikasri! If this is how our standard is degenerating in Tamil, in orthodox circles even, how are we going to learn Sanskrit?

      Organisationally too, somethings have to be done. Our Mutts should spot and commission competent scholars of orthodox persuasion to translate/ write commentary on important scriptures. These must be got professionally edited and published.
      . It will be ideal if they can come together and sponsor standard editions of basic books which are common to all: Gita, Ramayana, Brahma Sutra, Manu Smiriti. We know there are different interpretations. So what? They can print all commentaries, It is now seen that for Vishnu Sahasranama, the commentaries of both Sankara and Parasara Bhatta are given by Anna Subramania Iyer and also Lifco. Why can not we follow the same in respect of others?

      The point is that in the absence of authentic editions approved by our Mutts and Acharyas, any one writes anything and sells. Thus Wendy Doniger translates Rig Veda and Manu Smriti- which is studied in all foreign universities and libraries. Do we have an authorised translation of Manu Smriti? Indians, Hindus have to depend on a hostile foreigner’s interpretation of our basic scripture by our own default! At least in Tamil, there is a recent orthodox translation by Ananda Nachiarammal, but the Tamil transliteration of the Sanskrit slokas is not up to the mark.

      I apologise that I write so long. The problem is many sided, the stakes too high, and one liners cannot help!

      • Re: Judith M.Tyberg’s book, I should have added that in 2006 Sheldon Pollock wrote a book with the same title “The Language of the Gods’ but added: “In the World of Men”. where he talks of Sanskrit as a medium or vehicle or subject of political power, saying that it was challenged by the regional languages and replaced. Thus Sanskrit is not a living language! Far from being a sacred language, it has gone out of use- this is what he says!

        Any true follower of Hinduism knows that we have the concept of Samskrita and Prakrita that the two serve different purposes, that the two are complementary and it is Sanskrit that still serves religious purposes in all parts of the country. But such influential “scholars” can utter any blatant lie and get away with it.

      • if you can develop a table stating the title of the book and which author and whose publucation is authentic it would be much easier for those who have very limited knowlege about our heritage.


    • SekarGopal ji, Nanjappa ji: Namaste. Mahesh ji has posted in his blog for everyone to know about “The Battle a For Sanskrit”. The Divine Almighty has made a few as watchdogs as informers to the right persons to take care & monitor any irregularities. Let’s not worry at this stage, as Sri Rajiv Malhotra ji & his dedicated team of volunteers have struggled hard against the influence of money, power what not to bring out this book. As a Hindu practicing or trying to practice Sanatana Dharma, most of us have a responsibility to make sure Sanskrit is not & will not be taken over by westerners in one way or other. Sri Rajiv Malhotra ji visited last week Sri Kamakshi Amman temple & had Darshan of Ambal & Sri Adi Sankara. He also visited Sri Matam & had Darshan of Their Holiness. Hence he’s in a good care between the two prominent Matams in India. Let’s do our least share of bringing this awareness to our family & friends & also pray for Rajiv Malhotra Ji’s continued success to his Dharmic endeavors! Thank you Mahesh & all of you visiting, reading & commenting on this post!

  10. This is a very important book, as have been all his books so far
    . I have read this book. it is really tremendous.The threat to India is very real. .In this book, he shows how rich Indians ( mainly NRIs) are donating huge money to American universities and these are used by American academics knowing Sanskrit to destroy Vedic knowledge and subject it to leftist, feminist, modern, post-modern, Freudian, etc interpretation. This is because these rich NRIs ( actually millionaires and billionaires) do not do due diligence before donating huge money. Some times, their own business interests are also involved! Thus Nararaynamurty of Infosys fame has donated huge sums to Harvard to launch a scheme of publishing 500 Indian classics under the Murti Classical Library of India. Some titles have been published, the latest being Kiritarjuniyam of Bharavi and two volumes of Tulsidas’s Ramayana. The chief editor is one Sheldon Pollock who is a hypocrite: he poses as a great lover of Sanskrit in public, but in his academic writings he is attacking Veda, Rama, Ramayana, Brahmins, Hindu systems,etc. Did not Murty ever read any of Pollock’s writings?

    Their latest effort is to create an Adi Shankara Chair for Indian studies in Columbia University with donations from Indians . The scheme envisaged roping in Sri Sringeri Sarada Peetam, by associating their name .But neither the donors nor the Sringeri Acharya will have any say in the formulation of syllabus, subjects to be taught, manner and method of teaching, the persons selected, their lifestyle, etc! They want to do what they want to do ( ie oppose Vedic religion and its traditional sources of knowledge) and they have the audacity and cunning to use the name of Adi Sankaracharya- and the much respected Sringeri Sharada Peetam – for their sinister designs!

    Another disturbing factor revealed is that Sri Malhotra’s confidential correnspondence with Mahasannidhanam had been revealed to the other side! Some Ettappans in the camp? Oh,God!

    Most Indians are overawed by the fact that some white=skins learn Sanskrit. But they do not know or care or investigate what these people do with their knowledge of Sanskrit! Thus a Wendy Doniger says Shiva is a womaniser! Jeffrey Kripal says Sri Ramakrishna was a pedophile. Michael Witzel says that there was an Aryan Invasion and the Vedas are not indigenous! These are all of the same group as Pollock!

    All books of Rajiv Malhotra are important:

    1. Invading the Sacred
    2. Being different.
    3.Indra’s Net.
    and now-
    4. The Battle for Sanskrit.

    Friends, do read this book! I guarantee that you will lose sleep for at least three days! But losing a little sleep now is better than losing our autonomy and integrity in the long run.

    I wanted to bring this to attention through this site but I hesitated because it mentions Sringeri Peetam directly and I wondered how it would go down with devotees. I offer these comments now because any way it has been mentioned here.

    it is said that those who do not study history are damned to repeat it. It is happening. In the 19th century, East India company looted Indian money and used it ti engage Max Muller to translate our scriptures including the Veda, WITH THE INTENTION OF SHOWING IT IN BAD LIGHT. It was this Max Muller who fixed the date of the Veda as 1500 to 600 BC. It was he who authored the Aryan theory!

    Now, this is being done from America by American academics through American Universities BUT WITH THE MONEY OF INDIANS! Thus Indians are used to destroy the bases of their own religion and philosophy!

    My blood boils and so I write strongly. But Sri Malhotra is a gentleman, writes without malice or hatred, just states the facts. The book is of a high academic standard, using current pedagogy and terms and conventions- something most of us cannot do.

    Beg, borrow, or steal- but PLEASE READ THE BOOK.

    • Dear Sir,

      My reference to Sringeri Matam is only to emphasis the point that the acharya listened to Sri Malhotra’s point and he seemed very interested in those facts. Other than that, I do not have any info about Sri Malhotra and the peetams etc. If there is an attack to Sanskrit by certain lobbyist, then we all should be supporting this battle under the leadership of Sri Malhotra.

    • Just adding a few points to above summary:
      The book Breaking India – for all lovers of our Bharat and Bharatiya culture.
      Narayan Murthy gave huge – $ 500 million to Columbia for Murty Classical SANSKRIT library. With Pollock in-charge!
      Creation of Aryan means creation of Dravidian [ie one stroke- the colonials destroyed our own connection to our vedas and the language in which it was written AND divided along the North Aryan vs South Dravidian lines]- their Divide and Rule working into the present day.

  11. Thank you Mahesh for posting this. Sri Rajiv Malhotra ji visited Sri Matam Kanchi for the first time after the launching of “The Battle for Sanskrit”. If our blog readers don’t have time to watch the whole video, please see below the specific segment what Sri Mshesh is referring.

    “The Battle for Sanskrit”
    21.35 – 29.35 “Who’ll have Adhikar for Sanskrit Studies?” You may not have time to watch the entire video, but please watch at least the 8 minutes from 21.35 to 29.35, a MUST to watch for shocking facts! Very Interesting!

    “The Battle for Sanskrit” – We all have to win the Battle! Please pray for Sri Rajiv Malhotraji to win the battle for “ALL OF US!” Almighty Prevails! Dharma Wins!

  12. Please read all his books, beginning with “Breaking India”.

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