Shri Balu Swamigal Attained Maha Samadhi

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Balu_Mama_Sankara Kendram

With a great sadness I want to share that HH Swaminatha Indra Saraswathi Swamigal (“Shri Balu Swamigal”) reached the Lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava today.

Royapuram Balu fondly called as “Balu Mama” has served Sri MahaPeriyava for many many years. Our eyes can’t skip the sight of Shri Balu Mama (in Purvaasharama) in most of the pictures of Sri MahaPeriyava. That symbolizes his journey with MahaPeriyava for decades and decades. He has been one of the Shiva Ghanas in human body serving our Periyava who is Saksat Parameshwaran.

One can create a separate blog for anukka thondars like Sri Balu Swamigal for their kainkaryams to Mahaswami. His selfless service to Mahaswami is beyond words. I still recollect when I met Him for the first time. He was the one who blessed me with Mahaswami’s padhukas through Shivaraman. A friend of mine from Chicago who brought those Holy padhukas to Chicago. It was a very rare coincidence of having all 4 of us in the same room couple of years back. I still remember the conversation with Him that night.

I was supposed to meet Him in December and bought a blanket for Him. Due to floods, my trip got canceled. I was hopeful to give it to Him next time when I meet Him. It is evident that I am not blessed for that! The red blanket is still with me!

We are indebted to Sri Balu Swamigal for his kind anugraham and given  lots of his experiences with us through interviews etc.

Let us pray Mahaperiyava and Balu Swamigal to bless us with a bakthi and an opportunity to serve Mahaswami in whatever way we could!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!




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  1. I wanted to meet him during my next trip to chennai bit I am not fortunate let him bless me

  2. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  3. Balu mama was my neighbor during my childhood and my first shloka teacher .
    I have not interacted much with mahaperiavaa. But from Balu mama’s kindness and gentle manners I could visualize that it all comes from the great soul with whom he got to be around. He would narrate lot of anecdotes with mahaperiavaa to us at the end of class.
    One of them-“When there was some kind of a strike and he wanted to go to Kanchipuram he got a ride in a milagai vattal (red chillies) lorry, sat amidst bags of hot chillies and never felt any distress during his travel.”

  4. A divine soul has attained the brahma sayujyam on a holy ekadashi tithi. It is said that one is one not supposed to to cry when a yathi attains siddhi. The video brought tears to one.
    A maha purusha who served the parameshvaran.
    May we also do service like the yathi to humanity and vedic causes.

  5. Maha Bhakthar and Anukkath ThoNdar Balu Maama SwamigaL has merged with Maha Periyava. His services to aha Periyava and His Experiences which He shared with Devotees are stupendous. When can we see again such great souls? Hara Hara Shankara, jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. A great soul & divine. A role model . Hara Hara Shankara ! Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  7. I cant control my tears. Great souls selfless souls leaving us. Should bless us and our generations to come. We leave our children at the feet of this maha purushas and leave this orld peacefully

  8. I am like many miss Him very much.i was fortunate and blessed to have His dharshan monthly once since 2012. He gave me SRI SRI SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVA PADHUKA on 23/1/2014 when i went to Kanchi Mutt and got my new car key touched and blessed by Him.
    He even gave me one vastram which was worn by Lord Parameshwara(SRI MAHA PERIYAVA)
    TOday afternoon i was fortunate and blessed to attend the final function of THIS GREAT MAHA PURUSHA… rightly told by Mahesh a SIVA GHANA.

  9. Great loss. I met him many times. My mother and grand mother will be shocked. In poorvasramam, he is cousin to my mother. we have great respect and reverence for him

  10. I met and spoke with Him many times when he was with Mahaswamial at Satara during 1979-1980,when I was working as a booking clerk in Satara Railway station. Pranams .

  11. My first Darshan of Balu Swamigal started in 1984, a few months after Maha Periyavaa returned to Kancheeepuram after his long Paada Yatra.
    From then on I was always blessed to have Darshan of Maha Periyavaa and HIS priya-sishya together on most
    His most wonderful quality was his smile.
    I have never seen him get angry or irritated with devotees, despite the milling crowd.

    His devotion and servitude to Maha Periyavaa is a lesson for all of us.
    Maha Periyavaa Saranam.

  12. it is a great co-incidence HH BALUSWAMIGAL ATTAINED ON BHISHMA EKADASI.I can not forget his service to Mahaswamigal whenever I went to have darshan ofMAHASWAMIGALi AM afraid we are loosing all anukkathondars of Mahaswagialafter Mettur swamigal.knswamy Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 23:04:39 +0000 To:

  13. Truly blessed and fortunate soul.Namaskarams to Balu swamigal.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

  14. Balumama the name is inseparable from Maha Periva. A fortunate soul who served Maha Periva through his life.

    The departed soul carries the title” His Holiness Balu Swamigal” certainly a deserving soul for this title.

    Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

    Gayathri Rajagopal

  15. Sri Balu Maamaa [Swamigal] in his burning Ochre Robe is a terrific sight to behold! Namaskaram Maama, please Bless me from wherever you are!

    I would like to take Sanyasam like him. Honestly, I feel I have completed all the responsibilities that’s expected of me. In one stroke I can give better worlds to 14 generations of my ancestors and 7 generations to follow!

  16. Really sad to know that a great soul and a repository of knowledge of Mahaperiyava’s grace when Periyava was moving amongst us in his corporeal body has departed from this earth. It is fitting that he departed on an Ekadasi.

    I understand that his adisthanam will come up in Upanishad Brahmendral Ashramam.

    I am sure Periyava will be showing his thondar torch on his ( periyava) face the way his thondar desired earlier, in higher planes of existence.

    My salutations to the feet of his holiness Swaminatha Indra Saraswathi who served Mahaperiyava for several years and bears the poorvasrama nama of Mahaperiyavaa


  17. Sri Balu Mama is one of the chosen few to serve the Supreme Guru. I can very well remember my interactions with him even today. Though I feel sad on this news, I know the Pujya Sri Mahaperiyava knows why and when things should happen.

    Sri. Balu Mama’s attaiing siddhi today proves the purity of his being, and also Srhow i Mahaperiyava’s showers grace on His devotees. Sri Balu Mama will never be reborn in this earth.

  18. I am so saddened by the news that ‘Balu Mama’ as he was affectionately called by all Periava devotees, had attained sidhdhi. He was like a shadow of MahaPeriava for decades. One should have done a lot of Punya Karma to be born like him and lived life like him. No one could have been more fortunate than him. We can only pray to MahaPeriava, to grant us this boon of living a similar life in our next Janma,.


  19. Balu Mama – Balu swamigal is really blessed to have reached the lotus feet of Maha Periavaa on this auspicious day of Bhishma Ekadasi – Mahaperiavaa is there to take care of all his Anukka Thondars wherever they are. Balu Swamigal has waited enough to join Mahaperiavaa in the heavenly abode.

    May Balu swamigal bless us all from near Mahaperiavaa.

    Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  20. What a great soul..Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara….

  21. I am very upset. When we were desparately longing for a child, Balu maamaa gave us a Santhana Gopala Salagramam for nithya pooja at home which was offered to him by Mahaperiyavaa. How shall I bear this news ?!

  22. Balu mama gave me the original Padukas and Vastram of Ummachi thatha, he had in his possession a long time ago. He has completed his journey on this planet and is now at peace at the Lotus feet of Ummachi thatha.

  23. govindha govindha govindha govndha govindha namashivaya namashivaya hamashivaya namashivaya namashivaya

  24. Ii. Know balu mama ffor almost sixty years assura bbhaktii with apara karunamurthy it was no so surprise that periava listend to him to the envy of others. Balumama used to visit us offten represented our woes to periava and a bridge to many. I asked him ass towhy should he struggle with his job in esic he smiled and said BUAkku ennna seiyarathu. He has arranged so many marriages and a great loss.

  25. Naveenia Bheeshmar

  26. He had been navieena waited for Utharayanam . I can not describe in words my obedience to d escribe the task of this adiyarkum adiyar. Mahaperiyava got one more disciple to eternally serve Him Gurunatha’…

  27. very sad to hear this news.

  28. Extremely sad news. The thought of MahaPeriyava inevitably brings up thoughts of all these Thondars. Namaskarams to all these blessed souls. It was sheer magic to behold the sight of MahaPeriyava surrounded by these Thondars. Blessed doubly that it is Uttarayana Punya Kalam. Shankara !!

  29. hara hara shankara jaya jaya shankara

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