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Only few days back I posted about the importance of vaanam-paartha-sivalingam and the need to do thiruppani to build a temple for those shivalingas. Few days later, I received this newsletter in mail – I was quite amazed at the coincidence – I consider this as blessing to my previous post of my plan to take up building temple for at least one such sivalingam!

In fact, Dr Veezhi mama once mentioned about this pulavar, who is referred in this newsletter. Periyava’s methods to shatter someone’s ego is just amazing. Just a single question to him and the next minute that devotee knew where he belongs ! I am sure those who have interacted with Periyava a lot could relate to such moments!

This incident shows Periyava’s efforts to take up and involve right sets of people to do this great Shiva Kaaryam!

Om Nama Sivaya!


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  1. Dear Mahesh, You have all the blessings of Periyavaa Himself in all dimensions. This blog has been providing answers for lot of my problems and questions. Definitely you would be doing thiruppani of renovating a Temple. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara hara Sankara.

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